Golf Baltimore County!
Golf Baltimore County!

Welcome to Hello! Baltimore County.
I’m your host, Ellen Kobler. We took a very nice field trip
to highlight Baltimore County’s five public golf courses
that offer picturesque scenery, restaurants and bars,
and professional training. Let’s take a look. ( ♪♪♪ ) We are here on a gorgeous morning
at the Rocky Point Golf Course with PGA Head Pro Jeff Bell. Thank you so much
for bringing us out here today. Good morning, Ellen!
Welcome! Got a beautiful day! Yeah! So not only is the golf course
supremely beautiful, but your motto is
“Play more, pay less.” Tell us about that. Our memberships
are of a great value. We have several different types
of memberships, which we’ll talk about later. They also include what’s called
our loyalty points program. So, with an Advantage Card,
you save $7 every time you play. And while you play, the more you play,
you earn loyalty points. So those loyalty points
are redeemed for cash back at the end of the month. Sounds like a pretty good deal. Now these are municipal courses,
which means they’re open to all – they’re not private membership. They are. They’re public facilities
that we keep in phenomenal shape. Some of the best public
golf courses in the area. ELLEN:
Indeed. And tell us about the courses. There’s five courses that
Baltimore County owns and operates. There’s five golf courses,
one being obviously here at Rocky Point, Greystone, Woodlands,
Diamond Ridge, and our facility over at Fox Hollow. ELLEN: Very nice. And tell us a little bit
more about the memberships. The memberships, we have a large
range of different memberships to really invite
anyone and everyone. We start with our four-star membership,
which is inclusive of all five golf courses, greens fees, cart fees,
are included with both of those. Really a great value. Our Greystone Golf Course
has their own membership there exclusive to that particular club. We have Advantage Cards,
we have junior memberships, we have several different memberships
that really accommodate any type of golfer and the amount of play
that they want to play. So down here at Rocky Point
we have these amazing water views. Tell us about Greystone.
That’s also a very beautiful course. Greystone is a gem
in northern Baltimore County and it has some of the just best
golf holes in the area. It’s always ranked in the top ten
in the golf courses in Maryland. ELLEN: Nice! Phenomenal views, great golf holes,
playable for everyone from a scratch player
up to a 36 handicap and some phenomenal views
in Baltimore County. ELLEN:
It’s up there in northern Baltimore County,
which is just beautiful. Inquiring minds want to know,
occasionally some people when they’re out golfing
might want an alcoholic beverage. Do you provide them? We do. All four of our facilities
have a beverage license now. We do offer alcohol during
the round, before the round, during the round, or after the round. And also for any of our events
or charity events that we host or corporate outings. ELLEN: Very nice.
And all of the courses are beautiful, but this hole in particular
just takes my breath away. Can you tell us about
where we are standing? JEFF: We are currently standing on
the 11th tee box here at Rocky Point, our signature golf hole
and it is pretty as it gets. A lot of people compare it as
the Pebble Beach of the East. It is a phenomenal location with one of
the prettiest golf holes in the state. Very nice. So tell us about some of
the charity outings that you all host. A big part of our portfolio
is charity events, outings; we do host quite a few
at all of our golf courses. Our golf professionals can run an event
from 60 players all the way up to 288. I mean, we’re all well trained
and well versed in how we do the events and everyone loves having
an event at one of our facilities and they keep coming back. Once we have an event,
they seem to keep returning. Very nice. And as a golf pro one of the elements
that you do offer is lessons and classes. What do you say we take a walk
over to the putting green? You can maybe help me
improve my game a little. – Perfect! Let’s do that.
– All right. ( ♪♪♪ ) All right. – This is a very nice putting green.
– Beautiful. Most of our facilities – or all of facilities
have tremendous practice areas, chipping, putting, driving range areas
that a golfer can get warmed up in. Nice! Tell us about the instructional
programs that you offer. With our instruction programs,
we have what’s called “Get Golf Ready,” a PGA program. We have a lot of junior programs
to help the junior golfer get involved. We have a lot of individual lessons,
private lessons, group lessons, clinics. So we cover everything from beginner
to the real good better player. ELLEN: Okay, and how do the costs
come out for that? Is it expensive? JEFF: You know, we take care of
the juniors and we’re relatively – the value is tremendous based on
the amount of instruction that you get. Some of the best prices
in the area as far as instruction. ELLEN: Very nice.
And you mentioned the driving ranges. Fox Hollow in Timonium is
I understand one the top 50 ranked driving ranges
in the country. – JEFF: It is.
– ELLEN: Wow! JEFF: Top 50 and I would probably say
top 10 because it’s a phenomenal facility. Really nice facility. There’s 60 hitting stations,
20 of them are covered. There’s two chipping greens,
there’s putting greens. You can work on every aspect of the game
and they do a great job over there. ELLEN: All right. Speaking of which,
sometimes I’ll get on the green and then I take, I don’t know,
four or five putts to get it in. Can you help me? And so what we like to do –
there’s many putting strokes. What I suggest is
the straight back straight through as we talked about a little bit.
It helps keep the putter on line. We’ve made the alignment for the ball
to the hole so straight back straight through. Ball’s just a little forward in your stance
and it’s really a nice tip. – Like this? Stance okay?
– Yeah, that looks good. There you go. Straight back straight through
to the hole. All right, and then just kind of
like a pendulum, right? ELLEN: Ah! Not quite enough. JEFF: That’s okay.
Pretty good putt. There’s a two putt for you. Yeah, that’s what we hope.
( laughing ) – Yes!
– Perfect! All right.
You mentioned juniors and beginners. Are your courses a good place
for people to start? JEFF: Absolutely. We offer, again,
clinics, junior clinics, we offer private lessons
and they can practice for free. Buckets of balls range from
an early junior price of $2.50 up to – we do offer range programs,
range carts. So all the facilities have, again,
very nice practice areas – chipping, putting, driving range.
So it’s inclusive. They can work on
every aspect of the game. So people can go to Absolutely. All right, and tell us about a promotion
this fall that you’re involved in called Folds of Honor
that involves veterans. Folds of Honor is a program
that was started many years ago and it’s a program that
we participate each year in and it’s a scholarship foundation
that one of our PTA professionals who was a veteran
and he started the program, has done very, very well with it. We’ve raised money for scholarships
for the veteran families and it’s done very, very well. We’re very well received. All right. Well thank you so much
for your time on this beautiful day. Absolutely. And thank you for watching
and remember go to and stay with us, we’ll be back
with more of Hello! Baltimore County. You can watch us on all
of our social media platforms. – Thanks!
– Thank you. ( ♪♪♪ )

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