Friendship Battle II vs Palio The Way Red Sponge | Analysis Wei Shihao | #tabletennisexperts
Friendship Battle II vs Palio The Way Red Sponge | Analysis Wei Shihao | #tabletennisexperts

Today you will learn What rubber is better? Friendship Battle II or Palio The Way PRO How to play an effective forehand What kind of exercise will improve your footwork What habits has got Wei Shihao a celebrity of Polish Superleague Friendship Battle II Producer didn’t say much about this rubber Latest 729 rubber Battle II is designed for professional power loopers at the forehand. Relatively harder sponge with great top spin kick at the same time having great control. This tacky rubber applied the special integration technology so that the attachment of the top sheet to the sponge is optimized. Just released ! It’s a rubber which has got unbelievable grippy surface. Is one of best sticky rubber I have ever seen. The sponge is hurricane III like. Reading reviews about this rubber we won’t find negative opinions. We have already tested this rubber. Link you will find in description. This version with red sponge is more elastic. Pro version is improved. Quality of made stands on a very high level. For not as much money we get a good rubber. The way+ is a typical sticky Chinese rubber. One and the other we tested as boosted. We recommend this rubber to tune. Then they are getting higher parameters. Quality of bounce is better. Every element we will play allows to show differences between these rubbers. Wei Shihao is a very good player. In French league he did very good results. Now he plays in Polish Lotto Superliga. The analysis of his game is related to Chinese rubbers. Wei shihao plays typical sticky Chinese rubbers made specially for him. You won’t buy his rubbers in any store. However, the type of his rubbers is similar to generally available sticky rubbers. Technically the play looks similar. First exercise is a backhand flick diagonally. Then straight backhand top spin. Then attack diagonally backhand to finish. Exercise improves backhand play. Change of the direction is required to get more and more points. Using sticky rubbers on backhand started to play players such as Ma Long or Fan Zhendong. On a fast blade which we used, we can play strong. For sticky rubbers on backhand we have to slightly change technique. However, they are effective and are generating much power. For backhand we get more force from Battle 2. Power of the shot from first and second zone is satisfying. Palio The Way gives less power, but more control. Spin on both rubbers is comparable. Players who are playing well backhand usually plays quite hard rubbers. Both of them proves well for them who want to play fast top spins. Flick is a hard element to do. With European of Chinese rubber, doesn’t matter. Second exercise is to improve forehand. Modern table tennis allows to open game. Long service and top spin played straight is effective vs many players. Sticky rubbers with fast blade allow to generate very unpleasant rotation. Battle 2 is stickier. Let us to generate very uncomfortable service. Battle 2 is faster as well. It’s harder to fit the ball to the table when strong attack. We can set our blade very flat. Palio the way forgives more and allows us to easier fit the ball to the table. Is less spin – sensitive. Service is easier to receive. Attack is surer than on Battle 2. We don’t get as clear impulse to hand like it is on Battle 2. Third exercise is a short play which Wei Shihao knows well. It’s the least spectacular element in table tennis. Players who know how to play short get more points. The point begins at receive of service. Good pass and a strong flick are basics. Both rubbers are behaving good in this element. Battle 2 is more dynamic and stickier. Lets us to suprise the oponent. We can pass the ball with higher speed and spin. Ball’s trajectory is flat and we have to properly set the bat angle. Palio The way is less spin – sensitive. We get weaker impulse but at the same time the spin doesn’t make us any issue. Modern tensor rubbers are being produced in this direction. Hardness is raising to get similar effect to Chinese rubbers but to save higher ball’s trajectory Fourth exercise Wei Shihao does quite often when practicing. This exercise improves footwork. Proper footwork Wang Zeng Yi is showing on his Youtube channel: Wandzi Sport. Link you will find in description. On this channel we are showing demonstratively how half-pros can raise their skills. We are doing better through proper exercises and good equipment suited to a player. Battle 2 has good catapult. Attack is more certain and stronger. Good set by the table and we can generate stronger top spin. From second zone we get good speed. It’s a rubber from a high level. Palio The Way PRO is very similar to play. We get less power. It’s easy to play vs sidespin. Good footwork allows us to use this rubber completely. When we don’t generate top spin starting from legs, it causes errors. Power and spin are surprising the opponent. Chose what pimpled-out rubber we will test next week. National POGO or KTL Stranger. Number of comments on Monday will determine Thanks for watching. See description for more materials. Remember, leave a like. Write a comment what pimples-out you want us to test next week, bye

5 thoughts on “Friendship Battle II vs Palio The Way Red Sponge | Analysis Wei Shihao | #tabletennisexperts”

  1. Kakinho says:

    Akurat czekam na przesyłkę z Battle 2 jako alternatywa H8 😀

  2. Miguel Garzón says:

    Greetings from Guayaquil, Ecuador. What blade did they use to test the rubbers?

  3. Morhaf S says:

    Could you please review Sanwei F3 Pro blade?

  4. I’m Pateja says:

    Nie wiecie czy H3 neo będzie pasował nowoczesnemu obrońcy

  5. Burhan Ayan says:

    I am using now Friendship Battle II on FH and in love with it. Previously, I used T05H, T05 and T05FX on FH.

    You can topspin with T05FX even from ground level, you don't have to be in position. T05 is harder, you can topspin even if you are not in position. T05H forces you to stay in position. But you think you are wasting half of your energy, because the ball does not go that spinny, even when you rip the ball with max topspin. Then it is time to upgrade to tacky rubber. You will blast your opponents with your full swing forehand topspin.

    This is a rubber that forces you to stay ready and swing arm actively with leg power. This is not a rubber for the players who fixes elbow 90" degrees and swinging only with shoulder.

    Please search "proper forehand technique" on Youtube.

    You can improve your technique alot with this rubber. Because when your technique isn't right, it will punish you.

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