Game Boy Advance: Power to the Pocket – Scott The Woz
Game Boy Advance: Power to the Pocket – Scott The Woz

100 thoughts on “Game Boy Advance: Power to the Pocket – Scott The Woz”

  1. Jacob Rahe says:

    Hey, thats my car

  2. Juicy Tasty Fresh Sake Watermelon says:

    Guilty Gear X is on the GBA

  3. Jason Marino says:


  4. derp says:


  5. Meme channel I'll look back on in disgust says:

    Don't think its fair to shit on the e-reader. It's basically an emulation device for the GBA that reads dot matrix. If people were a bit quicker and there's interest you could develop custom levels for SMA4 or even develop homebrew games/apps with the e-reader.

  6. alpan says:

    Ds was awesome love the gba backwards compatible

  7. Robin Sharp says:

    UR cool

  8. Kyle Campbell says:

    I’d say your thing about the GBA lacking an identity of ya own due to the abundance of ports is extra true for the Nintendo switch. Even some big hitters like Smash, Mario Maker and Splatoon, are samey sequels to Wii U games.

    So far the switch really only has Mario Oddessy, Mario + Rabbids, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kirby Star Allies, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Astral Chain, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Animal Crossing As it’s own

  9. supersmashbro596 says:


  10. Andrey Tarasov says:

  11. Andrew King says:

    I think that I'm the only person under 15 that knows what this is and wants one.

  12. King 64 says:

    Just Mario party just Mario party!!!

  13. Haohmaru HL says:

    DS Lite is the best place to play gba though. Finally a proper screen where red doesn't look like brown

  14. A Dumb Boy says:

    The game boy micro wasn’t a huge fail, just a tiny failure.

  15. autumn corns says:

    Mario and Luigi superstar has mario bros classic.

  16. lordoakley715818 says:

    Why does Scott never make videos about Pokemon?

  17. Angelia Heywood says:

    when my brother was gifted a DS for his birthday, I was endlessly jealous so my parents bought me an SP for mine and I loved it. my SP also has very distinct teeth marks in the upper left hand corner of the screen for one reason. Bratz. Rock. Angelz. Jewellery. Making. Mini-game. that mini-game was so frustrating that tiny me wasn't above aggressively biting her SP.

  18. Leshem Amaya-Mejia says:

    2:52 gb advance looks like a device from digimon

  19. JBG says:

    Thank you so much for talking about Golden Sun, it doesn't get the love it deserves.
    Also did you play Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow?
    Its way better than circle of the moon.

  20. Moomin says:

    I have a pink gba ags 101
    Want to know how I got it?
    I bought it off my older brother for $10
    I wish I was joking.

  21. TATRA PLAYZ PE says:

    0:18 peeeeeeepp

  22. Devasta The Seeker says:

    Hey scott, you can play gbc games on a normal gameboy. Gbc is an upgrade not a new system

  23. TS64 says:

    Man remember when F-Zero games were still being released?

  24. Melvin Reyes says:

    can i have a game boy sp????

  25. autumn corns says:

    Mario party advanced is very bad.

  26. ShadowPheonix 17 says:

    11:18 I agree, I had sm64 DS and didn’t know why it was called that because I didn’t know there was a game called sm64

  27. youtube dee says:

    Scott forgot kingdom hearts chain of memories and rhythm heaven

  28. SirMeatwad says:

    What an amazing video… now I've gotta get a gba mini

  29. john macrAE says:

    Anyone else here cause u thought he was Tom Holland in the thumbnail?

  30. Nathan Animation says:

    GBA learned flash

  31. Nunof Yerbizness says:

    21:24 Honestly, I never owned an official GBA/Gamecube link cable in my youth; I instead had one by MadCatz (and also a wireless Gamecube controller from them as well; Luckily I had the legit thing that time around), and only two games that had the support for it; Wario World and Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex.

    Wario World had 8 seperate WarioWare, Inc. demos that seem to be based on an early build of the game (noted how the Wario Land 4 soundfont doesn't go used) with the latter 4 being singular microgame demos. Wrath of Cortex had Crash Bandicoot Blast, developed by Vicarious Visions, the same team who handled Crash's other GBA games, and N-Sane Trilogy, more famously. It was a neat novelty minigame where you play as Crash with his bazooka from Warped, shooting the bad guys to earn points. There was one time I left that game on my GBA SP, and walked an entire mile with that thing still on it.

  32. Phantom X says:

    The first interaction with this game was when I played yoshi’s island on the gba

  33. Greenninja says:

    Listen the best game on the gba was the Harry Potter games

  34. Boyd The Milkman says:

    The GBA sp was – and is – fucking amazing.

    I remember how magic it waswhen I got my GBA and Golden Sun for the first time.

  35. lola r says:

    i used my sisters old GBA up until 2012 when i got a DSi. did i mention that only one game worked on it for at least 5 years, i don’t know how i kept sane as a 4 year old just playing the powerpuff girls game.

  36. TheMooskyFox says:

    If you want to get more technical the GBA SP 001 doesn't have a 'backlight', instead it uses a front light, giving the same effect as constantly shining a light at the original GBA. The 101 has a proper backlight and looks identical to the 3DS' screen (Yes, the GBA SP 101 and the OG 3DS share the same screen)

  37. W.D. Callahan says:

    Dangit! At 11:43 did Mario get that heart or not?!

  38. Rocco Pennacchio says:

    I want a 10 hour version of 0:18

  39. Sean Marlow says:

    i have the 101

  40. Brandon Collazo says:

    Just buy a D's

  41. Dieselnaut says:

    8:39 Did the mouse just fuck the gameboy micro

  42. Logical Overdrive says:

    I miss my light blue gba sp. I can't find it and it has my original copy of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

  43. THOT 69 says:

    Hey please try Aria of Sorrow , its a great game and one of the best castelvanias on the gba

  44. Mega Man 1987 says:

    I have the White GBA model Scott The Woz.

  45. PS4Fan says:

    The GBA games I grew up with were
    Classic PAC Man
    Some solitaire one
    Finding Nemo
    Sonic Advanced
    Lion King
    Superman Fortress Of solitude
    I’ll try to see if any of these were real

  46. Pragon says:

    I'll fight you about the Battle Network Series… Gone too soon…

  47. Castin Cramer says:

    The Micro is my fav.

  48. Theodor Damgaard says:

    hey you woz you forgot the game boy micro

  49. Christopher Bulloch says:

    I own a blue Gameboy advance sp

  50. Jan Eric Pena says:

    6:46– Now look at a new Iphone

  51. Unknown says:

    Black and white? more like green and extremely dark green

  52. Bishop Simpson says:

    20:21 this triggers me

  53. Shu Reborn says:

    I appreciate you using the gen 3 music from pokemon

  54. Reno Behnken says:

    I'm going to challenge you on Pokémon. I used to think I wouldn't like it, so I didn't play it as a kid. I played my first one (borrowed Yellow) as a FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL. Then I was hooked.

  55. The Pony tones says:

    The hamtaro games are fantastic games and I'm so sad there hasn't been a proper one released since the gba line

  56. Nick Walkenbach says:

    Why did I watch this entire thing

  57. jlhs1001 says:

    ..…K. I. Bb

  58. Stefano Zappala’ says:

    If I was to buy a GBA now where would I buy it?

  59. Jake Fine says:

    I had Mario vs Donkey Kong for my DS I XL and it was one of my favourite games. But for 8 year old me, it got really hard.

  60. Bryce Freda says:


  61. Tiger says:

    the regular advance model is the best looking handeld ever made

  62. Cool Lucario says:

    It's crazy to think how many companies has been inspired by Nintendo's hardware.

  63. bruh moment says:

    I have a silver gameboy advanced SP

    But I can’t find the charger

  64. NaXEthan says:

    i hear that drill dozer music at 1:40 Scott you legend

  65. Pika Gamer says:

    You can atleast mod the gba to get a sp backlit screen

  66. Markus Nashorn says:

    You know, the first GBA SP had a light off switch, the second one has a brightness switch. Any chance one can model the second one so you can switch the lights off, too and safe some more energy? (I'm not even asking for something like that on the DSLITE, since it does not have a hard switch)

  67. Toopienator says:

    14:54 what's that?

  68. Smug Dancin says:


  69. NeosCCV says:

    ᵒʰ ˢʰᵉᵉᵗˢ ᵃ ᵍᵃᵐᵉᵇᵒʸ

  70. Wii Meme says:

    Why couldn't they made the Original Gba a XL with a backlit screen and it's the size of new 3ds xl

  71. Fierce 90 says:

    Super Mario Bros. 3 on GBA would probably be the definitive edition of that game. It has all the great things from the game, and more. Including the eReader stages which were absolutely amazing.

  72. IRS Thot Department says:

    I'm just now finding out I can play gb games on my gba, thank you

  73. The Cando Railfan says:

    GBA – SNES Ports
    Old 3DS – Nope!

  74. Jerry says:

    Idc what anyone say purple is Nintendo secondary color

  75. Jackboot Shaman Gaming says:


  76. Snowy says:

  77. Snowy says:

  78. shadow super star says:

    0:16 best part

  79. Vivianne MJ says:

    Scott: Sonic Advanced is one of the best things THQ has ever published
    De Blob Fans:

  80. Miguel Angel says:

    Kirby and The Amazing Mirror is an excellent game

  81. Bryce Freda says:


  82. Vazdog Productions says:

    I got mad at the sun in Mario 3 and ripped my SP in half. When I was a kid. I would have taken a bat to it now.

  83. versnellingspookie says:

    10:55 what theme plays in the background?

  84. Doctor Nano says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 16:51
    For whatever reason Scott skipped it over in the description.

  85. les bean says:

    my cousin had a Game Boy micro like, 14 years ago. never seen one irl since then.

  86. julians vlogs says:

    You cant get into pokemon unless you grew up with it? outside of 2 minutes when i was 4 with a game I never played a pokemon game till I was 11. forgot how but it got addictive

  87. Maxon Mitchell says:

    Scott at least for me is right about not thinking a port of a game you grew up with is an old game. I grew up with the port of Mario 64 DS (on 3DS) and I never thought of it as an old game. I didn't learn it was a port until last year… Ouch

  88. EnderGamer 1236 says:

    Nice Puzzle League music in the background. I love this game on the GBA

  89. Hector4144 says:

    Yeah. It was really weird that a new Super Mario game was never released on the GBA. Oh well…atleast Nintendo put Wario Land 4 there which works!

  90. laptopboy47 says:

    and apple followed suit.

  91. Adam says:

    It blew my mind that yoshis island and other games in the advance series weren't originally for the gameboy advance, since that was my exposure to it growing up. I learned like last year that they were originally for the Super Nintendo and were remade on the gameboy and man that was weird. Makes sense as to why a lot of games get relreleased nowadays since many kids can experience great games for the first time on the newer consoles, and they probably wouldn't if they weren't re-released. I know I probably would never have owned a super nintendo growing up, so I'm really happy they had the mario gameboy advanced series.

  92. Lief Ericson says:

    God, the Littleroot theme brings back some serious feelings

  93. FPS JiveTurkey says:

    Im still looking forward to playing four swords

  94. MobCat says:

    GBA = Switch
    GBA SP = Switch light
    So nothing has changed the switch is a port machine for less powerful home consoles and in 10 years time that's all it will be remembered for.

  95. madden8021 says:

    The Nintendo Switch was also a third pillar for the Wii U and 3DS but it really was a replacement for Both but if the Switch failed then Nintendo can continue Support to the Wii U snd 3ds.

  96. superstuffieworld says:

    Nintendo: lets use the charging port for a headphone dongle

    Apple: write that down write that down

  97. Cody Cox 1627 says:

    Look at this 21:46

  98. Pob Lowe says:

    I guess that means iPhones aren't modern smartphones, huh?

  99. MGA Mobile Gaming Amature says:

    Scott: mentions Megaman battle network

    Me: OMG yay finally someone mentions it I swear that like a hidden gem that I grew up playing cause I don't think I hear anyone talk about or play it that often so I'm glad I grew up playing it tho Scott is right I didn't grow up playing Pokemon so Im not that into playing it myself but I watch other YouTubers play it so I'm fine

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