From ‘Iron Girls’ to ‘Leftovers’ – Independent Women in China
From ‘Iron Girls’ to ‘Leftovers’ – Independent Women in China

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  1. First Last TM 1999 says:

    Honestly this actually a good thing if that happens to China because China would therefore lose its population and therefore lose its power. China is screwed if more people start doing the opposite. I like that actually. It will eliminate the chances of China being a superpower

  2. The A says:


  3. iicei says:

    Just more feminist propaganda about you go girl, independent, strong don't need a man. Then these women buy in to this crap and end up alone living with cats missing out on a solid home, husband children all because they drank the feminist Kool-aid. Such a pity and waste of lives.

  4. Sole Curious says:

    If feminism is not about bashing men, I am in. How can you win an argument intelligently by putting the other gender down? You are caught in the same trap that enslaved women – using aggression. In that sense, I am Not a feminist. Even equal right is a misogyny. Seriously men and women are different. There is gender differentiation, thus each gender have their own strengths. Society should look at strengths and pay on meritocracy. I am all for fair practices. I was well paid in the communication field looking after Asia. Communication was my strength and was well rewarded for it. Yes, even in Asia. I did not have to be ‘more of a man’ to be noticed, I was able to be me while staying focused on the result. That’s how women can change the tide of gender inequality. Show the world we can do a job just as well, if not better. Not becoming bitter.

  5. ulyquime99 says:

    so many american left/wall woman in the comment section ….

  6. ulyquime99 says:

    Nature is so smart. Nobody wants this feminist boss womans around so they dont have children so their dna dies and society balance it self again. Genius.

  7. SpiralViper says:

    8:10 – Plastic dinosaurs made from real dinosaurs!

  8. JomoWhore says:

    I'm 27 and 5'10". It's already really difficult for me to find anyone in America. Imagine what Chinese women have to go through. Damn.

  9. KPOP USA says:


  10. Pim says:

    I'm so thankful I'm not Chinese nor live in China.

  11. Kyle Waller says:

    They should try pheromone parties. That way everybody will at least have chemistry if nothing else.

  12. chicken soup for the teenage soul says:

    dude, soo many expectations these days.

  13. Take the red pill says:

    Feminism has nothing to do with helping women. Feminism is meant to drive a wedge between men and women (divide and conquer) so the nation can be conquered. Cultural marxism is meant to destroy a society so that society can be more easily controlled.

  14. Sara Kay says:

    Everywhere the Same Kids and women suffering the Most.

  15. Marvelous1 says:

    Omw to China to pipe…

  16. Bang Bang says:

    Bring those leftovers to America. I'm sure some simp will wife them up.

  17. tsujack says:

    video was good till they mention the feminazis
    (all feminist who oppose men in negative way both direct and passive aggressive).

  18. Taehyunggie says:

    I don't blame that girl for not wanting to be considered a feminist. I feel the same way. I've seen those crazy feminists in Western countries that walk around in bloody pants or blame all problem on men.

  19. dukeofcasio3000 says:

    10:13 Caribou!!!! good music taste

  20. popcorn pop says:

    LOOOL the announcer when she said i want a guy who can make me laugh LOOOL it was like 'what is a personality??"

  21. Beltaus Alphasor says:

    Wow the chinese are fucking dumb in everything…

  22. Faewaterspirit says:

    if anyone calls you a "shengnü", thank them and say you are very proud to be considered a holy woman 😀
    (圣女, exact same pronunciation)

  23. Ryan N says:


  24. The man In the Box says:

    OMG Chinese girls are overqualified wtf

  25. Mlak H. says:


  26. navid ahmad says:

    For all these women in comments section still feeling discriminated.
    Your wish will be fulfilled. Your sister's are fulfilled in Sweden n Norway by Somali and Arab woman. You deserve them. When they will rape u throw u and n badly injure u while police will not file a complaint bcoz the 45yr old Somali will have a 9 yr old written on Social security card. Get a taste of your own medicine!! 3rd wave Feminism riuning theself!!

  27. navid ahmad says:

    @ 20:55 Bimbo thats bcoz u got pregnant by your boy friend @ 12yr aborted , had multiple partners throughout your 20's and now in 30's no body wants u. Not even 60yr old. Don't talk about love u never had , u never experienced u never will have. Just be prepared for a long by giving yourself false satisfactiobn by attending these get togethers!!!

  28. Ezekiel Goldberg II says:

    All comments: Butthurt women trying to deny that fertility rapidly decreases with age.

  29. Waster Zumbody says:

    This is where the american feminazis heading to. Bunch of leftovers

  30. Ekrixart says:

    "Beggers can't be choosers" my ass

  31. Vaishnavi says:

    This sort of disgusting attitudes are so prevalent in India or rather all Asian countries. Men with such mindsets are bound to remain virgin forever.

  32. Terrance Pyrope says:

    So many of the comments here seem to have completely ignored what was said at 15:21

  33. OmazingE30 says:

    Might go to China to find a wife.. Yall Western woman are to crazy and beyond picky.. even the ugly ones.. Know you role too.. damn!

  34. star burst says:

    I'm taking a stab in the dark here, but there seems to be a lot of Incel members giving their 2 cent on how women should behave. Ever heard the phrase people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Women can be anything, do anything within acceptable societal norms for either gender but most important of all it is up to women to choose if they want a companion on their life long journey just as it is for men.

  35. Dean Aly says:

    China is doomed, sub-replacement fertility and an ageing population due to feminism will destroy a 3000+ year civilization.

  36. Andypirate says:

    in China money is everything

  37. NUGNESS123 says:

    theres not a single benefit to marrying a woman. literally nothing. she's a giant liability and headache, especially because you have responsibility for her actions and none of the control over them. thats a fucking bad deal and men are not stupid.

  38. romeo9782 says:

    a older woman is better more experienced and if she is smart thats even better its a asset to the marriage.a man should not be intimated by a smart woman he should not feel inferior.there a very smart woman and also men just chose someone you love and enjoy life

  39. Oriental Quiet says:

    Leftover men are called "gan gun"… what are you talking about?

  40. P N says:

    "Is this considered good looking in Sweden"

    "He's cute"

    "Just cute? its over"


  41. Alex Friedman says:

    So I think I love Nicole. Will you marry me? 30 year old beautiful and not a feminist = perfect

  42. rockey techi says:

    The ad though lol

  43. Brandon Keating says:

    I dunno, but just from wide experience, i suggest you find the one whom you are most comfortable, who's shit you can put up with (and vice versa), and who you love. That actually is the top of the bell curve. There are variations from that norm, but they actually rate lower on the curve, trust me 🙂 The woman at the end is right though, every generation has to fight the battle

  44. lel ren says:

    how puny chinese men are to be so easily intimidated by successful women

  45. 김민지 says:

    wow, women who are actually discriminated against don't call themselves feminists. that says a lot about feminists America.

  46. Xia Martin says:

    "The word feminist seems to have a negative connotation in China." ROFL!!! It has that connotation everywhere.

  47. Matthew Ng says:

    This is nonsense and misleading to Chinese people. my fiance is from China and she drives a brand new range rover and her dads got a maybach. I drive a 8 year old civic and she is the sweetest girl i ever met and smart and she still want to be with me. She is not superficial that only cares about how rich I am

  48. kingpinjunky02 says:

    My foster sister couldn't find a man and wanted kids, she went to the clinic bla bla bla now has two lovely children. I wonder how that would be taken in China if a woman chose to do that if they couldn't find someone but wanted children.

  49. Iona Oyunsetsen says:

    Funny how they label woman… while actually what is leftover is men in China.

  50. Iona Oyunsetsen says:

    Actually a lot of women do not see marriage as a must in life. Different from what old generations and men think.

  51. EastWindBreaks says:

    This video forgot about the fact that millions of them prefer virgin female lol, well to be exact, young virgin girls, and this is not just in China. It’s all caused by the media though, especially those Korean and Japanese tv dramas, they tend to have those cute innocent girls as the main female lead.

  52. turkey2003 says:

    If a man's goal is to have a family with kids then it doesn't make sense to pursue a older woman when it takes the same amount of effort to get a young girl vs a older woman. Plus younger woman are more attractive overall. That and the fact that other close Asian countries like Vietnam and Philippians have plenty of available woman. It just common sense to not pursue a older woman.

  53. Lu Fo says:

    I appreciate that this examines this social issue through the lens of the individual, but also through the narrative of class struggle that is still a major driving force in Chinese society.

  54. Sanka Perera says:

    Oh well what do they have to look forward in a marriage? A two inch dick? 🤣🤣

  55. Akari Kohashi says:

    "Then Mao, when breaking the norms of social class in gender, declared that women carry half the sky"
    You know what else he destroyed? Families. Scholars. Books full of knowledge and wisdom from hundreds even thousands of years ago. Family records. So many peoples lives were ruined thanks for him. He may have had good intentions in the beginning, but he became corrupt and power hungry as time went on. He lied to those who supported him. Yup. What a GREAT role model.

  56. Honey Oo says:

    the whole of China needs to be on r/choosingbeggars. Theres clearly millions more men that are going to die single, but sure, lets call the women leftovers

  57. ToudaHell says:

    The don't be so picky mentality is fucked up. Women should be picky. Not for perfection but compatibility. Marriage is the hardest thing to succeed in life. You can't do it with a partner who doesn't match you. Also I've been told to find someone who is good to me and nice. They're called friends. You really can't marry someone you're not at least attracts to. But apparently girls at being forced to do that. Well, I'm being very strongly persuaded.

  58. Damian says:

    China……..a polluted, overpopulated, overrated shithole. Nothing a couple of Nukes wouldn't sort out.

  59. Manuel Gentile says:

    I love to see how the feminists get upset here !!! But in the west it’s similar, once you hit 35 you’ve hit the “wall”… you’ve lost everything. Men age like fine wine while women like milk…it’s common knowledge

  60. KittySnicker says:

    Wait, I thought they had a shortage of women? Ungrateful, sexist bastards.

  61. I.M M.I says:

    I feel strange watching this. I learnt very early on that expecting someone to save you/grant your wishes leads to only problematic expectations and more suffering. Nothing is set in stone and there is nothing outside of your mind that you can control.

    Lmao as an adult your only young for like fifteen years at best and then it's all over.
    If your happy and satisfied with your life then why do you need the approval of others? There isn't time for you to listen and carry out everyone's opinions and that is never going to end anyways…

  62. Lars Chue says:

    Asian Invasion, Asian Men immigrating to other countries to snatch foreign women forgotten by ungrateful men (ex. USA and Russia).

    Foreign Investment = Western femicide, self-hate, material possessions etc.

  63. Myriam Arturo says:

    All men with no exception want only young girls from 15 to 23 years old, if you are older than that men are going to reject you, even if you are young and marry a man as you get older he will get tired of being with you and he will search for another young girl to continue the cycle.So please if you are a woman don't get marry cause your husband is going to make you suffer, I choose single life is the best you do whatever the hell you want, you'll be free and happy

  64. Myriam Arturo says:

    So, being a young woman like me, I can only choose older men to marry, yuck!!! I prefer to remain single.

  65. NaturalElicia says:

    The journalist appeared to be mocking the parents for their hunt to find a mate for their children. Very rude even if you don’t agree with their parents!

  66. A Steiner says:

    That lady with the 5’10” daughter ! Damn I would take her in a flash… she has legs for days and the reporter is 32yrs old “too old” wtf u smoking old man ?!? She is absolutely beautiful..

  67. Lucio Innocenzo says:

    The reporter gave an idiotic feminist twist to this all. Feminism is a big factor in this situation. Women should be praised for being mothers and wives. That bullshit "career" is laughable. We're not talking about someone who invents electricity but someone who sits on her ass all day to assemble an item like a robot. Pushing that and mocking mothers and housewives, who are the center of a family, is disgusting.

  68. David B says:

    Women are thirsty all over apparently

  69. Gavin 904 says:

    I honestly think we should put women to the test just to see how strong and equal to man they are .lets seperate as men and women .meaning men don't build or maintain anything for them.such as plumbing electronics road maintenance even government.could you lady's do should be able to your equal to man you are better without us we just keep you strong independent women go do your own civilizations create your own government. Build your own buildings make your own highways and maintaine them then lay your pipes for water and sewer become farmers grow your own foods .create your own military and fight your wars.if you can do all these things by yourselves then I'll say your just like men

  70. Icarus Equinox says:

    It's always interesting when someone from a different country comes and criticizes other people's beliefs and way of life. I'm not saying what they doing is right but what the hell is with your saviour complex. Not everyone should live the way you say is right or wrong because you don't get to decide that.

  71. Go MGTOW says:

    A woman over 40 cannot have babies. A man usually only marries a woman if she can have babies, or if she is significantly younger than he is (15 to 20 years younger) so she is a beautiful 'hood ornament' for him to look at. For that reason, if a woman is over 40, her ONLY chance to marry a man is if she goes for a man who is 15 or more years older than she is. Sorry but that is the truth, like it or not.

  72. Boris Arevalo says:

    That leftover lady wait until you 40 I want to hear you say I don’t need a family by then I’m telling you from experience you gonna regret saying that feminist BS

  73. fanOmry says:

    China has a birth rate barely above 1. That is basically a population collapse.

    Right now. Those women hold more value as mothers that any other function.

    They want the best men. But those men don't want them.

    Either settle for a man who has less than her. And he will be the actual nurturer while she's the breadwinner..

    Or give up on a guy and use surrogacy and sperm donation.

    Don't like.. reality doesn't care.

  74. taothewanderer says:

    This is what femenism did:

    Women have their own money, their own careers, their independence – yet the majority seem to be totally irresponsible when it comes to relationships and TOTALLY OUT TO LUNCH WHEN IT COMES TO REAL EQUALITY.

     Women, despite their societal, career, and financial advancement STILL want the man to do the financial leg work, and growing legions of men are NOT INTERESTED IN THAT AT ALL! Not all woman are like that – but most women ARE like that! Men see women STILL want to keep their money, and dispense sex as the meager compensation to us while our wallets go empty supporting them and their consumer addictions.

     They then turn around and mock and ridicule us in their 'girlfriend' circles as 'nothing more than sex addicted idiots' who they can wrap around their finger if they flash their pussy. More men are seeing through this bullshit game and numbing hypocrisy! Men are dismissing women, bypassing sex, and slamming their wallets SHUT! Men are finding that sex is momentary and easy to acquire. The vast majority of modern women are not worthy of the pursuit, effort, and the accompanying grief they have no compunction unloading onto a man who refuses to comply with their increasingly ridiculous demands.

     Men are finding that their money is better spent on themselves, their dreams, and their desires. Women, feminists, white knights, and manginas HATE MGTOW (and other men supporting MGTOW) because once men have taken the pill, educated themselves and made themselves aware of the dangers of modern relationships, they protect themselves. That one little fact scares everyone in that category right to their core!

     Zero power = zero control! One thing men are also becoming aware of is 1) Feminists are so fearful of MGTOW, and are now desperately extending olive branches to men, are saying that feminism will take care of our problems too, and 2) The number of women who see MGTOW growing (one of the top Google searches) and are apologizing for what they've done to us, asking us to forget the past, come back into the fold, desperately hoping we will go back to being little wage slaves again. It's a ruse! It's bullshit! It's a lie! It's desperation! Don't get suckered in!!

      Men have dumped their traditional roles in response to women dumping theirs, Men are aware of women's decades long, disgusting treatment of men. WE ARE NOT GOING BACK! We have to make women suffer before we even think about a peace treaty and a lot of things will have to change before we even consider that! The mess women are in is NOT of men's doing! It's women's and feminist's!

    NO PEACE TREATY!! NO MERCY!! Save yourselves men and Go Your Own Way and Claim your freedom!

  75. Liz Saliherre says:

    Facebook on paper run by parents

  76. Steven says:

    Why the fuck is Mao seen as a hero in this dogshit of a docu?… oh Vice.. NVM

  77. brusso456 says:

    sex is over rated.
    lets make this clear, a womans only value to a man is having children and caring for those children.
    men can do everything else.
    a womans fertility is the only factor involved in the selection of woman. anything beyond that is a bonus.
    Feminism is poison to society.
    if the Chinese allow it to propagate it will decimate them like it already has done to the west.

  78. HUMAN BEING says:

    The wall gets them all

  79. milkmandan77 says:

    Sum ting wong.
    Mi hung tu lo.

  80. Jim Tomlinson says:

    China went through an amazing shift from the traditional extended family, agriculturally based to a party-controlled semi-capitalism where young people fled to the cities for education and jobs. This along with Incredibly high standards imposed by both sexes have created the present situation.

  81. HentaiSenpai says:

    She’s right. I don’t care about the leftover women. I’m more concerned about the leftover men. I hear it’s like hell and has left to dangerous activity.

  82. Donnie Orangutan says:

    That English teacher speaks great English

  83. Slushie LUL says:

    Theres a reason for this and its a proven fact women expect and want more from their man and same for men to their women women want a man with a big wallet and is good looking and good sex stamina like omg calm tf down😂😂😂and men what a youthful energetic woman bc were horny all the time and this is just fax😂😂😂😂

  84. Linda brown says:

    Yes, every woman & man must fight for gender equality.

  85. StudioArtFX says:

    27:33 She's goin' to jail…

  86. Jacob Aragon says:

    Men dont want to enter a marriage agreement with women who have a habit of being whores, because no matter what you do, they'll eventually yearn for their whore days, become unhappy, and divorce rape you.

  87. Raj s says:

    It's a feminist video , Feminists must not be arrested but must be shot in China .
    When females are left unmarried then they have problem and if married then also they have bigger problem . .

  88. 1leggedgirl says:

    12:14 she likes Pavement and Caribou ;_;
    she's so cool

  89. RR Apple says:

    25:42 this man XD

  90. Jenny says:

    the dude was like …the sea lion is amazing…I wonder how it tastes….wth…

  91. Cleric775 says:

    Fuck Mao.
    Biggest killer of the Chinese people.
    He is a Han Traitor! 漢奸!

  92. john harker says:

    When women are valued beyond men, they are naturally going to be picky. The problem is, they stay picky beyond the point where they are valued by individual men that they find attractive. Compound this with women not wanting to engage with men who are lower status than themselves, while seeking higher education and employment, and you will see why china is having this problem.

    The USA is having the same problem on a smaller scale. Boys are constantly denigrated, isolated, medicated and emasculated. As such, few males make it to adulthood with healthy self esteem and social skills compared to females. A large portion of young men grow up in a home without a father. And statics indicate that fatherless homes are far from ideal for producing functional men and women.

    This means that the average man will have far less capital than a woman who would have had the same value under more egalitarian conditions. Add the constant propaganda we are hit with that tells women that they are inherently wonderful, and you are just pouring gas on the fire.

    We are setting records for suicides among teenage boys and young men. The media has largely been silent on this issue, probably because Nobody cares. If they don't kill themselves, they often barricade themselves in their parent's basements or studio apartments and adopt a hermetic lifestyle. This means that the men who somehow make it into life and gain the favor of women will find themselves disproportionately overvalued compared to women. These are your players and womanizers.

    So women find themselves in the position where the only men who can look them in the eye and be at least a little seductive and impressive have more women then they can handle. And when they do settle down, it will not be with the women in his age group that he cut his teeth on. Especially after he hits his financial stride. If any of the hermits venture out and try to make something of their lives, they will be extremely vulnerable to manipulation. If they are mistreated enough, they may give up and return to their cave, or try to extract some kind of retribution on those they see as the source of their agony, this can range from pickup game, to mass killers.

    It's an interesting problem to be sure. It will be fun to see how it turns out.

  93. kfja1111 says:

    It's amazing how stupid people have become. One of these female "experts" blames capitalism for unmarried women (19:00). Ladies, let me explain to you why men are less and less interested in marrying you:
    1. Christianity in the west is in decline. Therefore unmarried fornication is more socially acceptable. Similarly, interest in Confusianism in China is in decline. And those spoiled young men are not particularly concerned what their parents think. Parental pressure has less and less impact on young men.
    2. Feminism: it's a relationship repellent. We want a traditional woman we can take care of. We are not looking for someone to compete with 24 hrs a day.
    Someone has to tell you the truth.

  94. Larry Cooperman says:

    Some time around 10 minutes there is a Chinese English teacher at 32, I think, that has adopted the Valley Girl accent more that some suburban 80s girl named Meagan.
    Nothing more, it just irritated me.

  95. Abhisek Das says:

    At 29:40 the girl said that her mother had suffered by domestic violence and that's why she became feminists. What type of feminist she is? I would stand by her if she would say that she was a philanthropist.
    Feminist: who Always advocates for women irrespective of they are right or wrong. They should be banned from the society.

  96. Abhisek Das says:

    At 15:40 the saying is absolutely right "if you don't have possession or meterialistic things then you are not a real man and then you can't marry any woman." 100% correct. If women aren't too much picky then they would not be leftover atleast got a life partner. May be lower their status. As they are too much picky they should be leftover.

  97. Apollo88 says:

    Mao the worst mass murderer of the 20th century? Hmmm

  98. Apollo88 says:

    Both men and women here seem to be very shallow. The men only want a younger “prettier girl”. The women only want a rich guy. Sad.

  99. Brad Tharpe says:

    Weird culture. Play generation of fitbit's decided it was better to have a boy and a girl. Are now being picky about the girl their son can marry. Morning million lonely guys out there both. Pride aside a little bit there. I'm sure your little prince is all that in a bag of potato chips but damn!

  100. The Cosmic Syndicate says:

    wow. so one out of 5 men will never have a chance of having a partner because of the killing of female embryos and one child only rules and the preference of boys, and yet they still hate women. Fuck that. I am disgusted. May all men get what they deserve….heart wrenching loneliness. It is their own fucking fault. and their parents.

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