GOLF: Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Upper Body Feels
GOLF: Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Upper Body Feels

hey guys in today’s video we’re going to
talk about upper body feels for more rotation for all of you that can’t get
your torso open enough during the downswing follow through keep watching
here I’m going to show you some ways to do that alright guys so upper body feels
for more rotation now some people watching this are gonna be able to get
their lower body open enough but will struggle with the upper body being open
enough now I think first things first let’s go over
how open should you be there’s some different theories about how open your
chest and shoulders should be versus how tilted they should be you know in
general from the down-the-line what we’re looking for as a stock
average this is for sort of at an elite level obviously this will you have to
scale this but like to see the hips typically somewhere between like forty
to forty five degrees open would be like a stock elite model and the shoulder
line would be roughly thirty degrees now sometimes you don’t see the shoulder
line open right because the where your actual how your left shoulder moves in
space and iams it can be forward like this so it doesn’t look like it says
open as actually is but as measured your shoulder line would be open I’ve seen
people from square 10 15 20 30 degrees I’d say 40 to 45 with the hips maybe 15
to 30 degrees with the shoulders would be somewhat normal the point of me
saying that is that an elite level most of the players do have their shoulders
open to the target again it might not look like it cuz your shoulder can move
a little bit it might be in here everything retracted as the term I’m
gonna use there and protracted back is what I’m gonna go with but it doesn’t
look like my shoulders are open when this shoulder was forward even though as
measured they would be to the left there so you do want to get your upper body
open to the target is the point so as a whole right I’m typically looking for
people to have their entire body open I get a lot of question I will should I
rotate my hips or my chest my sure well most of you want to just open everything
you want to be as open as possible across the board would be the idea we
did a lower body feels this is particularly upper body when I do upper
body feels I usually just have three general parts one being left side one is
chest and one is right side so pretty simple
left side feels to be the first things we would go with now from the top of the
backswing a left side field to have your body more open would be you’d go from
wherever you are at the top and try and get your left shoulder I sort of always
imagine there’s something right behind me back here so I sort of imagine
there’s something here and I’m getting my left shoulder to hit that object from
the top I’m going from here and I’m hitting something behind me with my left
shoulders that is the image that I imagine so from the face on I would be
here like so I’d take that left shoulder and I would hit an object behind me
that’s that’s the feel take my shoulder and ripping it back behind me so I’ll go
ahead and demonstrate one like that so I take my normal set up and I’m feeling
like my left shoulder he’s gonna rip back to the left and that would be one
of my fields from the top left shoulder ripping up and back ii feel would be
time with my chester shirt buttons so the same sort of thing from the top from
the top of the backswing i’d have a feel like i’d get my shirt buttons or my
chest pointed to the target sooner from the
top of the backswing house soon whoa I can go from the top and I almost have a
sensation like my shirt buttons are at the target even before my arms and hands
start moving down now again that’s not reality my arms are actually moving a
little bit as I do it but the exaggeration would be I go from here and
have that opening before my arms and hands even come down I’ll go ahead and
demonstrate that as well so I’ll go to the top of my backswing
chest to the target before I start down is my feel that would be the second one
and then the third feel that will go with would be the right side right
shoulder so similar similar pieces from the top I want to have a sensation that
my right shoulder some people say you’re kind of covering the ball I feel like
the right shoulder goes down and forward almost like I get my shoulder to and
past the ball before my club head would get there again these are feels here
right so from the top my right shoulder gonna feel it goes down and forward here
before my club head gets to the ball as the feel with that one so we’ll go ahead
and give that a shot so I’m here my right shoulders down
and forward shoulder to the ball kind of a door before my club head is the
feeling that one felt pretty good so for me that left shoulder working back and
out felt the best out of all of them these are three different ways to do the
exact same thing if you’re trying to get upper body torso rotation I’m not
telling you go to the top and feel shoulder out chest forward right
shoulder down through not three things pick one of them that you like right I
just did all three I like the shoulder from here I feel
like my left shoulder goes out and back behind me before I start down I’m going
to do that one again up to the top left shoulders hitting something behind me is
the feel gonna take my right is wide open yeah so that one feels the best for
me out of all of them that’s not right or wrong just what I like you might like
something different you do that one and I’ll do the shoulder the point is just
that I get more open with my torso now inevitably some people watching this
you’re gonna have a pattern during your downswing where your club gets too steep
too vertical too over-the-top and for you yes your torso opening more
is gonna make you go more over-the-top it’s not a good idea how do you fix that
well ideally you don’t want to not not how’s that you don’t want to not not
have your body more open you do want to have your body more open you need to fix
your downswing stuff over the top by shallowing your arms and hands
independently I get messages all the time let’s say I’m over the top because
I hope my shoulders too much no you’re not over the top because you’re open
your shoulders too much those two pieces might go together for you but you’re not
over the top at the club because your shoulder to open you’re over the top cuz
you didn’t shallow out your arms and hands independently you watch good
golfers what do they do they open a ton and the club shallows okay so yes if
you’re too steep like this you probably don’t want to just do that unless you’re
gonna do the club part too okay watch our other videos about how to hit a draw
or the stations where we put something behind you’re gonna need some of that
but for everyone else watching this you do want to get more open okay and if
more open calls you other problems probably you need to fix those other
problems getting more open with your body it’s not gonna cause any problems
they might not fit with what you currently have in your swing so you
still put the good stuff in and take that other bad
stuff out so I know I’m gonna get some question on that so I figured I’d
address that right away torso from the top maybe 30 degrees open
with your shoulders would be good we do want to be some amount open I don’t want
to get overly tilted in this fashion there is gonna be some tilt
obviously some right side Bend as you turn that’s a separate deal left
shoulder hitting something behind you out of the way chest shirt buttons to
the target sooner right shoulder down and forward and through our three
different ways to do the same thing pick whichever one you like get as open as
you can match the pieces with that hopefully that makes sense you guys
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33 thoughts on “GOLF: Add More Rotation To Your Golf Swing With These Upper Body Feels”

  1. Scott Darby says:

    Another awesome video mate!
    What's the feeling of your hands/arms on the downswing when you have this upper body rotation? Or do they freely drop and go with the body momentum?

  2. Jeff Bahry says:

    Great video, Eric. You touch on 3 cures for one problem very well here. It's easy to talk about where golfers should be in static positions. Communicating how the swing should "feel" is much more useful.

  3. 666gregor says:


  4. David Ciccoritti says:

    Eric, I think I've had a breakthrough but I'm not sure yet so my question is this. Do you think that many of us don't get the handle down far enough on the downswing? Because once I started dong this I noticed everything fall into place. Shallow strike, down at impact and excellent weight transfer into a fully extended finish. It 'feels' very low coming into the ball and it 'feels' like my body is reacting by opening up, shallowing and extending. 'Feels' like my body is 'saving' the shot from crashing 2 feet before the ball (point of impact). It's literally transformed my swing. So again, do you think many of us recreational golfers just don't bring the handle down to where it should be? Not so much 'pulling the handle down' but bringing it down on the arc I created with my stance and backswing. Thanks – David

  5. Robert Osborne says:

    Agree with everything in this video 100%! Well done.

  6. Thomas Slagle says:

    These last two videos are great. It's about feelings, not positions. I am sending you a complimentary pdf copy of the recently published Golf Your Way. If any of your viewers are interested in a complimentary copy drop me an email at [email protected] .com which describes a simple method for locating your own unique golf swing DNA.

  7. Jean Louis DUBILLON says:

    Top Thanks a lot !!!! Best Pro with GGswîg ! So far

  8. Overhand Golf Channel says:

    If the shoulders don't open enough that means the hands and arms are firing too early. The relationship between the left arm and the shoulders needs to be maintained from the top of the backswing and unaltered as much as possible as long as possible. This means the hands are above the shoulders and the clubhead is behind you. Try to keep the clubhead behind your back as long as possible – just as you would if you were actually throwing the club. Actually there's no reason to "fire" the arms ever. They'll go on their own when the times comes and require no effort at all. Conversely, if the arms fire first the hands are forced downward under the shoulder plane, the shoulders never turn or tilt properly we end up with the American golf swing (which sucks.)
    Try to turn your shoulders and tip your body to bring the club club as close to the ball as possible without moving your arms at all from their peak top position. DJ, Brooks, JB, Bubba, Sadlowsky all swing this way. It's "unconventional" to American golf instruction but that's why American golf instruction never helps anyone.
    When we throw a stick we throw it from behind us. The mass of the stick, or at least half of it, stays behind the shoulders so that there's something to throw when the time comes. If the stick is brought in front of the shoulders too early there's no weight or leverage to the stick and we can't throw it nearly as far. The same is true in golf. We don't strike the ball in front of us, we strike it next to us with the club being delivered from behind us. Watch DJ in slowmo and watch how long the clubhead stays behind his shoulders and back.

  9. Albany Fx says:

    opening left shoulder is also a big cause of slice. i had this issue to years until i learn sequence of the shot. almost had my chest close until my clubs got to last parallel. or else most weekend golfer start the down swing with opening shoulders and u get a nasty slice.

  10. William Hon says:

    Hi Eric, my name is William from down under, thank you for your demonstration! especially turn the left shoulder. I just want to be sure that by the time you turn the shoulder, my head should still watching the ball, and straighten my left leg at the samw ell? I

  11. joe d says:

    151-0 !!!! Likes vs dislikes. Told u! This guy is good. I’m gonna do a cpl of things and see if I can blow u up in the golf world

  12. FireTrace says:

    Fantastic lesson. thank you.

  13. Tony Tanti says:

    I have a bad habit of dropping the club too inside and hit big pushes or hooks. Will try left shoulder back feel…anything else to help this problem of too inside as it's plagued my swing for years. Thx

  14. Benjamin Sarmiento says:

    This is the part I struggle with. I'm scared to open up cause I go over the top. But I actually havent practiced opening up while swallowing the club cause I never though it was 2 separate things.

  15. William Hon says:

    Hi Eric, thank you for your quick response. However, I still have one more question. I notice your left leg is straighten. Should I straighten my left leg once I start the down swing or after I hit the ball?
    Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  16. Gilbert Lui says:

    Hi Eric great videos! Can you help me understand this pivot concept more in detail pls? I can't for the love of god do this properly haha. Im like your student there where at the top of the backswing I'm feeling pressure on the left leg and I fire as soon as I feel it around 80/20. the way you break down the pivot , coming down into a squat/sitting position then firing the hips to the follow through is great but can you show this in medium speed and high speed? When I see you swing it doesn't look remotely like when you break it down. And i can't feel any leverage when I try to do it. Thanks a lot.

  17. Viking Alle Wåhlin says:

    For golfers who like to "hit" the ball this kind of feel seems excellent to finish the swing properly. Great vid!

  18. Monsoon says:

    I wonder who'd win in a round of golf between you and george gankas?🤔

  19. Irvin Lee says:

    eric, i do exactly what you said. try to "clear" my left shoulder at the start of the downswing. had very good results but now feel like i'm cutting across the ball too much. did you say that we need to shallow the club first AS we do this? is it possible for your chest to be open TOO much on the downswing?

  20. randy underwood says:

    so far i think i like the left shoulder back and up. it's hard to say if i do it right though cuz many times the ball comes off the toe. i fight the slide of the hips and can get stuck from over tilting

  21. Ronald Morris says:

    Turning the left shoulder back is an incredible image-feel. It gives me the sense of hitting through the ball rather than at the ball. I also have the sense that my club head speed has "quadrupled" without swinging any harder. The end result is a perfectly balanced finish. Can't wait for my next round.

  22. Max Colthoff says:

    Thanks Eric, very instructive. Interesting to hear that most of us have their left shoulder left /open to the target! I Always try to square my left shoulder to the target which probably has the opposite effect as I hit it right of the target often!? Is it possible for you to do a video about "alignment"? Thanks again. Max from Holland

  23. Mike Hardwicke says:

    Love these videos- all about 'feels'. Exactly the way we work on our swings at the driving range. (Very articulate too for me as a Brit).

  24. Johannes Ramirez says:

    Sweet. Loved the line fix the rotation flaws and then fix the swing plane or other flaws.

  25. Roger L says:

    One word……WOW. Best explanation yet on shoulder rotation and correct feel. Thanks!

  26. Matt W. says:

    Great video Eric! What do you think about the head rotating, a.k.a. Duval, Stenson, D.J., early in the downswing to help with upper body rotation? I have been incorporating that along with your shallowing the shaft with bowing and ulnar deviation and really hitting some very solid shots. Seems like when my head releases, the rest of my body follows but you don't see it being taught too much. Thanks for all the helpful videos!

  27. Aaron Morris says:

    I have officially unsubscribed to all other golf instruction channels except for Eric Cogorno Golf, and George Gankas or GG Swing Tips. Keep bringing the clarity bro!

  28. Robert Riess says:

    I have been trying to do this exactly- My shaft gets too steep because I have a tendency to yank my hands down before I start the turn. Any other feel drills for stopping that?

  29. sensa123 says:

    Great tips. Collateral benefits are lag 😊

  30. just sunny says:

    Great stuff once again!! I use my upper body torso. (Btw you are the only person on youtube I remove ad blocker for and let all the ads run 🙂

  31. 5 off the tee ! says:

    Struggled with no upper body rotation for so long it’s a joke…..Great video

  32. Philip Spelson says:

    How do you release the club at the same time.. supinate and rotate the left forearm and hand while doing this move?

  33. John Powell says:

    Great teaching here. My ten year old is closed at impact and I haven't come up with anything to help until I saw this video. One of the three should work, whether hit something behind you with your left shoulder, turn shirt buttons to target or getting right shoulder ahead of the clubhead….thanks for this terrific technique.

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