Gaels in Golf Carts: Matt Cardin
Gaels in Golf Carts: Matt Cardin

Hi everybody, this is Gaels in Golf
Carts! Our very first episode of the season! This is Matt Cardin, he’s here
with us today. When I say the season is forever because this is the very first!
Anyways, let’s do it! Episode 1! Who is Matt in one sentence? Passion educator. What was your first job? I was about 12 years old, delivering newspapers. Newspapers?! Look at you now! What do you do here at Iona? Here at Iona I’m the associate vice provost for career and personal development. what is the biggest event that happens in your department? Well one of the biggest
events that happens in our department is the Career Expo, we have one in the fall
and we have one in the spring. There’s a whole just exhibit section but then
there’s the whole career fair itself which averages between anywhere between
50 to 70 employees on average really look to really diversify that employer
base to make sure that all the industry sectors are represented you know there’s
something there for everyone Three hours later So, in a really nutshell Career Expo helps you find jobs, part-time, internships. Yup, and has a variety of other resources has a bunch of resources. Resources! So you can network and you get free headshot. yep! What’s your favorite thing to do ever? Hanging out with my family Are you a cat or dog person? Neither! Do you do not like pets? No. No, their too much responsibility. Matt get out Favorite sport and team? It would be soccer. What team? Portugal? Absolutely! Portugal! Anything else to add Matt Cardin, to share with us that we haven’t already discussed it today October 3rd Career Expo Eleven to two Mulcahy Gym Everybody this was Gaels in Golf
Carts! Our first very episode with Matt Cardin and stay tuned for next episodes
they’re coming it’s students, faculty, administrators, everybody all the Gaels!
Alumni included! Stay tuned and see the next episodes! 11 to 3, Mulcaly? Mulcahy! October 3rd! 11 to 3? 11 to 2! Mulcahy Gym! Make sure to stop by… Just stop by!

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