♪♪♪♪>>It’s great here. We’re one of the best communities around,
and we started off in 1952, still a municipal course, nine holes, and then it grew into
an 18-hole short course that we are today, par 65. And we are the only course in Oceanside with
an ocean view.>>I would describe Goat Hill Park as a great
walk in the park, and it’s a long shot and a short shot, so if you hit a 200-yard shot
on most of the par-4s, you’ll have about a 75-yard shot in. Though it is a little hilly, you’ll never
get a flat lie. You’ll always be up and down, sideways a little
bit. It’s a great place for all skill levels. It doesn’t take very long. It doesn’t cost very much. It’s a great track. The greens are tricky.>>A few years back, the county was looking
to sell off the land. They were looking at many different opportunities,
whether it be to the Chargers, whether it be a soccer field, a parking lot, a mall or
anything to just, you know, flip some profit or flip the land around, because it really
wasn’t doing much. It wasn’t living up to its potential. So, Mr. Ashworth saw the opportunity there
to come in and, with a group of his investors, to help save Goat Hill.>>John gets up there and he says, “You know,
we’re going to make it for the community. We’re going to put some gardens out there. We’re going to have some dogs. And we’re going to have this for the kids. And North County Junior Golf is going to be
there.” I think John had 15 minutes to talk, and he
talked for 7. So, they’re like, “Okay.” And John is like, “And that’s all I got.” And they’re like, “Well, would you — You
got like 8 more minutes. Would you…” He goes, “No, I think that’s pretty good.”>>You know, I’ve lived in this area my whole
life, played it as a kid growing up and in high-school matches and stuff. So we play here all the time. So when it got really run down and they were
going to put it out for a development proposal, you know, it was pretty obvious that somebody
could easily come in and make it, you know, some kind of mixed-use condo, retail, development
thing. You know, the community loves it. On a lark, we put our proposal in to save
it. The whole community got behind it. The whole golf community got behind this whole
Save Goat Hill thing that we started, and, you know, it really kind of hit a chord with
a lot of people. So, when we had a chance, we just — We kind
of went for it.>>Multimillions of dollars were put into
this property by John and his investment group when they initially took over, and the course
shut down for a period of months. I’ve heard reports that, literally, people
were chipping on the greens because they were that bad.>>The first day we took it over, it was a
Tuesday. We got the course at 3:00. Our first customers come up, “Hey, can we
play?” We’re like, “Yeah, sure. We just took over.” And they go, “Well, we brought our mat.” ‘Cause they had a mat. We’re like, “Oh, you’ve got your mat.” “Yeah, the mat’s for the fairway. We have a mat for the fairway and a mat for
the rough.” And we’re like, “Oh, my.” So, they went out and played, and we were
just like, “Oh, my gosh. What happened?”>>Golf courses are the center of the community. It’s a place for people to come together,
even if they don’t play golf. That’s why we like the whole park. It’s a park atmosphere. I mean, you can come have a party or a wedding
or, you know, just hang out.>>John Ashworth — he wants to give back
to the community and continue building partnerships with different organizations and agencies,
including Dean Wilson, who is an ex-PGA Tour player, who is now a partner in Goat Hill
Park, as well, along with Bill Murray, along with a few other guys, Kelly Slater. They’re all part of the Goat Hill family out
here. We have people from literally all over the
country who call in, who e-mail in, who set times to come out because they’re in town
and they’ve heard all these great things about the course. They’ve heard about the Save Goat Hill project,
and they want to experience it. They want to be a part of the family.>>And, so, when I heard the story about Goat
Hill, I was like, “It’s a must-stop.”>>And we definitely want to say if you’re
in the area, stop by. Stick your head in. Check us out. You know, we’d love to have you.

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