Golf Cart Confessions: “I met my ex-husband at Stanford…”
Golf Cart Confessions: “I met my ex-husband at Stanford…”

The man that I met and married here at Stanford, after 22 years of marriage had a
different idea In fact, Stanford has all these
wonderful buttons, we need one that says I met my ex-husband at Stanford. I’ve had
had five people ask me for that button, so we may make our own some year. I was single for 26 years and then I’ve three total knee replacements and on knee number two of my right knee and knee number one on my left knee, I went to a skilled nursing
rehab facility where his late wife was and she became
my very, very best friend. She was on her tenth year of Lewy Body Dementia which is a combination a Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. She was just my dearest dearest
friend. We just had a very special relationship and I watched this man love her to the
very end. And the very first thing–I tear up every time she tells this. The very first thing I ever said to
this man and I didn’t even know him, the first week I was there watching him
love is wife, I walked up to him and I said thank you for living out in living color what it means to love and to cherish in sickness and in health till death do
us part. So I watched him love and then when she died he asked if he could court me. The following year. The following year, not when she died.

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