Golf Ball vs. Glass Jar – In Slow Motion!
Golf Ball vs. Glass Jar – In Slow Motion!

100 thoughts on “Golf Ball vs. Glass Jar – In Slow Motion!”

  1. Matthew Smith says:


  2. Beat Saber warrior says:


  3. mohd mazin says:

    pretty cool

  4. Los Angeles Dodgers says:

    Ya lit bro

  5. TalhaPro 928 says:


  6. Shawn Gamble says:

    When your favorite YouTube uploads your new favorite video!

  7. vids R us says:

    how do you feel about grant tompsons death

  8. Sam Twibell says:


  9. Addison Caldwell says:

    You guys are so cool 😎

  10. Jeff Schmidt says:

    Never seen it

  11. Salty Chips says:

    3 views and 80 likes

    I mean like what the freak

  12. thunder cow says:


  13. Dhruvi S says:

    Let’s get the home review I love those

  14. Caleb Austin says:

    You should try to take a full swing with the Easy Golf golf club and press the button right before you hit the ball and see how far it goes. Just a thought though. Love your vids!

  15. Arma Peltier says:

    First like

  16. vids R us says:

    how do you feel about grant tompsond death

  17. agent adilito says:


  18. Rakesh Singh says:


  19. Houston Crawford says:

    What’s inside can you see whats inside of a led sign? Thank you!

  20. Hrishikesh Anand says:


  21. Keagan Oslage says:


  22. Shawn Gamble says:

    89 views 112 likes hmmm. Karen’s on the juice again

  23. COOKIE PLAYZ says:

    I put it in to slow mo on YouTube so it extra slow

  24. WafflyAndrej8 WafflyAndrej8 says:

    YouTube is broken again 1 view and 63 likes

  25. Richard Getz says:

    4:37 said as if you expected it to last 9 rounds LOL

  26. Xaitzッ says:

    Rip Grant Rest Well

  27. matthew schilt says:


  28. Job Ko says:


  29. Carter Vest says:

    I really enjoy this channel but how many videos can you milk from this one golf club🙄it's repetitive

  30. Jhealy _ says:

    that would be a good gender reveal

  31. Eva Mitevski says:

    Epic 😉

  32. Tanner Fellows says:

    :27 what is that blanket dan?…

  33. hassen hammoud says:


  34. Aditya Manjunatha says:

    where do you live

  35. Mike beats tsb says:

    Should have gone with the slow mo guys.. there rig is a million times better

  36. Best Builder says:

    Heyyyy Tesla guy 😂😂

  37. Harry M Hansen says:

    This is more like a golfing channel now.

  38. Adervato Games says:

    do something with the slo-mo guys

  39. pduffy83usa says:


  40. Bustless says:

    No gajdk

  41. Bryant Hardin says:

    Y’all da best

  42. Watchout Clan says:

    New series.

  43. Phoenix Paul says:

    Do a giveaway

  44. Andy P says:

    Never trust edited comments…

  45. Taher Hatim says:


  46. Ddog Golfs says:

    I love the golf videos

  47. Francisco Williams says:

    THATS SO COOl, im gonna get that to prank my brother!!!🤣🤣

  48. Aman Ninja Playz says:

    I have a Tesla model X and a Tesla model 3

  49. Az Smoke says:

    Do something better all ur vids are the same

  50. Jake Anderson says:

    I love your vids, but I really dont like the golf vids. Keep making them I just might not watch

  51. Dan M says:

    Is anyone going to talk about how irresponsible it is to shatter glass into thousands of tiny pieces in a public park where people and children may be walking barefoot? There’s no way you can clean up every little shard..

  52. Ginger Jordan says:

    give that to tiger

  53. Vogos Co says:

    Dude, the golf club when it shoots sounds it sounds like a svu sniper

  54. Marian says:

    I really like all your videos and enjoy following you guys. This one was another great one as well but one thing I would like to point out is the broken glass bottle.
    With so many shattered pieces of glass on grass, this isn't easy to clean at all and I presume you might only have taken the biggest pieces. Please be cautious that dogs might run over it (you are a dog owner), maybe even kids barefoot or people just sitting there watching others playing basketball.
    This is no critic at all, just a hint to be a bit more cautious the next time you intend to break some glass over a hard to clean area which is used in public. Otherwise, keep those videos coming, they are super enjoyable.


  55. ElliotGamer1 says:

    Hey Dan what's the intro song you used in the cheeseburger sushi video?

  56. helal.Lincoln Gopro says:

    Love whats inside from phalstine. 😍

  57. Kohen Patten says:

    Lets see if this comment can get more likes than dislikes on the video

  58. HUDSON ASCHE says:

    dans face at 6:47

  59. Unicorn Poop says:

    Pls can you do not as much golfing vids. Still love your vids

  60. Mark Howard says:

    Although it looked cool, shattering glass in grass was a dumb idea. You will never pick up all of the glass that shattered from that vase.

  61. Easton Spilker says:

    I love there golf videos and there clean

  62. Mr. Alan Gaming says:

    2:10 No Holes.

  63. Ethan Seitz says:

    Please What's Inside. Nobody likes golf. Please do something else.

  64. ToodlayDoodlesStudios says:

    Love that Utah blanket! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. The Phoenix W says:

    whats inside a sony headphone

  66. Eitan Avni-Heller says:

    What’s inside of that slow motion camera? Can you cut one open?

  67. Dana Hought says:

    I've been trying to meet what's inside for almost 2 years but never could happen until last year I still couldn't happen but my mom she passed from ALS it's a disease that paralyzes your body and is it slow and painful death for her

  68. Fortnite central says:


  69. Hayden Crites says:


  70. Austin says:

    Everyone: "More house videos!"
    Dan: *uploads another golf video*

  71. WTF111 says:

    Just go back to cutting stuff open ffs

  72. TIZ The Goat YT says:

    666th like lol I’m cursed 😂😂😂

  73. AB says:

    Loving the golf themes. Be great to get the slow mo guys on board to do a backspin shot on the green to watch the ball land stop spin back etc.

  74. Ryan Hagedorn says:

    Hunter, are ya'll expecting soon?

  75. Ryan Hagedorn says:

    Hunter, are ya'll expecting soon?

  76. Chase Watts says:

    Dan with the tesla you know how you hit the brake and the door closes will if you pull the handle one time i will also shut

  77. David Wood says:

    getting a lot of mileage out of this club

  78. whux says:

    You should explode another golf ball with mad lad gram!

  79. Lex Wilson says:

    At 1:00 you started talking like destin

  80. Joshua Porter says:

    Another super video from What's Inside? Love this channel! Keep up the great work!

  81. Ryan Snow says:

    Good thing your destroying a Utah blanket and not BYU

  82. Harsesh Panchal says:

    You can't be doing the job of slow no guys 😂

  83. Vin2live says:

    Dope !!!

  84. Kai Delio says:

    Shoulda used the ali no guys

  85. Tom says:

    You should’ve got the slow mo guys to film it, they have super slow camera’s

  86. Abrar Mohiuddin says:

    Slo-mo Guys: *Are we a joke to you*

  87. harry camper says:

    Hey, lets smash a glass bottle where kids play and dogs walk. Got a full paddock of dirt but this lawn looks lovely and inviting.

  88. JITHU J says:

    You should have called Slowmo guys

  89. Nicolas Puel says:

    Lincoln looks weird on this video

  90. Explosives 4567 says:

    well don for sporting grant dan.

  91. Kyle muldoon says:

    Can you do a house update plz

  92. Tejjas Kaul says:

    Lazy golf

  93. Peter Reichert says:

    Good work again from all, especially the Kuma Films with their equip and the knowledge of doing this incredible shots! ( Didn´t know there exist gender reveal balls, but a great Idea to do that 😀 )
    And Hello Hunter*waves*

  94. Tyler Baker says:

    That Utah blanket makes this video 100x better! 😂

  95. Alex Stone says:

    How tall is Lincoln?

  96. Arulmozhi K says:

    Collaborate with slo mo guys

  97. Sceptilegreen 43 says:

    Stop no money

  98. Hendo says:

    It’s a boy

  99. GTRGaming says:

    8:26 lmao

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