Game Controllers – Scott The Woz
Game Controllers – Scott The Woz

100 thoughts on “Game Controllers – Scott The Woz”

  1. Zeneka says:


  2. Eli Kennemer says:

    "I need to slam a controller on the ground, for dramatic effect."
    Finds carpet
    Sets camera up 3 feet above the ground
    Slows down footage

  3. steel plays says:

    In my opinion

    the best controller is the xbox 360 controller

  4. Aidan Buford says:

    If the PS1 controller has thighs, does that make the N64's middle handle the dong of the controller?

  5. Aidan Buford says:

    My least favorite controller is the Kinect controller. Me.

  6. Chance Slaughter32 says:

    Ever seen a keyboard and mouse? Been great for a very long time. Little change needed, it's just perfect. So perfect. And need you play something that works better with different controls, just plug it in!

    Edit: I'm joking, I know this is a video on controllers. I'm just trying to be a douchebag cuz I'm bored

  7. Jimmy Kimble says:

    I think that the joycons are for party playing and the switch pro controller is for playing long sessions

  8. Christopher Jones says:

    0:50 MAPPY

  9. Darth Nihilus says:

    Have your fans told you that you resemble Tom Holland? I think you do, vaguely.

  10. Darth Nihilus says:


  11. I don't know how this website works says:

    The steam controller is a work of art and i will fight to death everyone dissing on it.

  12. pois0n says:

    1:32 attari said f*** it and gave us a button and a stick

  13. MinecraftDoodler says:

    What about a game about controllers

  14. Isaac Burr says:

    PlayStation: if it ain't broke don't fix it
    Xbox: there is always room for improvement

  15. Sgt Reed says:

    The Xbox360-controller is my personal favourite.

  16. saiyan logan says:

    Dude my step dad still has the old nintendo and ps3

  17. Harry T S says:

    are u actually colourblind?

  18. King Loner says:

    I honestly clicked on this vid because I thought he was the new spiderman actor

  19. TowOst says:

    10:00 you chewed on the controller what the hell you ape

  20. Cash Huntsman says:

    Xbox 1, 2 boxes is option's , 3 lines is menu

  21. Fil Zuvela says:

    Ps1 dual stick is everything the dualshock should be but without rumble

  22. DANCLANBOI says:

    that ps3 controler i am dying 😂😂😂😂

  23. The Charmander Ranger says:

    Atari Jaguar: exists
    Video Game Nerds in the 90’s: how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man

  24. Mennenth says:

    my favorite controller is the Steam Controller. There are dozens of us!
    One of these days people will realize the Steam Controller is ahead of its time. One day…

  25. LiL Reggie says:

    ❌🅱️🅾️❌ duke BEEFCAKE

  26. Niko Bellic says:

    Atari 26000 controller… for her pleasure

  27. Gary DeLanghe says:

    My headset jack broke for both of my Xbox controllers and now I need to get another one

  28. Will says:

    Pump the brakes speed racer, nobody puts religion in my dig dug

  29. ThisIs ReadyMade says:

    I was at a game store in Ashbury Park, New Jersey and they were playing this episode on a tv.

    That was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had.

  30. 白君德 says:

    These reviews really show one’s childhood. I grew up only with Sony and hated the GameCube controller so much as a kid.

  31. JacobW151 says:

    12:14 the only game that comes to mind that uses that tech is MGS3 when interrogating someone.

  32. Cipher033 says:

    21:16 why oh why is he using the analog stick and not the directional buttons for a 2D platformer?

  33. DragonBall Z Master says:

    Scott my man, I just found your channel a few days ago amd I can't stop watching it. Thank you for not spamming "LIKE COMMENT SUBREE RE RE RE" 2 seconds into your vids. Your videos give me the same feelings I had watching AVGN back in the day. Keep up the amazing work

  34. Sunny 4.0 says:

    My favorite is probably the Xbox One Elite controller, it takes everything that worked about the original Xbox One controller and refines it

  35. HamsterMalte says:

    jesus i have the donkey kong game at home 3:59

  36. Zoe Elsenova says:

    The gamecube controller will always be my #1 favorite. It's almost TOO comfortable and those analog triggers were sublime. Even the devs of GRID Autosport's switch port had an option for classic gamecube controllers

  37. SonofRiggnarok says:

    There was a reason I hated the N64 the controller was a pieces of shit. 4:17 No rumble is not a downside, that's a blessing.

  38. Shade Pizza says:

    12:55 Scott left in a clip of him saying "god I need a shower" by accident

  39. Anonymous Potato says:

    Good video, but you missed the part with the joycons about how nintendo nearly got sued for the shit quality that caused massive drifting issues

  40. PyroFierceDeity says:

    Scott your controllers are disgusting.

  41. Dennis Bowen says:

    This video did not age well when it comes to the joycon

  42. Connor Moody says:

    “Pump the brakes Speed Racer, nobody puts religion in my Dig Dug!”

    Day made. And I’ve seen this before.

  43. Smug Dancin says:


  44. Shadow says:

    I hope Sony doesn't listen to people about the touchbar and light, I loved them and think they add so much uniqueness to the controllers.

  45. Danny Chan says:

    Sorry man, yeah the quality from the N64 stick was crap, but it was the most accurate. I played all a lot, and nothing feels like wave race or F-Zero with the N64 controller.

  46. Carcraze 55 says:

    Atari said f**k and gave us a button the a stick


  47. JJ'S Minecraft And Cool Things! says:

    Me and the PC MASTER RACE GANG: *laughs in rainbow keyboard and gaming mouse*

  48. Jacob Underwood says:


    “What’s this thing for? Calling Intergalactic Space Aliens? Flying Fuckernauts or Astrobastards?!”

  49. 2k 99 grind says:

    Scott’s reaction the n64 controller 😂😂 I totally agree

  50. 2k 99 grind says:

    PlayStation makes great controllers the dual shock 4 second generation is good just use kontrol freeks

  51. Tyler Zellers says:

    “The PS4 was the death of start and select”

    *The Wii’s + and – buttons*: Am I a joke to you?

  52. EnyoTaiz says:

    Bro clean your controllers

  53. Michau says:

    list of controllers i actually used based on how great they felt:
    nr1:switch pro controller(perfect for me)
    nr2:xbox one controller(just the same)
    nr3:the joycons(unpopular opinion but they feel great)
    nr4:gamecube controller(feel great too bad they miss alot of features to play modern games)
    nr5:xbox 360 controller(it kept disconnecting all the time)
    nr6:the genesis controller made by genesis not sega(felt pretty nice but i heard it drifts so thats a big no)

  54. Jake Bennett says:

    the 360 controller nailed it. for me nothing is better…

  55. ElementalPhoenixes says:

    Nice dig dug music in the background scott

  56. jordan secrist says:

    Angled a and b buttons are better than flat. Fight me.

  57. MrZombie1231 says:

    I think that Nintendo didn’t mess up not putting the d pad on the switch controller because games are better when you don’t miss click on the d pad

  58. Square One says:

    I love the duke. Best halo 1 controller

  59. Ken Norcott says:

    i like the wii u gamepad, and the wii u is my favorite nintendo system. im not sorry, fucking fight me

  60. matchingbird says:

    I actually found a GameStop GameCube controller at goodwill and it felt fine. But, I’m goi to contract bed bugs now.

  61. Go8997 says:


  62. Loren Helgeson says:

    11:10 – hang on! That is the second version of the Saturn controller. Don't gloss over the original, which was uncomfortable and bulky – you had to press the triggers DOWN onto the faceplate, not IN like every successful controller since.

    That said, that second controller was very decent, as was the 3D analog controller at 11:20.

  63. ProExposer22 NL says:

    I think that mystery button was supposed to be used for a pro attachment, which later became the wii classic pro.

  64. Gay Undead says:

    RIP Scott's Dualshock 1

  65. Safety Wizard says:

    The comedy in this video is gold haha

  66. Jonathan Queen says:

    Sad thing is my 11 yr old cousin somehow didn't understand the 2600 controller. We're playing adventure and he's like

    "How do you jump? How do you fight? How do you open the map?"

    T H E R E I S O N E B U T T O N !

  67. Apfelsaft says:

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  68. FlyingTankEngine Studios says:

    I prefer the genesis controller over the snes and think that the DualShock always sucked ass. Shoot me

  69. Prophet Snow says:

    This is how many times I’ve seen this video


  70. asome man73 says:

    The back of the Wii classic controller was going to be used as a Wii remote holder

  71. LegitOreo64 says:

    Watched this like 10 times


    “But was completely out done by the makers of chibi robo zip lash”
    Scott, 2018

  73. scum junker says:

    Thems some dirty controllers

  74. Martin Hernandez says:

    Not trying to go against you but as far as the PS4 controller, I had goodluck with mine, and for me, the 3 xbox 1 controllers I had broke, and switch proa dnsjoycons all drift. lol might've gotten lucky though

  75. Quilly says:

    I'm dumb and don't get 12:25 someone please explain.

  76. John Walters says:

    I want a gang of lesbian rugby players to beat me to death

  77. Creepy Tronic Toons says:

    If you don't like Wii classic controllers, use a GameCube controller. It actually works. There are GameCube controller ports on the top of your Wii.

  78. VideoGamer945 says:

    ur controllers are gross and have teeth marks

  79. VideoGamer945 says:

    you won me over. I didn't wanna sub at first but you make damn fine content

  80. Demonanimator says:

    Pssst.. Hey ass hat.. the slot on the Dreamcast controller is for when you wrap up the cable to put the controller away.. you moron…

  81. FPS JiveTurkey says:

    The xbox one controller is the most ergonomic thing youll ever touch.

  82. Vidarr Ledrhals says:

    Least favorite controller is The N64 controller. like if agree

  83. AugMight says:

    from the thumbnail i thought you were tom holand

  84. Maximo Wharton says:

    Oh shit, i legit thought he was Tom Holland

  85. Joshua Houle says:


  86. Marty Uchiha says:

    There is a little bit of video in your ad

  87. Redstone Tech says:

    Why is the switch controller better? Its littarly the SNES controller but has a joystick instead of a D-Pad and has no star or select buttons.

  88. Derek Weselake says:

    DS 1 – 3 are my least favorite controllers(looking left while moving right was a mess, thumbsticks were long and had no grip, the shoulder buttons felt nothing like triggers till 3 and even then it was a flap, I can go on and on), and Dreamcast is one of my favorites minus the cord and lack of a right thumbstick lol. Agree with the rest tho.

  89. Elijah Mills says:

    I like the Dreamcast controller…

  90. Dave Strider27 says:

    my first scott vid, first impressions were great

  91. Salty King says:

    honestly, Nintendo lost its magic

  92. ndyce says:

    Dreamcast dpad is the singular low point of the system, sand in my eyes.

  93. Sevn says:

    I loved the joy cons so much i bought a second pair.
    Then one of the left ones got drift and the other can’t connect to the switch in handheld mode.

  94. Jude Johnson says:

    Playstation: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    XBOX: Change is good.

    Nintendo: DRUGS

  95. Alex’s Reviews says:

    10:05 When your teacher gives you Summer Break Homework

  96. TrueBlueKing says:

    man the ps with dual shock would screw up if you left them upside down. your player would move forward without you pushing the stic.

  97. Nick Wallette says:

    When did everyone decide to stop pronouncing Ts?

  98. the Wii U is better than the switch says:

    Maybe the Wii classic controller’s trap door thing was meant for a grip accessory, but Nintendo canceled it and just made the Wii classic controller pro.

  99. Serenity Snider says:

    You need to clean your controllers

  100. Hutch2Much says:

    16:02 playing Sonic Unleashed on the Wii

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