Go Kart Engine Mount: How to Install

Hey everybody, it’s KartFab here and today
we are going to learn about a go kart engine mount, go kart engine, the clutch, as well
as the drive wheel assembly (which includes the wheel, sprocket, and brake). We’re going
to learn about how to put all of this stuff together, so lets go and check it out! The
go kart parts that came in the go kart kit included a chain. The chain was a little bit
too long, so we are going to remove the master link from the chain and cut it. The master
link includes the spring, plate, and plate with pins. Next, we are going to mount the
engine to the motor mount, or the engine mounting plate. Basically, you take the block and set
it on top of the plate, then you put the four engine mounting bolts in between the block
and the motor mount. Slide the engine back, and secure all four bolts. When mounting the
go kart clutch to the go kart engine, you want to make sure it lines up just right with
the drive wheel assembly sprocket. The reason why you do that is so the chain will spin
freely, and it wont cause excessive wear, and so it wont fling the chain off. So, slide
the clutch on, and slide the drive wheel assembly on, and make sure you hand tighten the bolt
on the dead axle. The reason why you do this is because you don’t want the bearings to
bind. So if you remember earlier we were talking about the chain being too long, so after you
have the engine in place, put the chain around the sprocket and mark the plate that you want
to have removed. There are two or three main ways to remove these. I am just going to do
it the easy way. You grind down a little bit of the plate, and you break it off. You can
also use a chain break tool, or you can use a nail and a hammer, and put the chain in
a vise and tap out the pin itself. Now that you have your master link taken out and your
chain cut to size, you want to put everything back together with the drive wheel. So you
put the chain around the sprocket until everything lines up great. You take the plate with pins
and the other plate, and the spring clip, and you put the spring clip in the grooves.
Then you take a flat head screwdriver, or pliers, and you pop the link right back on.
Make sure that the open end is towards the back, and the closed end is towards the front,
so it wont pop off when you are driving. After you have the go kart chain assembled, you
want to have a little bit of slack left in it before you weld the motor mount to the
frame. After you have it all aligned, take some C-Clamps and clamp the motor mount to
the go kart frame, and then do a final check with the straight edge between the drive wheel
assembly and the centrifugal clutch drive sprocket. Sometimes it helps to spin the drive
wheel assembly just to make sure. Sometimes they are a little bit out of round, and you
want to make sure that it is centered, even when it wobbles back and forth just a tiny
bit. So after everything is perfectly straight, go ahead and tack weld the four separate corners
of the go kart engine mounting plate. After you have everything tacked, you go ahead and
weld. This is an example of a very poor weld. Notice how it is built up on the left? If
you screwed up a weld, you can either grind it down, or weld over top of it if it is a
decent weld to begin with. This is a stick welder that I am using, notice that I am pausing
at the bottom of the weld, and the top of the weld, back and forth moving forward. This
is a generally accepted way of welding with a stick welder. You might be wondering why
am I welding with a stick welder? Just showing you that, no matter what welding you use,
you can do it with mig, tig, and stick. So after everything is welded together, you want
to do a final assembly just to make sure everything is perfect. Go ahead ant take the bolts for
the engine block and put them through the engine block, and make sure it goes through
the engine mounting plate, and slide it forward. Then, you want to secure the clutch to the
engine shaft with a fine thread 5/16″ bolt, then you are done. Thanks for watching guys.
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is how to attach the seat to the frame that came in the go kart kit you can get at KartFab.com.
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