Golf Cart Confessions: “Back in my day…”
Golf Cart Confessions: “Back in my day…”

[MUSIC] So this campus doesn’t look
anything like you remember. Absolutely not. I wouldn’t recognize,
outside the main quad. I can remember having a class,
and at 8 AM on Saturday mornings. I understand that they don’t have 8
AM classes on any day these days. I, we used to come down to the,
to the quad and study. And I could always set my watch,
because at 9 O’clock every night, Alexander Kerensky, who was the,
the president of premier Russia during, you know, after the Revolution but
before the communists took over. And he lived here, and he would walk
around the quad at 9 o’clock every night. [NOISE] So I remember Alexander Kamensky. When I started in 1950,
tuition was $250 a quarter. I can’t I miss the old Stanford, which
really exists now only in my memories. It had a more of a down home feel to it. It’s a little bit overwhelming nowadays. It’s still everything’s still perfect and
glossy. And you know back when I was here you
could walk around in the quad and, and the floors squeaked because
the the boards didn’t fit so well together and everything. Now everything is really ship-shape. The medical campus was in
San Francisco at the time. They did not have linear
accelerators at that time. [LAUGH]. How does it make you feel,
nostalgic, or are you proud? Proud, proud. Proud to be a son of Stanford. [MUSIC]

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