Gap testing at a Toptracer range | Can you Gap Test on your own?

hey everyone kevin here from golf guy
reviews and today we’re going to try something a little bit different I’ve
got some free time so I’ve headed down to my local driving range which has got
some tracer technology and I’m gonna carry out a gap testing all by myself
now I’ve never done one of these before so it’s gonna be interesting to see what
the results are like and actually what the techs like let me know in the
comments if you’ve ever done anything like this yourself before and if you
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button too if you want to be notified of future videos coming up so I’ve just finished up using the toptracer at the range and I’ve got to say I was really impressed of it the system
is really easy to use and it even had a section that I can select that was
specifically for gap testing and if I’m if my details that actually email me all
of my results and all of my stats dirty to my email which is great and I’m not
going to break down my actual results although you can see here I’m going to
put a table next to me there so you can take a quick look but I’m not a gold
professional so ultimately I don’t know whether that’s good or that’s bad and
I’m certainly not that concerned as to the legs that I’m hitting what I care
about is knowing what’s the maximum length I can hit and actually what’s the
chances of me hitting that maximum length so that when I’m on a course and
I’ve got to carry a bunker I’ve got a carry a water have I got a realistic
chance of carrying that or should I be laying up and I’ve got to say the top
tracer at my driving range has really opened my eyes because I was really
really happy with the quality and the results it was giving me and the system
was really easy to use and it means I can now go into my round at the weekend
having a better idea of the yardages that I’m currently a hit hitting with
all of my clubs and I think it shows it’s given me areas to work on as well
so if you have a look at the 3 hybrid I’m ranging over 20 yards between my
biggest hit and my smallest hit so that’s something definitely for me to
work on but overall I would say it’s a really really good system and if you’ve
got if you’re lucky enough that you’ve got a toptracer at your driving range
for 10 pounds I’ve got 120 balls and I mean that’s absolutely brilliant value
so I totally recommend it if you found this video helpful please hit that like
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