GAME SET & MATCH…. Aschheim Golf Club – Part 3

watch part one go one up hi guys welcome
down to the fantastic golf club munchin ash I’m here and guess where wonderful
myself and flatter myself and Fletch much play scores on the doors I am two
or three two place there’s a big big couple of holes it’s a big ass we’ve got
we’ve got hair core here on the on the back on the back today providing some
interesting commentary on some of the shots always nice to get someone else’s
perspective life he’s usually he’s usually won the comments or the abuse so
we invited him to play and watch we are on the 16th hole 346 meters dogleg
around to the left-hand side where we hit hitting out towards that bunker
right there which is around about 220 into the breeze flat she’s out with the
reward it was he did well with it yeah yes it’s gone straight though there we go round about 180 down there
is a green it’s a what I said yesterday when he hit this yeah I’ll be only one
down that love the plum put Carter in a false sense of security class sir it’s a
very secure place to what we’re free a play finishes one down lost it will yep
nailed it yeah I didn’t see the to show us treatment yeah that’s my stuff middle
of the fairway flats would you like I do you like a trolleys by the way I guess you guys yeah we’re gonna give them a
ring and see if they’re interested let’s do it you can if you’re watching we like
your Tallis flats 174 middle of the fairway longish I think it’s a longer
shot than he had expected I was about to say surely you hit the fire fight again
you have to call color that’s really fine
you’ve already used it no there’s no grooves I’ve got it Oh baby bunker she’s a fire pain I look
good in the air they take the positives yeah nice spin back off a bullet – I
left them please I’m gonna predict cars 121 well I’ll use upped it
Wow – the flags quite far one four six yeah Libby Garmin could send me a good
watch from edge wait you’re going with nine nine eight by in in good situation
yeah about my horse sounded nice well um let’s get to the green okay so up by the green I’m just near
the flag here the four low is over there so it’s not quite as long past as we
initially thought which it’s just on the upslope of the bunker so elevation is
not gonna be a problem is that one foot in one foot out as well so I’ll make it
a little bit trickier needs it up and down like I said those are thirties
interested covets there’s a lot of Sun look at this break by the way how cool
is that right you don’t need to stand rake brought to you by Dukat right flex
for pass we’re gonna play it we’re gonna play 1718 anyway guys if this doesn’t go
in racin bullets Anderson
we’re already thin bullet Anderson you could join him next time oh he’s not a
thief he’s not a pre-30 it’s not happy today you give me the whole I went too
many units of alcohol that was the problem Chris it was wasn’t it yeah I
went to bed at one o’clock like a good soldier I only had four or five beers
throughout the evening these two ends about a 5 a.m. yeah you can’t have two
good people at one place that’s true very true right so that’s the all right
thank you very much it means a lot means a lot thank you desert thanks a
lot you win Charlie poor 2,000 euros on me at 3 2 1 so he’s the happy man and
you know what we’re gonna rock the last two holes yeah we’ll do a quick blogging
last two holes but flag games on fire nice I like it
right so final two holes just as a quick one though Carter goes to up to one up
what do I do one up in this in the Munich tour see to you though I’m at
elementary I was gonna say to up as in two points to my tally all right I’m
gonna sort myself out tomorrow yeah one back and then I’ll win another three to
a puppy that’s the part that’s not going to happen
yes sir so we’ve got a really interesting looking hole hey this is the
reason why we continue so you can see the rest of the course we’re hitting
towards the white flag the tree there is two seven eight meters away so that
translates to about three watt 310 downwind so we don’t really not gonna be
hitting driver we’re going to stay of 294 sorry 294 yards to the tree so
we’re in three were to kind of stay short enough back so then the approach
shot is not hindered I will let you have the honor Fletch that’s the good
sportsman that I am the loser go first I tell you he’s not holding back today
it’s the one that’s the same height as you the short joke do ya is your
backswing and PD there by the way it’s close that mine will be ready I’m ready
are you ready you heard here guys flights gonna go birdie-birdie click
like if you’re enjoying this but please don’t click dislike based on the shots
finally I shot one under yesterday for seven holes special orders roll me I’m
have enough oh I I’m having one of those I thought I played better after
searching yeah but you played by there on the second night not the first thing you see worth it short cut off a shelf what Asia Oh trees gonna be nicely of
the way yes sure all right so we are still in the fairway
but she’s bought what he’s up to that I was going to say youth in the bush
definitely lend a car shot because you’d have nailed it onto the green self-praise this glorious know someone’s
gotta give me praise the bismi is fine okay car so what we’re looking at 160
that tree I don’t know how it looks on camera but that tree is massive it’s
really high 160 you know you only hit 40 pass me and I ducked it it’s getting
short these days oh yeah just over it yeah Tony give
yourself please get me praise from someone else that one looks good oh yeah
that was the best one of the day yeah yeah super chef it’s buddy right so
oh by the green Fletch shipping pitching just shot their round to the flag and
there is my ball right come on up and down sure yeah two spinny – good okay you got this
Tony okay gentlemen I’m glady if you’re watching we just got up to the 17th hole
charter hit an enormous 9-iron over that big tree in the distance and he’s about
12 15 feet away putting for birdie I’m making birdie my word mr. Carter you
are on fire today’s a good day super guard from the
first hole apartment yeah fantastic golf thank you today’s a good day
what up we don’t want a question we all right flex your path come on easy guys easy
this is gold I’ve got a fire a German masters German masters look at this for
you not Carter moving camera I’ll be lovely
I’ll be honest I’m surprised I actually didn’t expect them to be this
high-quality why do you think I stayed here for so long
I just thought this the only place that give you a job the others for the beer
yeah yeah is the quality of quality the golf course is right up awesome
yeah german-engineered and it’s bringing out your best golf Andy I played all
right yesterday sir I played well yesterday so I’m happy without ya
tomorrow two more days of golf yeah yeah it’s probably the most golf I’ve played
in a long time um hopefully we will get some of our viewers coming over to
Germany to play golf well it’s highly recommended from Karzai
myself we’re trying to promote Munich and promote golf tourism and Munich the
course is of course itself hopefully should look as good as it was for us on
camera yeah oh yeah should there I reckon you could hit it over that person
just there Carter well waste regne today probably could then there’s lustful water hazard all
the way down nah I had to look at him up later
it’s find one for a big on them I should pull a bit of muscle in my neck that
really hurts oh yeah all right fire one up there okay oh it’s nicer war has it
all right carbs big one Wow good shot right what a super welcome to the day
just about reach the fairway that my god I caught one for once Tony yeah
impressed sound surprised no surprised and impressed our party up
you got a few yardages hundred about 280 drive oh yes on the dance floor hopefully look
killer oh yeah regular a regulation part of
fish regulation part to finish all right my turn solid solid sandwich look looks
good looks tasty looks tasty he’s very happy no oh yeah he’s played
as a golfer nothing he’s gonna finish barely better all day yesterday those
things golfy toughest well when you get hammered you have to sort out Yaga right
so I’ll get the plug let’s prep getting prepped and ready to good birdie chances let’s finish in another one put super
Golf Course you guys have here come on go on go in Grapher sums that
you Dave lucky all day now I’ve been hopeless honest yeah cos they finish
with the Betty yeah the bird a back-to-back birdies ha
and that brings the end of a very fun vlog a very very very good golf course
Oh munching a shine energy hit music go on the hawser radio station golf park
one should uh shame okay absolutely fantastic thank you very much
for having us thoroughly enjoyable golf course hopefully we will be back in the
swimmer to do a front nine blog as well because that was fun guys thanks very
much for watching please do hit the subscribe button pause on the social
media platforms and from all three we’ll see you again soon thanks guys bye guys
was great craic actually

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