Get Rid of the Seat Belt Ding or How to Permanently Disable Your Seatbelt Warning Noise
Get Rid of the Seat Belt Ding or How to Permanently Disable Your Seatbelt Warning Noise

So right now we’re driving and you can hear
this annoying seat-belt alarm going off because I don’t have my seat-belt on. As soon as
I grab my seat-belt, plug it in, the seat-belt sign goes away. So what we’re going to do
is I’m going to show you how to turn off that annoying seat-belt sound so you don’t
have to worry about it anymore. So right now what we’re going to do is we’re going
to turn on the car; not turn on, but we’re going to get it all the way where the dials
turn on. And then we’re going to disconnect and reconnect the seat belt 20 times in less
than 30 seconds. And then you turn the car off all the way. And then once you turn the
car back on and you start driving. My seat-belt is not on and we’re not annoyed by the annoying
seat-belt sound. There we go. If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the
comments.”Like” this video if it helped you. And don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks!

100 thoughts on “Get Rid of the Seat Belt Ding or How to Permanently Disable Your Seatbelt Warning Noise”

  1. Gilbert Monroy says:

    I'll be trying this later today…..not because I don't wear my seat belt but because the chime keeps going off even when I have my seat belt buckled…..

  2. Geeman says:

    No good for a skoda Octavia 😢😢

  3. Ginny Murphy says:

    My seat belts can be or off and it does it ALL the time. Unless I brake at a light or stop sign then it stops, when I start driving it starts the noise again. 3 months it is very nerving. How do you stop that one.

  4. Cofarl2 says:

    Or just the wear your set belt?

  5. Karen Lim says:

    I've a car that has a start button and there's no accessory mode. How do i disable the seat belt alarm for this car pls? It's so annoying!!

  6. Andres Monar says:

    Anyone knows how to do it with a Kia Ceed 2015?

  7. utakatikmobil says:

    345 NHTSA officer disliked this

  8. mig189189189 says:


  9. Razenby says:

    Thanks this worked on my volvo c30!

  10. Lakeisha Smith says:

    This did not work for me

  11. iSynectics says:

    How do you make it comeback? I’m trying to teach my niece to wear a seatbelt but she doesn’t listen so I need to annoy her with this lol

  12. Charles Doody says:

    how can I enable the audible alarm?

  13. coopergumby says:

    wear your seatbelt, nerd…

  14. Big A says:

    My seat belt light keep flashing! How do I fix it ?

  15. Pete says:

    Doesn’t work on Mazda mx5 mk3

  16. papa bits says:

    Wow it's magic, maybe you should just wear the fucken thing

  17. abdul hadee says:

    Wil it work for honda civic

  18. John Pyle says:

    For some of the seatbelt police on here.  Some of us adaptive seats for one reason or another and DO wear our seatbelts and the chime needs to be disabled.

  19. Joey Bones says:

    People really click on this video just to tell people to wear their seat belts lol

  20. Gary Nguyen says:

    how to do lexus ct 200h plz

  21. Oscar Gomez says:

    dis not work on passat 2015

  22. Rebecca Neill says:

    It works until I turn my car off.  Then when I turn it back on it starts again.  What am I doing wrong?

  23. Frank Dell says:

    kind of dangerous

  24. Keshwanth Singh says:

    Do you know how to activate tone when locking/unlocking same Mazda

  25. Esmeralda Vera says:

    What about a 2006 Honda civic

  26. Russell zito says:

    Will this work for 2012 Toyota Tacoma

  27. Vega says:

    Seatbelt nazis below

  28. Gre Tre says:

    How do you do that in a mini cooper s 2010?

  29. Neal Wang says:

    The seatbelt clicking was very funny

  30. Priyantan Nag says:

    I just got to know how to open the seat belt.

  31. RED DRAGON says:

    My seatbelt reminder not working.
    🤔🤔🤔 Can i activate it ? Car is Ford Focus MK1.

  32. Kailash Mahanand says:

    I always put selt belt lock but it create a warn sound after running 5-6 km

  33. Nailerz O Neill says:

    Thanks my alarm has been going off for about a year straight even with the seat belts on. Very annoying thank you. You are the man.

  34. lee newman says:

    will this work on any car?

  35. Doug Campion says:

    This was a godsend! Alfa Romeo Stelvio had the worst alarm/beeping. Thank you

  36. Tricia Bradford says:

    I cant thank you enough. I have an old beater malibu that yelled at me constantly even though I was wearing the stupid belt. Ahhh peace and quiet!

  37. Aljehans says:

    I have a Fiat Grande Punto from 2008 with a broken sensor. So my seat belt alarm is driving me crazy. I tried this fix – but without any luck….
    The mechanic wants 200 euro to fix it. So I'd prefer to do it myself.
    Any suggestions?

  38. thehatker says:

    If I am not mistaken, you connected and disconnected the seatbelt exactly 21 times. So you're saying it has to be done at least 20 times in 30 seconds?

  39. Daniel Walcher says:

    Go to junkyard and get an old seatbelt clip for your car and snap it in like I did.

  40. suka la mink says:

    This only works for Subaru, I did this to my wrx years back

  41. femm bot says:

    Why are there so many nanny staters on here. Go boss your kids around and get a life. Let people do what they want. Probably fucking controlling right wingers.

  42. Adam84 B says:

    Does this work for 2010 honda civic?

  43. Jeffrey Layton says:

    does it work that way on all makes/mode;s

  44. Gary Allen says:

    I've been driving around for 6yrs with that effing sound and just now found this video?? I'm such a fucking idiot!!!! YOU MY GOOD SIR ARE THE MAN!!!!

  45. Speedwagon500 says:

    you have to put on your seatbelt

  46. Alton akabigpoppa says:

    This works but only temporarily. You have to do this every time you start the engine which is almost as annoying as the dinging. There's got to be a fuse you can pull or something to stop it for good

  47. Garrett Guedry says:

    I have watched this video yet, but if it tells me to “just wear my seatbelt”, I’m going to flip my shit.

  48. xX_MRAWSOMEYT_Xx says:

    Or just plug in the belt and put the belt around the seat

  49. aleem shaw says:

    Does it work for baleno

  50. kali smith says:

    Omg , he's really hot wasn't expecting that , but hello !

  51. Eclips85 says:

    Did not work for my 2009 mitsubishi lancer gts. I only see Subaru owners claiming this worked, is there a trick for Mitsubishi?

  52. Mark Edwards says:

    So how to undo that back?

  53. Rob Nicholson-cook says:

    Wow Jerry love your hairy arms mate!! 😝😝

  54. jodopeg says:

    When I purchased my 1999 S10 pick-up it had an annoying bell that would bong 5 times before I started the engine, and keep BONGING untill the seat belt was buckled and both doors closed..

    I searched under the dash till I located the bell, it was a green plastic module soldered into the circuit board under the radio.
    Since I couldn't remove it without screwing up the circuit board, I just used Channel Lock pliers to break off the top of the plastic case that held the bell tone plate.
    Because it was a mechanical bell that was activated with an electrical pulse I could break off the mechanism and not disturb the truck's electronics…
    If your bell is part of the digital output, then locate the speaker and punch it with an ice pick.

  55. Mr. Sha says:

    Can it work for all type of car?

  56. Sandy White says:

    My chimes do not work if key is in ignition or seatbelts. I would like to reset it to work. I know I am different. Lol

  57. Tha Monito says:

    Thank you! You are the man!

  58. Mr C says:

    Does this work for Vauxhall Meriva Design 2010 ?. as there is wires going into the seatbelt catch.

  59. Dirty Burger says:

    As a tradesman who drives his van all over the jobsite I salute you

  60. Akash Soni says:

    How to restart सीट belt alarm

  61. ken daniel says:

    Which car did you do this on? Many thanks

  62. Michael Craigo says:

    Did NOT work on 2010 VW Jetta S

  63. Lupita Steele says:

    It worked! thank you!

  64. SwagSpringtrapkiller333 says:

    How to u make seat belt ding work again tho??

  65. Sarah Henderson says:

    Does this work for the passenger seat belt too?

  66. patrickjohn jarvie says:

    If my dad wore his sealt belt in a crash which smashed the drivers side of the car, so throwing his upper body to the other side in the late 80's he'd have died before I were born. Seat belts prevent lives. Fuck you nerds. Also he was drunk, fukn James Dean would have, why is there wouldn't but not wouldv'e does not make sense. James dean might-have-been thrown clear like his friend.

  67. dover one foxtrot says:

    Does anyone know how to perform this on a 4th generation Honda legend/Acura ?

  68. Lorenzo Montgomery says:

    If u want to kill yourself… Do what he said step by step…

  69. tiffjennings says:

    Thank you so much!! I was about to abandon my truck on thesl side of the road

  70. MotoMurphyADV says:

    Have you done this to your taco yet??? I would love to know the method.

  71. Son Goten Boi says:

    Wear a Seatbelt

  72. biturboism says:


  73. Mike Jiran says:

    Or, you know, quit whining and put your damn seat belt on. Go ahead and cry about the nanny state, but at the end of the day it's the private sector insurance industry that makes it so I'm paying for your recklessness.

  74. NathanH83 says:

    Does this work on Toyota?

  75. JAY PALMER says:

    Best cool I did not try it yet

  76. Denis Bajraktari says:

    What if you do it more than 20 times?

  77. Fallingzwords21 1 says:

    This is stupid like you could die

  78. Liberty Wings says:

    How can I get the sound back ??? does it works in opposite way too?

  79. SwagXGamer360 play says:

    So thats what he looked like with hair…😮

  80. Sal Tracey says:

    What about just locating where it's coming from and jabbing a God damn screwdriver in there and permanently break it

  81. Diddley Squat says:

    But do you have to do it 20 Times every time before you drive? Or does it shut it off for good?

  82. Ayleid Ruin says:

    Thanks JerryRigEverything 🙂

  83. Tortured Soul says:

    Do you think this would work on my 2011 subaru outback? The passenger side seat is the one that dings regardless of passenger or not. Its like its malfuctioning

  84. Aussie Pom says:

    It even more annoying when you place something on the passenger seat and the seat belt alarm goes off even though there's no one sitting on the seat. But how about all the other annoying alarms like transmission not in park, rest reminder, open a door with the key in the ignition.

  85. Dienekes says:

    I've tried several things for my 2005 Mercury Mariner. This is the one that worked!!! I live in a 55+ park and drive 15 MPH to the pool each day. There's no need for me to put on a seatbelt to drive 1.5 miles at 15 MPH.

  86. J Aleman says:

    my seat belt light comes on while i drive and my seat belt is buckled what can I do?

  87. Larry Dean says:

    Wear your belt

  88. Paul Johnstone says:

    Only an idiot drives without a seat belt…or maybe they want to join their deceased friends earlier than necessary….

  89. Jennifer Chaplin says:

    It does not work

  90. DINOMOW ! says:

    I used to play this game as a kid but my mum never liked me playing it for some reason

  91. Scott Busnach says:

    Hello Jerry. Just curious. Does this still work on newer cars. Just bought a 2019 Nissan. Nissan has gone full "big brother" on their seatbelt warning system.

  92. viv Melia says:

    How do I get the 3 rear seatbelt lights off my vauxhall meriva display panel they came on only one day after picking the car up I read up the rear seats have sensors under them but nowhere explains how to clear them off the screen.

  93. Harriett Randall says:

    Nice-going Mr. And guess who you've just informed how to turn off seatbelt warning? A teenager out speeding with other kids in the car. Hope you're proud of yourself.

  94. Tigran Tashjian says:

    This is not good. You should always have your seatbelt on.

  95. Hardy Tall says:

    What make is that car ?

  96. Crusin68 says:

    My problem is opposite, seatbelt chime doesnt work so how do I turn it back on?

  97. Bradstheking says:

    Does this work on Suzuki swift sport? Or does anyone know how to on that car?

  98. J C says:

    Fuck that. Put your belt on instead of being fuckin ignorant.

  99. Wayne Bohannon says:

    This work on all cars?

  100. David Dart says:

    Does it work on all vehicles such as a Jetta?

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