Go Kart Seat: How to Make and Install
Go Kart Seat: How to Make and Install

Hey its the founder of kartfab here and today
we are going to learn about the go kart kart seat, seat slider, brackets, and frame that
you use to attach the seat to your go kart. So if you are just looking for a double seat
go kart seat, or a single seat go kart seat, you can check out the links in the description.
I also have the links for the seat slider as well. If you are following the plans that
I have on kartfab.com, we are going to go over the seat slider brackets. Lets check
that part out first. Next is the seat bracing. It is 105 degree angle, so that’s a 52.5 degree
cut, and a 45 degree cut. Be careful, it is kind of hot when you finish welding. Make
sure you don’t touch anything with your bare hands. Notice that is a 105 degree angle.
Next is the seat frame brackets. These things are the things that are welded to the seat
frame that you will bolt your seat to. I tig welded everything here in the video. You don’t
have to tig weld anything on a go kart. Any form of welding will work. That’s it for the
go kart seat. This is the final product when your go kart is finished. If you like this
video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe (if you haven’t already).
Have a good one.

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