Galaxy Fun Park Sky Trail® Testimonial
Galaxy Fun Park Sky Trail® Testimonial

Steve Fleming from Galaxy Fun Park
located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We currently have the largest indoor family
entertainment center in that area at over 60,000 square feet. We partner
with a lot of different distributors but the customer service of RCI, it kind
of goes over and above what we’ve seen from other people. We’ve flown there,
we’ve had some training, we’ve had certification. Whenever we need stuff
it’s usually just a call or an email and very responsive, it’s
gratifying knowing that you know we spent the money we
invested in you and you guys have obviously treated us more than just a
number so we like it. So we got a 70-foot Sky Rail™ on this side of our system and
it is without a doubt the big attraction within our floor. It basically goes over
video games it’s right along runs alongside the cafe and it’s nothing
to see the whole place stopping and cheering from one end to the other
because somebody’s trying to overcome their fear to take the step off so that
to us is probably the real that’s the meat of the sandwich so to speak is
that Sky Rail™. We are actively enclosing a 45-foot kind of
atrium tower out front and Clip ‘n Climb® is on our list. We actually added
you guys sooner than we anticipated thankfully that we did now because it
has been a great complement to the entire floor you know it fits and the
fact that you can customize so many things and the fact that there’s a
flexibility to add on to it which is what we’re currently looking at
doing is a great plus as well so we’re very very happy with that
relationship and I’d recommend it to anybody.

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