Funny Tricky Serve In Table Tennis
Funny Tricky Serve In Table Tennis

26 thoughts on “Funny Tricky Serve In Table Tennis”

  1. Talal Hussain says:


  2. MinPlex says:

    So much controll

  3. raenata says:


  4. Pengin says:

    I've been practicing this serve for almost a year now and can get it much lower than him. It's super cool using it in competition even though most people are tall enough to bring it back

  5. Roloburger says:

    how do you do this? When i try it the ball either slows down a lot or stops in place

  6. Jeremiah Bascombe says:

    All they have to do is move to the side of the table

  7. Visit Vaticancatholic,com says:

    An dhow to return it?

  8. Luis Mora says:

    They tried doing this on me, I just went to the side of the table and slightly touch it

  9. Tesandria Neoman says:

    Indonesia punya gan

  10. WuFei0707 says:

    Why don't we see this type of serve in competition?

  11. Raging Gab says:

    bullying little kids with short balls especially serves? Bruh

  12. Alfiyani Sutrisno says:

    In Indonesia coach?

  13. M Tamsil says:

    Great touch…..

  14. Kelik Isbiyantoro says:

    Ngerjain anak SD ini om Ardiansyah… 😂😂😂
    Lumayan buat seru-seruan…

    Thanks Coach…

  15. Сергей Масленников says:

    The moment when you need to approach with your feet, and not reach out with your hand

  16. AhSya Arif says:

    INDONESIA My Country

  17. Januzaj Deçan says:


  18. Richard J says:

    As we all know, this is beginning of practice of ghost serve hitting front of ball and letting it bounce high. Actual ghost serve is much lower and only spins back to the net

  19. thesuperirol says:

    wow from indonesia, i knew it

  20. Thomas Leifseth says:

    This serve doesnt work well with taller people they just bend a little and smash the ball back With the underspin the ball is too fast on Return to take it. This serve is just for fun 🙂

  21. WwwKalaDendraGr says:


  22. Sule Suladi says:

    Muncul di Sini

  23. Erriza Shalahuddin says:

    Amusing 😂 but not if i were in receiver's position 🤣

  24. 頻繁〆神滅 says:

    any solution?

  25. Tarjoni Taryanto says:

    You was promised…
    Give me your blade…

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