Golf Cart Confessions: “Fountains bled Cardinal Red…”
Golf Cart Confessions: “Fountains bled Cardinal Red…”

One of my favorite memories is Junior Year, Big Game. It was at Cal, and the night before, a few buddies and I, we, we drove down in the early morning, about 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock in the morning, over to Cal’s campus, and we dumped red paint all over their fountains so that in the morning, when everyone woke up and they were starting to go to the game, every single fountain on Cal’s campus was bleeding Cardinal red. -Do you look back on this with a great sense of accomplishment?-
Absolutely. Absolutely. Um, I uh, you know, I don’t really remember what I learned in a lot of my classes, but the friendships that I made, the memories that we shared together those, uh, those’ll stick with me for life.
-Alright, now here’s the big question. I used to be a sports writer but I don’t remember; who did win that year?-
They won that year.
-Uh oh- I remember seeing them tear down the goalposts, and, and march around with it, but, uh,
– So your success was the only success at the Big Game that year.- That’s right. A small act of defiance goes a long way.

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