Gaels in Golf Carts with Provost Wheeler
Gaels in Golf Carts with Provost Wheeler

Hello everybody! This is Gaels in Golf
Carts, and I am Gisela your host. Today we’re here with Dr. Wheeler. The Provost! Stay tuned! Who is Dr. Wheeler in one sentence? Academic, Dr. Wheeler is an administrator and hopefully an inspirational leader
for the academic institution. 100% an inspirational leader! I mean I
can vouch for all the students! What does a Provost do? I think this is like one of those questions that everybody wonders and everyone’s like “oh I know”
but we don’t know This is what a Provost does. This is the Iona community. Administratively is the person who works
with the president of the College the other major duty is the chief
academic officer from making sure that our academic curricular offerings stay
on track. Making sure that we’re accredited when we’re supposed to be
credited and I get the wonderful task of working with my colleague in student
services for calling the weather snow days. Oh that is right! So I’m the one That is up at 5 a.m., and be like “Yo, students don’t go to class it’s snowing” Favorite thing to do ever? I love to cook. Look at that! So we’re all invited to Dr.
Wheeler’s house one of these days to try this delicious food I’m sure! Yes. Yes! ♪ It’s a celebration ♪ We all hear it! He said it! It’s a go! Favorite memory at Iona so far? On Move-in day is greeting
families and new students. And kind of rolling up up my sleeves to help carry in boxes. I saw it! It is true! He is not just saying it! I saw it with my eyes! I was there! Are you cat or a dog person? I’m a dog person. You have the cutest dog! I’ve seen him. Here it is. Favorite movie? I’m a sci-fi and a horror movie fan. Oh Halloween, so you’re very excited about this season then. Anything else do you want to add? Someone who is a first-generation college student who was told in third
grade “he’s not college material so don’t even waste your time”. Who now has gone on
to have a bachelor’s, two masters, a PhD that I appreciate and understand the
struggles that individual students and families make to do this. And my job and
the thing that drives me probably the most is that it worked for me and it can
work for somebody else and my job is to create a pathway for them to get there. Go Gaels! Everybody this was Gaels in Golf Carts with your host
Gisela and Dr. Wheeler. Provost Wheeler was here with us today! Thank you so much! See you next time! ♪ I wanna know what love is ♪

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