1. David O Connor says:

    great advice thanks

  2. Jefferson Thornton says:

    Good advice. Thanks.

  3. Tbutt273 4 says:

    I'm now shooting low 30s and high 20s because of your guys videos

  4. Paul Edwards says:

    Nice video Adam👍

  5. Roxy Bailey says:

    Ive using my SW….thats probably the problem.

  6. Rocky Lincoln says:

    Great videos Adam, I am new to golf and find your series very well presented.

  7. Gary Johnson says:

    Maybe I can cut 4 or 5 strokes per round off my score.

  8. eddiebro101 says:

    Anyone even close to approaching scratch golf knows this stuff. This is basic fundamentals. How do you consider this is advanced enough to qualify as instruction for a near to scratch level player? Waste of time watching the video …

  9. rick w says:

    thankyou great video

  10. T D says:

    I used this drill last round and honestly played one of my best rounds of the year. I've narrowed my stance, used the ball positioning by placing my shirt bottons just slightly in front of the ball, amazing results. Great videos and thank you for all the wonderful helpful hints and content!

  11. colin glen says:

    this is the best explanation of chipping I've seen yet. loved the 'new city' analogy.

  12. Sodthong says:

    Just won my clubs monthly medal having put this into practice for a couple of weeks prior. Thanks….

  13. ben gurion says:

    outstanding-for a right. you are good

  14. dave barlow says:

    so much good information in such a short time, nice and to the point without the waffle.

  15. Warwolfii says:

    Chipping has always been drought or cloudburst for me. I once had a round where on three separate occasions I chipped so close that my golfing partners conceded the putt. On other occasions I've embarrassed myself by chunking or blading the chip. Most of the time it's a little of both. I will certainly take these ideas out this week when I hit the course.

  16. ezenza1 says:


  17. Geno Wayne Hardin says:

    Most "On Course" videos are impossible to follow due to background noise. These are "Perfect", short and to the point without all the normal philosophical hot air. If you want "Result" driven content, you've found the best!

  18. HK83IE says:

    ask a a dude a simple, where should i poisition the ball when chipping. All he had to do was point and say 'here.' instead we get a 200 page treatise.

  19. Juno Pete says:

    Very good job. You get right to the point and offer some good insight.

  20. Dreama40 says:

    A lot of the modern teaching for chipping is based around the 60 degree wedge, personally i like to mix it up a little with clubs depending on the shot but i recently played with a 2 handicapper who was using a 58 degree wedge with 8 degrees of bounce and he could play high and low shots and shots that released or stopped on a dime, very impressive. Maybe mastering 1 club is better? Thoughts?

  21. Chris Caldwell says:

    So my question is why would I adjust the angle of the wedge? If I'm changing the angle of the club it's not getting the loft that is advertised with that club. I understand it's to get to the sweet spot of the club but it's taking away the whole purpose of the club. I'm learning the game I'm trying to figure things out can someone please explain this to me. It's not that I'm disagreeing at all it's just that I'm trying to understand it.

  22. Shawn Davis says:

    your short videos are great to watch before a practice round or before going to the driving range. Thank you!!!

  23. AJ Cream says:

    after watching countless of these tip videos i hit 8 strokes lower than i usually do, these tips make the biggest difference

  24. Ramsay Mery says:

    Shall try it out. Thanks

  25. Tom Arnold says:

    Thanks. Great non-technical description of how to effectively chip.

  26. teerawee uanpoklang says:

    Great Video…..!!

  27. Rick T says:

    Great video. Question. If I lean a club over to make the sweet spot contact the ball, in essence it seems like I'm making a wedge, as an example, the same as a 7 iron from a loft perspective. If that's what I'm doing then why would I vary which club I use? I know I'm missing something important here. Thanks…

  28. Scratch Golf Academy says:

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  29. Sim Bal says:

    I literally come to these vids just to hear this guy say his last name

  30. Mad Over Golf says:

    Nice videos and great lesson, thanks Adam

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