Gaels in Golf Carts: The Iona College Players
Gaels in Golf Carts: The Iona College Players

Hi everybody, this is Gaels in Golf
Carts! I am your host Gisela and today we have the Iona Players! Let’s do it! Who are the Iona Players? We’re a student-run group on campus that puts on a bunch of different performances. We got musicals. We got murder mysteries. We got plays. We got variety shows. We did haunted houses. What else do we do? Talent shows, improv… Who can join the Iona players? Anyone! If you have no theater experience join up. If you curious and you’re just looking to have a good time We’re a fun bunch! Christa, tell us something about the Players that not many people would know. How many opportunities there are for you to be a leader. And that is something
that like, I think that not many people think about it’s so important. I think.
Like, it’s really helped me kind of come out of my shell a lot like. You know, you
can be a freshman and then, you know, you do your first musical but then you’re on
the eboard the next year and you get these parts and yeah, you direct a
show. Why did you guys pick Carrie? Our wonderful president and director, Eddie Rose, he has he’s had this obsession with the show Carrie for longest time. About a year ago I remember
he texted, he was like Christa we should Carrie and now here we are somehow doing Carrie. And it’s going great
and we’re having a grand old time And, you know, a lot of it too is because it’s
the 50 Years of Women and it is a female led musical. What show is the Players
doing next semester? Grease, the musical! another show right after Carrie it’s called Next to Normal. it’s to
raise awareness Hey dude! It’s to raise awareness on, like, mental health it is with the Counseling Center and the Psychology club When is the show everybody? October 25th and 26th at 7 p.m. in Murphy Auditorium. And like, we kind kill it like it’s just really, no pun intended. No pun intended. No spoilers. Come see the show. Just come see the show! Whar are you going to be doing anyways? It’s also Halloween! Perfect way to kick-off the spooky season! Can you guys sing me a song? ♪ It’s going to be a night you’ll never forgot ♪ ♪ Holy – ♪ ♪ Senior prom it’s just a few days away.
I had nothing to eat since yesterday ♪ Anything else the Players would like to
add today? Take a leap of faith. If you don’t think, if you are on the edge about joining the players. You know, come to an event. You
know, see how it is. If it’s not for you it’s not for you. But I mean it’s
literally for everybody. I was an athlete and it was for me This was Gaels in Golf Carts with your
host Carrie. I’ll see you on October 25th and 26th in Murphy auditorium! You better come! Come see Carrie! Come see Carrie, the musical! I love you! Angry face. Gisela is going to hit somebody. I don’t know she is dangerous. Gisela is a race car driver. I’m scared.

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