FRHSD Board of Education Meeting – June 10, 2019
FRHSD Board of Education Meeting – June 10, 2019

Could everybody rise for the Pledge of
Allegiance, please? I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Pursuant to the Open Public Meetings
Act, Chapter 231, Public Laws of 1975, this meeting notice was sent to the
Asbury Park Press on May 15, 2018, and has been duly advertised in the Asbury Park
Press issue of May 18, 2018. All municipal clerks of the townships and
boroughs within the regional high school district have been duly notified and the
requirements of posting of notices have been met on May 15, 2018. And we want to
start tonight, this is my favorite board meeting because we’re recognizing a lot
of accomplishments in this district. And the students will be called up
individually for their accomplishments but there’s one thing that is not on the
list that I would like to recognize and that’s the parents of those students
that gave the opportunity to everybody. I was once parent of a high school
student who has now been out, I guess now well since 2012, and I used to drive him
around to Kumon, to dance lessons, to piano lessons, you name it I did it.
We give the kids all the opportunity and I would love for the students here to
understand this please, when it comes to it listen to your parents because I did
this 48 years ago and I was sitting, not in this one but in Westbury High School,
not in this auditorium, and I never got any awards [laughter] is that surprising anybody? No. You know so I’m still jealous to this day but my parents were always loyal to me,
they were the people that I trusted and always have trust for your parents
because they’re the only ones that will jump in front of a bullet for you. Listen
to them, they were an integral part of getting you this far. So with that I
would love to hand the floor to Mr. Sampson. [applause] Thank you, Mr. Accettola. So the end of the school year is is
really a celebratory season and I know that there’s different events on any
given night from you know there’s about a four week period where you know
there’s a lot of things happening but I do I do want to share with folks that
might be from some of the other high schools that might not be aware. You know
we, Manalapahn High School has had a terrible time the past couple weeks. We
lost one of our students there tragically and so I’d like to just ask
everyone to start tonight with a moment of silence. Thank you.
This is an awesome night and
we’re going to go through all six high schools and I’ll just ask folks if you
haven’t been to one of these previously to stick around even when your high
school is done being recognized. I think you’ll be awed by the level of
accomplishment that occurs on an annual basis in the Freehold Regional High School
District and what these students do to bring recognition to our school system.
And I’m incredibly proud to represent these young folks that are here tonight.
I think they represent the best and the brightest that not just New Jersey, but
that the nation, has to offer and I know that the students that come out of this system do phenomenal later in life and we’re incredibly proud of that. Just a
few general housekeeping notes, this is Howell High School, so the stage is large
and so there’s a little less space than usual between the front row and there, so
what we’re going to ask everyone to do, when you are recognized, you’ll be called
up just walk right to the center area here and line up there
because then Mom, Dad or whomever can snap a photo op of you,
we don’t want to miss that opportunity while you’re being recognized, and then
what we would ask you to do is just come down this way and you’ll be handed your
district medal and you can walk around this way to go back to your seat. So I’m
saying a lot of this way, this way, you know what I mean right? We’ll go right
around there, I’m sure it will work wonderfully. But I’d like to open the
evening with Dr. Angelozzi and Mr. Taylor from Manalapan High School. [applause] Good evening. I would first like to thank
the Board of Education, the Central Office Administration, and Mr. Sampson
for honoring our schools and our students this evening.
Additionally, I would like to congratulate all of the students
being recognized here this evening. To begin I would like to pull down William
Kuchler, Carlos Arcos, and Alan Edwards. I don’t believe Alan could be with us
this evening. These three These students are in our Law
Enforcement and Public Safety Magnet Program. On June 3rd, they entered into
the Monmouth County Class I Officer Certification Program, specifically
created to support law programs offered at local high schools within the county.
They gave up Senior Week activities in order to arrive at Monmouth County
Police Academy by 7 a.m. each day to line up in formation and attend to seven
hours of class work for nine days total. I believe they’re done on Thursday.
Students earning this certificate are able to work with the local police, with
local police departments upon their graduation as Class I Officers.
William already knows that he’ll be working with the Avon Police
Department as a Class I Officer after graduation. He will be attending TCA –
TCNJ – that’s where I graduated from, I’ve got it straight now. TCNJ in the fall and he will be
studying cyber security and criminology. Alan who is not with us, is starting the
Homeland Security program at Brookdale this fall, and Carlos will be attending
Jersey City University to study fire science. I would like Carlos to
stay up here, and William you can come get your medal and head on back, thank you. Carlos had a very busy second half of
the year. So for those of you that might have senioritis – Carlos didn’t. He also
reached the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. He has demonstrated leadership, organizational skills, self-reliance, exemplary character, good citizenship,
sound judgment, and perseverance on the road to becoming an Eagle Scout. His
specific project involved installing four buddy benches in the playground area at
his former elementary school, and since we are at Howell tonight, you should all
know that that is the Greenville school in Howell. Carlos is a Howell resident. Alan also earned his Eagle Scout as well and he placed trail
markers on the old Canyon Trail at the Monmouth County Battlefield Park.
Congratulations Carlos. I would now ask Matthew Gianquinto,
Zachary Weiss, Zachary Sloan, and Aiden Bonomo to come down the front. I do not
believe that Aiden could be with us. These students are being recognized for
their acceptance and participation in the All Shore band and All Shore jazz band. They
auditioned against musicians from around Ocean and Monmouth County and were
selected to practice and perform with other area high school musicians. Matthew
and Zachary Weiss made All Shore honors on the trumpet
Zachary Sloan was on the tenor sax and Aiden plays trombone. Zachary Weiss is headed to Binghamton in the fall and Zachary
Sloan is headed to Marist, oh the Zachary’s confused me. Strike that, reverse it. Zachary Weiss is headed to Marist and Zachary Sloan is headed to
Binghamton. I do not believe that Blake Wallace is
here. He’s not but Blake’s scored a perfect 800 in mathematics on the
SATs and we’ll be grabbing his medal for him. And this is the last one for me, will
Tyler Forman, please come down to the front? Tyler’s here. Recently, and Dr. Hazel brought this
competition to – made me aware of it last year, Tyler attended and competed in Code Quest, which is computer programming
competition sponsored by Lockheed Martin at various locations around the country,
all on the same day, all over the country. In New Jersey, Tyler came in second place.
Furthermore, Code Quest is a team competition but when Tyler’s partner
could not make it Tyler decided to go it alone. What makes
a second-place finish even more impressive, is that he is
self-taught in the python coding language, which was the language he
used that day. Tyler will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology in
the fall and he’ll be studying computer science. I am going to hand the mic over to Mr.
Taylor our Supervisor of Extracurricular Activities, but before I do I would be
remiss if I just didn’t say one very brief thing about the baseball team. They
are – I’m going to keep it short – they are amazing fighters. They fought hard every
game all season long and it was impressive to watch their resilience.
Mr. Taylor. It’s kind of ironic that Dr. Angelozzi said that because every game he came to we seemed to go to extra
innings, but thank you and welcome. Congratulations to all the recipients. So
tonight I want to bring down the Manalapan Braves baseball team. Our varsity baseball team was coached by
Assistant Coach Anthony Cangialosi, Mike Spirito, Javier Noval, Tim Urig,
John Mulvanerton, Kyle St. Angelo, and Coach Matt Inzerillo, and our Head Coach Brian
Boyce. They started off on probably the hottest streak ever at Manalapan High
School. I believe they went undefeated for the first 14 games? 15 I knew I was one off. 15 games, they went 15 and 0. During that time Head Coach Brian Boyce
picked up his 300th win, congratulations to Coach Boyce. They finished the season 24 and 9, they
were second in A North which was a highly competitive division, in one of
the strongest conferences in the state. So kudos to them for that. They also
finished second in the Shore Conference, and they are our Central Jersey Group
4 State Champions. The team consisted of Michael Kuver, Matt Panzica, Billy Watters, Ben Levine, Andrew Lore, Nick DePietrantonio, aka DP, I know I messed that up, sorry. Kyle Sciallo, Jake Pellecchia, Marc Rivera, Hunter Serrano, Thomas Guidice, Joe Mazza, Dylan Hode, Anthony Matteis, Nick
Serrentino, Chris Nicol, Lou Marzo, Aaron Ayers, Anthony Matrone, Ethan Rodriguez, Jake Melman, and Rico Spinelli. Congratulations to the Central Jersey Group 4 champs. So congratulations to all the Manalapan recipient’s. Now I’d like to call Dr. Donahue from the Colts Neck High School administration. Thank you everyone. I’d like to once again thank the Board, Dr. Sampson, Central Administration for taking time out to honor of our students.
Congratulations to all of our district medal winners. Colts Neck High School has had a
pretty successful year as well, and we’re proud of our students and proud to honor
all of our district medal recipients. And we have a few to go through tonight,
so first I’d like to bring out Emanuel Meshoyrer. Emanuel was accepted to the Jersey Governor’s School of Engineering
and Technology. The Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology at Rutgers
University is an intensive residential summer program that brings together some
of New Jersey’s most talented and motivated high school students. During
the program students have the opportunity to collaborate with two to
four students on a novel research project which will be showcased in a
conference syle final paper and presentation in front of hundreds of
invited guests at the research symposium. Additionally, students will be able to
participate in a variety of life skill workshops, go to local corporations, and
engage in activities that will help them connect with professors, professionals,
and peers throughout the state. So I want to congratulate Emanuel for being
accepted into this highly competitive program. Can I bring up Nick Alviggi? So Nick scored a perfect eight hundred on his math SAT. We want to congratulate Nick. Nick’s a
very good athlete, he is also a member of our NJROTC program,
so he’ll be honored later with that group as well. Nick will be attending
Villanova this fall and we’re very proud of him. So come over Nick. Okay I would also like to bring up, if
Chris Rocco, Cali Trainor and Cassidy Friend are here. Mr. Rocco is our technical director
for the play and this year Colts Neck High School’s Drama Club had success at the Basie Awards, taking home the 2019 Basie Award for Outstanding Set Design for Almost, Maine.
So in addition to Mr. Rocco, who is their advisor as a technical director, we had
two student designers who were honored that night as well.
Cali Trainor and Cassidy Friend, who brought home Basies for their set
design on Almost, Maine. So congratulations. Major Penczak, can you come on up?
So we’re pretty proud of our ROTC program year in and year out. It’s an incredible program and Major
Greg Penczak runs the program. He is the Chief Naval Science Instructor
and he is the supervisor in the program. And over the years we’ve done very very
well there but this year was a banner year for our ROTC program. So we have a
couple of awards that we won so I’d like you to just kind of bear with us here as we go
through them. We had a competition award that we won. So the way that Naval ROTC
is broken up, it’s broken up into regions across the country. So this is kind of
bigger than a state championship this is actually winning a competition at with
multiple states involved in upwards of, how many in Area 4? Probably
almost 100 right? Maine to Delaware so it’s a big, it’s a big group of
schools. So this year our ROTC program, our drill team won the Area 4
championship in drill and I’d like to bring our members of this team up. Ella
Boehn, Nicholas Cagnassola, Erica Cunningham, Nicole Dado, Miranda Dalton, William Dean, Michael Deissler, Isabella Ferrandino, Christopher Ferrandino, Annie Gabriel,
Christopher Halmi, Tyler Higley, Marc Lacap, Eric Lee, Kelly McGovern, Robert
McNamara, Marshall McQuaid, Gabrielle Reese, Aidan Rowohlt, Saranda Seferovic, Marc Singer, Grace Suhocki, Jacob Thacke, Victoria Zilber, and Marisa Brandon. Every time I go to one of these drill
competitions I’m amazed, because when you when you see these kids, they move in
unison. It’s almost like they have like a shared brain where they’re they’re just
moving together and and we have pinpoint precision in our program and I think
that’s why we’ve been so successful at the regional and state and national
level. I’d like to, I’m gonna ask the students to stay up here because the second group of ROTC students we’re going
to bring up and then we’re going to honor the unit as a whole. So I’d like to
also bring up our physical fitness team who won the national championship this
year in physical fitness. Physical fitness is a combination of sit-ups,
push-ups, curl-ups, and shuttle runs. CNHS finished first at the Navy National
Championships in Pensacola, Florida. Our cadets most notable achievements in
athletics came in the curl-up competitive event where we did, and this is unbelievable, 481 more curl-ups than the next closest team. I mean I do one curl-up and my arms fall off. I mean
these guys did they did hundreds of them. So it’s just an impressive group of
young people and I’d like to bring up the members of this team so if you’re
already up just stay up here, if not come on up.
Erica Cunningham, Nicole Dado, Cassandra Dalton, Maranda Dalton,
William Dean, Annie Gabriel, Tyler Higley, Collin Kratzer, Nicholas Lee, Robert
McNamara, Gabriel Reese or Gabrielle Reese I’m sorry, Brad Salamone, Marc
Singer, Ava Suhocki, Grace Suhocki, Tomas Ulke, and Nicole Sofocli and
Nick why don’t you come up too, you come up too. So for any program I think this would be
a banner year and it would be an exciting time, but we have one more honor
or award I’d like to talk about with our ROTC program.
This group of cadets and others who are not here tonight,
were recently named number one ROTC unit in the country. I also like to thank Major Penczak,
Master Chief David Loring, and Chief Marty McQuagge for their their success
with the program and all those hours of hard work. If you pass Colts Neck High
School in the morning you’ll see our kids working in the parking lot at 7:00 a.m.
They spend long hours competing and representing our school, but let me just
tell you kind of how we got this. We beat out over 600 schools across the country
who sponsor and NJROTC. This selection is based on a report that every
unit is required to submit annually and includes information about the unit’s
accomplishments and than academics, community service, and extracurricular
activities, competitions. Some of the highlights though that kind of led us to
getting this honor, our unit completed over 10,000 hours of community service
throughout the district. That equates to over 55 community service hours per
cadet this year. That’s a tremendous amount of time and effort. Academics are also a part of it. In
addition, CNHS cadets performed very well academically. 102 of our 187 cadets
made the honor roll or achieved high grades. Our success in competition as we
mentioned before also plays a large role in this distinction. These are just some
of the few of the highlights that go into being named the best in the country.
So we are extremely proud of our NJROTC unit and we want to congratulate them
and thank them for everything that they’ve done. Now just come across and receive your medals. Timmy Wu, come up, we missed you too. Come on up. I’m sorry, we missed one of our cadet who’s here to Timmy Wu. Okay I’d like to bring up Mr. Zwirz, our
Supervisor of Extracurricular Activities, to take us through the
athletics portion.
Sorry Tim, making you run around. Thank you Dr. Doanhue, thank you, Board of Ed members, thank you Mr. Sampson for putting together another
excellent evening. Congrats to all of our district recipients tonight. I’m going to
start first with Tim Wu who I just made run in circles. That’s all right because he’s
athletic. Tim is a senior here at Colts Neck boys volleyball player. Tim was
selected to the First Team All-Shore for boys volleyball. Tim has had an
amazing career here at Colts Neck. He’s a four year starter, being a member of the
All-Shore team in three of his four years. Tim set two single-season records during his junior year, one for digs with 433, as well as the best serving percentage in the
season at 98%. As he concluded his career this spring, Tim has set some impressive
career records as well. They include a [inaudible] and aces with 102. He is first
in matches played with 83 and first all-time in digs with 1,097.
Congratulations. I’d like to call up all the members of
our girls spring track and field team. So while many of you were enjoying some
much-needed relaxation time over the recent Memorial Day weekend, the Colts
Neck girls track and field team was putting in some serious work. Over the
two day meet, the Cougars successfully defended last year’s Central Jersey
Group 3 Sectional Title. This one, their third in a row, was a total team effort
from beginning to end. The girls are in top six places in 13 of the 18 possible
events and despite being considerable under dogs going into the meet, they
actually scored the most points and won by the largest margin in school history.
Further, this team returns a large number of underclassmen who are bent on keeping up
the winning ways at Colts Neck. I’m going to call them up, these are your Central
Jersey Group 3, three times in a row, Sectional Track and Field Champions. When I call you up girls you can come get
your medal. Isabella Marcinkiewicz, she was
third place in the 4×4. Alexa Pennachio, Katherine Taylor Go behind me. Alexandra Bell, Jasmine Bhattacharjee,
Ashley Cataneo who’s fourth place in the jav. Chloe Curtis, Rayce Ely, Kavitah Shah, who is fifth place in the 3200 and the
second in the 4×8, Grace Suhocki fourth place in the 400 hurdles, Marisa Brandon third place in the 4×4, Sasha Lerner who placed in four races – the 1, the 2, the 4 and the 4×4. Brielle Luongo, Nia Quigley, Arianna Sakoutis who was 5th place in the 800, second place in the 4×8, and a
third in the 4×4. Natalie Shapiro who is second place in
the 1600, third place in 3200, and then our seniors: Alyssa Austin second place
in discus will be attending West Point Academy. Haylee Baker who will be playing soccer at William Patterson University. Jenna Filingeri who will be attending
the University of Arizona. Catherine Gibson who will be playing
basketball Salisbury University. Eva Gibson who was second in the 4×8 and will be running at American University. Camryn McCloskey whose first place in the pole vault set a
Freehold District record and will be attending Virginia Tech. Colleen Megerle who placed in the 800, second place in
the 4×8 who will be running at Michigan University. Isabella Pecoraro who will be attending Lehigh. Delia Russo who is
first place in the 1600, first place in the 3200 and will be running at UPenn. Erica Sammarco who will be attending Northeastern and Noni Theocharides who will be attending Rutgers. Thank you Colts Neck. I’d now like to call up
Dr. Bleakley and Mr. Ryden from Marlboro High School. Good evening, once again congratulations
to all the district medal recipients tonight. From Marlboro High School we’ll start
out by recognizing our Eagle Scout winners. so I’d like to call up Zach Gelber and Darren Mattos to front. So Zach Gelber,
gentleman in the Eagle Scout uniform. Zach is a senior at Marlboro High School who
became interested in the proper way to retire American flags. Zach educated me
as a matter of fact during our conversation last week that there are a
few different legal means of doing so, however, simply discarding the flag in
the trash is obviously illegal and disrespectful. To make it easier for
local residents and businesses to properly retire their flags,
Zach secured two freestanding metal drop boxes that he painted in red and blue
with a stencil of a person saluting the flag on each of the boxes. Zach has
placed the drop boxes at the Marlboro Firehouse and the Morganville
Independent Firehouse. As a result residents and businesses may now simply
drop their flags into the boxes and Zach’s troop honor guard has assumed the
responsibility to collect the flags and then ensure each flag is properly
retired with ceremonies during the troop summer camps. Zach will attend George
Mason University next year to study game design. Congratulations Zach. To Zach’s left is Darren a senior at Marlboro.
Darren’s project involved building a 65-foot long gravel path and base for
a monument dedicated to Camp Vredenburg which was a Civil War training
camp. Camp Vredenburg is located on the site of Monmouth Battlefield Battlefield
State Park. Darren got the idea through a connection with people who work in the
park and had some ideas for projects to improve the visitor experience. The
materials were donated by Lucas Construction and Darren put in the
hard work to bring the project to fruition. Next year Darren will attend
Seton Hall University as one of only eight students in a three plus three law
program that involves three years of undergrad work with three years of
graduate work and students will exit the program prepared to begin practicing law.
Darren was also accepted into a leadership program at Seton Hall that will sharpen his soft skills and help him network and take on leadership roles
around the school. Congratulations. I’d like to call up Katrina Henriques. Katrina was a maybe for tonight I can see that she’s not here but I will say briefly that Katrina won the, achieved
the Girl Scout Gold Award. Katrina’s a senior at Marlboro High School
who has been able to maintain her status as an honor roll student while being
actively involved in numerous extracurricular activities throughout
the high school involving also the girls tennis team. All right, at this time for
the third consecutive year Marlboro High School’s Rutgers Model Congress
delegation was recognized as the best school delegation so I’ll call up those
students please come stand up here and I’ll talk a bit about them. Arianaz Akbarzedghan, Geoffrey Alintoff, Adam Bandler, Justin Chen, Insha Chhabra, Ryan Corbin,
Nivant Desai, Danielle Dominguez, Daniel Dreizin, Alexa Friedman, Matthew Friedman,
Sanjay Gotur, Rishab Jituri, Jessica Kipnis, Darren Mattos, Katherine Messinger,
Oscar Ozbay, Aditiya Prasad, Alison Ringel, Mariam Rizvi, Angelina Sanchez, Nidhish Sharma, Kripa Sridhar, Rahul Trivedi, Jerry Vakshlayk, Simone Volman, Katelyn Yin.
These students are advised by one of our social studies teacher of Mr. Eric Yang.
At the Rutgers Model Congress competition there are about 20
delegations and approximately 500 total students from the region including New
Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Students need to conduct the
research in advance and then engage in persuasive speaking competitions and
demonstrate excellent diplomatic skills when attempting to pass or stop the
passage of the bill. Each participating student is individually evaluated by
judges and essentially the school with the most highly rated delegation overall
earns the distinction of the best school delegation. It should also be noted
that many of the schools we compete against have dedicated classes that meet
daily to prepare students for Rutgers Model Congress, whereas ours is a
strictly extracurricular delegation in which students meet for countless hours
before and after school with their dedicated teacher advisor Mr. Yang.
Congratulations. I’d like to call up Amisha Tiwari, Zachary Schneider, and Abijhay Gaur. So these are three of our Junior States, Junior
Statesmen of America or JSA students. At the spring state competition, these
three students earned best speaker awards. Amisha step forward so we don’t… Amisha
is a 10th grade student that has been in JSA for two years. Amisha
won best speaker for a thought talk on who should be a presidential candidate,
congratulations. Zachary is also a 10th-grade student
that has also been in JSA for two years. Zachary won best speaker for his debate
on the topic of universal health care, congratulations. Abijhay is a 10th-grade student that has
also been a JSA for two years. Abijhay won two best speaker awards for a
thought talk on art and a debate on the presidential veto.
Abijhay will serve as co-president of JSA next school year, congratulations to all three. Mr. Ryden will announce the remaining
district metal winners. Marlboro also did very well at the Basie
Awards this year. Our play “Peter and the Starcatcher” and our musical “The Little
Mermaid” were nominated for 18 Basie Awards and I’d like to call down the
members of our all student Orchestra led by Mr. Patrick Dalton. Members are Mr. Patrick Dalton, Sarah Bongiorno, Justin Chao, Nivant Desai,
Zachary Gelfond, Sanjay Gotur, Stephanie Yuen, Jeremy Ascher, Rachel
Caren, Larry Dalton, Mahita Dasu, Micaela Jeffers, Aditya Prasad, Tyler RochaKim Tyler Seliber, Dhiraj Surapaneni,
Andrew Zagari, Eric Ginsberg, Christopher Resnick,
Natalie Chu, Jacob Kraizman, Nina Pimenov, Dana Chan, Shawn Chang, Eric Chen,
Sabrina DiMaggio, Katey Howard, Noah Lee, Luke Nestorowicz, Seth Nestorowicz, Samuel
Olarsch, Marium Rizvi and Rahul Trivedi. Under Mr. Dalton’s direction, this is
also our fourth consecutive Basie Award for the all student Orchestra, so
congratulations. I’d like to call down senior
Noa Godrich. Noa won the Count Basie Award this year for her Outstanding Lead
Actress in a Drama for Peter and the Starcatcher. Noa is a student who has acted in six shows over her four years
that included all spring musicals, two fall drama productions. The Outstanding
Lead Actress in a Drama Basie is highly competitive, given only to one actress
who will win it from a pool of over a hundred actresses that are eligible
based on their performance in a play across Monmouth County. In the fall Noa
will attend the University of Arts in Philadelphia to study music theater. Noa
plans ultimately to pursue a career in musical theater and would like to eventually
own her own theater company and work as both a director and a writer. OK I’d like to bring down members
of our boys tennis team, so when I call your name come on down.
Sadhista Linga, Scott Silverstein, Kubair Bahl, Vasista Linga, Frank Liu, Anirudh Singh,
Varun Tupuri, Lawrence Wang, Eitan Khromchenko,
Steven Vorona, Edmund Niu, Michael Finkel. This year the boys tennis team had a
banner year for Marlboro. They finished this season 18 and 1, their only loss
being in a sectional semi, Iosing in a state semifinal. They were the 2019 A
North Division Champions which I believe is their 15th straight. They are the 2019
Shore Conference champions and three of our tennis players were first-team All
Shore. Eitan Khromchenko please step forward. Frank Liu and Ari Singh, the first team All Shore. And that concludes Marlboro High School, thank you. Thank you Marlboro, I’d now like to call up Mrs. Higley and Mr. Brusotti from Freehold Township High School. I just want to note that this – Mrs. Higley’s
retiring at the end of the year and this is her last student recognition ceremony.
Good evening, first I’d like to congratulate all the students who are in attendance tonight for being recognized for the outstanding achievements, to the Board of Ed for
giving the opportunity, but mostly for the parents because I know without your
support they would never have been as successful
as they have been. First I’d like to call up if they’re here, Julianna Davi and Alison Germadnig. They both took first place in the Animal & Botanical Science Academy one in
landscape design and one in the photography division of the arts. Next I’d like to call up Ben Schornstein. Ben, oh I didn’t I’m sorry. Okay first I
will talk for. Alison got first place, she is a member of FFA and FFA is part
of our Animal & Botanical Science Academy. Students from throughout the district can apply
and if accepted to get to focus on various topics covering agrobiology
and again she won first place in the landscape design category. Ben, such a
gentleman, Ben also will be joining as we heard other students, he’s been
accepted in this prestigious Governor’s School for Engineering a rare and
impressive feat for any of our district students. Congratulations Ben and good
luck this summer. Now if I’d like to call up Amy Alfuso, Olivia Capello,
and Caleb Zettell. Okay Amy’s here and and they are being recognized tonight
for earning All-State Women’s Chorus honors. Congratulations. They were chosen from over pool 500
participants and they will perform at Atlantic City Convention Hall and the New
Jersey Performing Arts Center in November.
Now I’d like to call up Mr. Brusotti. Alright, any of our Freehold Township
student-athletes that were first-team All Shore please make your way to the
front. Any of our athletes that made first team All Shore so track athletes that
includes you even though we’re going to be doing some team stuff in a little bit. So I’ll
go over the ones that are not here. We had two softball players make first team All-Shore Zoey Valentino and Lauren Pscolka. Both of which are juniors and both of
which already have reached the 100 career hit mark. They were both named
first team All-Shore which came out today. We also had two senior boys lacrosse
players, Aidan Purcell and Evan Nastarowicz,
named first team All-Shore in their sport. Up here in the front
three-quarters of our first team All-Shore 4×400 relay team.
Tyler Kelly, Andrew Colbert, and Felix Lawrence, missing member of the team is
Parker Scherer. These boys not only do they were they earning first team All-Shore, they were Monmouth County relay champs, line Invitational champions and
the Shore Conference champions in that event, congratulations guys. Stay up here. Tyler Kelly whose to my left, step forward
Tyler. Tyler will be continuing his education and career at Rutgers
University in the fall and he also won the Shore Conference championship in the 800 meter run this year. Your turn, yep.
Alright Andrew is an all-American decathlete who is headed to UPenn in the fall. In
addition to being a member of our 4×400 relay team, he won the
Central Jersey Group 4 Championship in the high jump, and he won division
championships in the long jump and the pole vault, so that’s four of the ten events
that he’ll be competing as a decathlete. He’s a champion in already so
congratulations Andrew. And then there’s Felix Lawrence. Felix was a first-team All-Shore hurdler as an individual in addition to being on the 4×400 relay team. He won county, conference, and state championships in both hurdles events: the
110-meter hurdles and the 400-meter hurdles. He advanced all the way to the Meet
of Champions this past weekend where he finished third in the entire state in
the 400 hurdles. Felix set new school records in both
of these events, one of which is a 39 year old record set by a 13 time NCAA
champion who is already in our school Hall of Fame, so I think I’ll be seeing
Felix in about ten years. Felix will be attending Liberty University in the fall to continue his track and field career. All right so you guys stay up here. Start with the seniors, Zachary Simon come up to the front. Zach was our Shore Conference champion in
the 1600 meter run this season adding to our haul. We have at this time
I’ll bring up the rest of the track and field team that’s in in attendance. We
had six division champions in our track and field team, five county champions,
four conference champions, and three state champions in our track and field
team. So the rest of the boys track and field team come on up. And the reason I’m bringing up the entire team in addition to those individual accolades, as a team we won the A North
Division championship, we won the Line Invitational championship and arguably
most impressive they won the Shore Conference team
championship, yes defeating even parochial heavyweight Christian Brothers Academy
to win that team championship. They finished third at the state sectional meet to cap off one of if not
the most successful season in our program’s history and the complete list
and I have my boys track and field coaches whittle this down to just the boys
that participated at the Shore Conference championship meet since our program is
over 100 kids. Parker Scherer, Tom Scarpaci, Felix Lawrence, Ethan Przygoda, Paul Gaynor, Zach Simon, Tom Silvestrone, John Manfre, Andrew Jerome, Brad Bonito, Zach Orrico, Tyler Kelly, Justin Leohner, Joe
Kinder, Rob Lee, Hector Santiago, Tyler Raboy, Nick Lundberg, Zach Zawatski, Andrew Colbert, Zach Glasser, Ryan Glasser, Nader Daoud, Ben Teicher,
David Jolly, Ryder Anagnos, Jared Evanego, Brandon Kuse, James Williams, Jason
Golub, Christian Frank, Milt Aradas, and Zach Carney. Congratulations to all of
you, you guys can come across and get your medals. And that concludes the district medals
portion for Freehold Township High School. Dr. Sampson? Thank you Mr. Brusotti.
Now I’d like to call up Mrs. Jewel and Mr. Longo from Freehold High School.
Good evening everyone. And Dr. Sampson said it best when he
said this is very celebratory time of year. It certainly is and this is
no different than so many of the other events we’ve been to over the last few
weeks. It’s very inspiring to see what our students do so congratulations to
everyone also to the parents. I would like the members of Freehold High
School’s Youth and Government Program to come up please in front of the stage. This would be Sanya Adlakha, Riya Anand, Sara Kalanther, Jake Caporale, Sarah Cohen, Mohammed Danish, Reed Klein, Timothy Quintero, Alessa Alex, Nicholas Chung, Olivia Ecock, Jonathan Hong, David
Kim, Eshaan Mehta, Skriti Nakkeeran, Lily Ramos, Divia Shah, Rahul Surana, Nalin Gardilla, and Krina Shah. And to tell you just a little bit about the program, this is
the first time in the history of our school that we have earned the
prestigious premier delegation award at the state conference. We partner with the
Freehold Borough YMCA in order to provide our students with this opportunity. We sent 23 delegates to the conference
in early spring. It is an annual event at which students from across the state
propose and then debate legislation that is aimed at solving prominent issues. As
I mentioned we did earn the prestigious premier delegation award. Karina Shah and
Nalin Gardilla were nominated by the conference staff to attend the
prestigious YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs which is held annually
in Black Mountain, North Carolina so congratulations to all the members of
the Freehold Borough Youth and Government Delegation. All right we only have a couple of
athletes this spring that we want to recognize, but before I do
congratulations to all the medal recipients, the parents, thank you to the
board of ed, Mr. Sampson for having this great evening for everyone.
First up I’d like to call up our superstar golfer Paul Ulanich. I guess Paul couldn’t make it this evening, I don’t see him. He’s probably yeah well just a little bit about Paul really quick, I wasn’t
sure if he was we be able to make it all – he’s only a sophomore – he took fifth place in the Monmouth County tournament, sixth place in the Shore Conference
tournament, sixth place in the Central South Jersey Group 3 Sectional
tournament. So they put two of the groups together. He was first place in the Freehold Regional High School District tournament
and shot at 300 par 68, he was selected to the Shore Conference Challenge Cup
team and he was just recently selected the first team All-Shore and as a
sophomore he’s already been contacted by several different colleges and
universities, so congratulations Paul. Next up I’d like to call track athlete
Makhi Theosmy, come on up Makhi. So I’m going to go slightly off script I don’t usually do
that, but this guy is a great story. This year Makhi was really looking for something
that he could he could do, he was always a member of the basketball team, he
never played football – this year he decided to go out for football. He contributed a
lot to our football program but it’s in the spring track season where I’m not
sure who convinced him to go out for track but is where he really hit his
stride and pun intended actually. Paul I’m sorry Makhi ran the 100-meter dash,
the 200-meter dash, and the 400. It took him a little while to figure out which
race was his best but it turns out it’s the 400 meter. By the time championship
season rolled around when you know we had the Monmouth County Championships, Shore Conference and things of that nature, Makhi only run the 400 meter dash about
four times competitively and each time he was getting, his time was getting
better and better. So just to give you some of his accomplishments for this
season, in the 400-meter he was an A North Divisional champion, he was a
Monmouth County champion, Shore Conference champion and the Central juice – excuse me- Central Jersey Group 3state sectional champion. He was meeting – he was named to all district team, he was first team All-Shore, he ran a personal
best in the 100 of ten point eight three school record and in the 400 he ran a
personal best of forty eight point five nine which is also a school record. He
has literally run himself into a scholarship opportunity. Today he spent
some time at Saint Francis of New York where he is mulling over a
scholarship offer from not only Saint Francis but also from the Monmouth
University and it’s just a great story for me and Mrs. Jewel because Makhi is
also known for his trademark smile, he kind of lights up the room, and he’s just a great kid and I’m just so proud to be up here calling
out his name. Makhi come on over. And that concludes Freehold High School, congratulations
everyone. Thank you Mr. Longo. Mr. Braverman and Mr. Meehan? Good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank
you to the Howell parents and the students for staying throughout the night. I know it’s a long night and I really
appreciate everybody staying. I have a few medals to give out this evening. I’d first like to call all the members who won awards tonight for our Technology
Student Association TSA to please come up front. So our TSA run by Ms. Roses
entered a regional state competition last week and many members took first, second, and third place tonight and fourth place. Tonight we’re
recognizing just the first-place winners. First place in Animatronics this year
was Alex Glebavicius, step forward Glebo. Raymond Luberto and Gregory Smith. First place at Webmaster, Zack Dave, Nick
Viola, David Wagenblast, Connor Zumbo and Max Shaker. And the next three students – I
believe only two are here tonight – they are three of 115 students in the country
who were who are now National Honor Society for TSA. Tom Foti, Nick Bornkamp
who is not here tonight, and Madison Dawson. Ladies and gentlemen Miss Sherry Roses.
Miss Sherry Roses is the advisor, she’s here this evening as well thank you to Miss
Roses. Good luck at Nationals, come on over guys. Our next award I’d like to call Brandon
Khadan up to the stage. As my colleague spoke earlier today and I’m not going to
repeat the unbelievable accomplishment of making Governor’s School, but this
year Brandon Khadan’s a student in Howell High School and he will be
attending the Engineering and Technology Governor’s School at Rutgers. What an amazing accomplishment, thank you. Before I turn it over to Mr. Meehan I’d
also like to thank Dr. Sampson, our Board of Education and all the parents and all
the students out here this evening for all the support. Mr. Meehan.
At this time I’d like to call up all the members of our New Jersey
All-State Chorus team. I had about half of the students nominated to the team not be able
to make it this evening, because they either had singing lessons, dancing lessons, or
acting lessons. I’m gonna call their names anyway. When I do call your name
please step forward. Allie Slofkiss, Ben Carino, Carolyn
Weber, Christian Catong, Emily Hugenin, Izzy Ramirez, Julia Lupi, Kaitlyn Hulme, Kelly Taylor, Lauren Holmes, Lorelai Waka, Maya Sta.Ana, Rachel Giuffrida, Samantha Polhemus, and Zoe Maroko. Ladies and gentlemen New Jersey All-State Chorus. We have our Basie Award winners here. We
had two I believe one of them is present. Yes come on up Briana. The Basie Awards were given out, we had two of our students go that were nominated and won. For Drowsy Chaperone,
Ava Lamantia was named outstanding lead actress and Briana Brabham was
awarded outstanding featured performer in a musical, congratulations. We had another winner in acting, we had the Papermill Playhouse New Jersey state theatre awards winner
was given out to outstanding performance by an actor in a supporting role,
Joe Grisanzio. I don’t think Joe was able to make this evening. Congratulations to Joe. At this time I’d like for us to call our first team All-Shore members, first team All-Shore members in
sports: Travis, Vaughn, and Aleksei. Gentlemen when I call your name please step forward. I’m gonna read some stats about what you’ve accomplished this spring season. First one up, Travis Dix – golf. Travis was named first team All-Shore, he
finished second at Wall Invitational, he finished fourth in Monmouth County tournament, fifth at Shore Conference, finished eighth Central South Jersey
Group 4state championship, finished second at the Freehold Regional
tournament. He had a hole in one, that’s the second hole in one in Howell High School history and once as I said before, he was named first team
All-Shore. His overall average was thirty seven point six in league play, his tournament average was 75. Congratulations Travis. Next up Vaughn Meehan – boys lacrosse. Please step forward Vaughn. Thank you son. Vaughn was faceoff specialist for the
boys Howell lacrosse team this year. In the 2019 season, he scored 23 goals, 12
assists for a total of 35 points. He attempted 316 faceoffs and won 221 of them. He also
picked up 180 ground balls. He’s a three-year starter, only a junior
folks, first career he has 42 goals, 16 assists, 58 points, 896 faceoff attempts
he’s won 580 of them with total of 327 ground balls. First team All-Shore Vaughn
Meehan boys lacrosse, congratulations.
Aleksei Roschko -boys volleyball. First team All-Shore. In 2019
hit 45 service aces, 143 kills, six assists, 21 blocks, 152 digs. Three-year
starter, first career 63 service aces, 311 kills, 10 assists, 58 blocks, 241 digs. Congratulations Aleksei. Dr. Sampson, that concludes Howell High School. Thank you Mr. Meehan. So folks we’re going to, we’re going to
take a 2-minute recess and we’ll come back to board business
momentarily. Thank you very much. We’re going to continue with the meeting. We’re gonna resume. Chuck why don’t you
start once again with Superintendent Report? Sure thing, thank you Mr. Accettola, so a few, a few items to update the public on. A lot of talk recently of the package of
bills passed by Senator Sweeney related to regionalization and what that does or
does not mean for the Freehold Regional High School District. Presently within
that legislation it is absolutely silent to limited purpose regionals such as our
district of which there are I believe 31 in the state of New Jersey. For those who
aren’t aware what the legislation calls for is the formation – of the elimination
of all K-6 and K-8 districts in the state and the formation into K-12s. I
got a conference call, spoke to Senator O’Scanlan’s office and Senator Gopal’s
office who were co-sponsors of one of those bills as well. Just to open a
dialogue as to the silence for the Freehold Regional High School District. So folks
understand our district was created under statute, to regionalize or to
break up into K12 of a regional system every I believe that and Mark you can
chime in if I’m incorrect on this but I believe that every single municipality
as well as every single Board of Ed has to come to some consensus on that. And
for us our point in all of this related to the Senate bill too as well and our
financial situation with state aid has been we are one of the largest regional
districts in the state of New Jersey, we’ve realized a real economy of scale,
we educate our children for approximately $3,000 less than the state average for a high school, and we feel that we have been incredibly
efficient both financially with incredible academic outputs for our
return on investment. And so we’ve we’ve continued to advocate strenuously. The
New Jersey Support our Students group, of which we are part of which is 76
districts strong at this point in time, conducted a legislative day last week
where we drafted a statement along with some leading educational groups across
the state – the NJEA, NJASA and NJSBA, lot of acronyms there but these are a
lot of groups that represent a lot of folks across the state, calling for a
re-examination of the funding formula and making clear that there are a number
of districts particularly in Monmouth and Ocean County that we feel will be
unduly and in irreparably harmed by the implementation of S2 ,so that’s ongoing.
To even further reiterate this point, it was wonderful this weekend to see that
Forbes magazine examine the best organizations to work for in the state
of New Jersey. It was rated under you know by employee satisfaction and it
was a whole list of Fortune 500 companies and then number 17 on the list
in the state was the Freehold Regional High School District. Within the top 50
at least is what was published and there were no other public school systems
ranked. We were ahead of places such as Rutger’s University, we were nestled right behind Amazon and I think that for the economic efficiencies that
we do that we have here, coupled with the academic output, to also
find ourselves ranked that highly by Forbes as a desirable place to work for,
I think that speaks volumes for the board’s commitment to this place and and
why we’ve been able to reach that economy of scale. I’ve continued to talk
you know continue to move forward with the referendum on Election Day. We continue to dialogue with our municipal officials. Mr. Boyce and I are
scheduling a number of person-person sit downs over the summer. We want to
make sure that all of our local government bodies and our K8 partners
fully understand exactly what’s in the referendum and the importance of that.
And so that work is is ongoing. You know you saw earlier tonight Colts
Neck High School’s ROTC was ranked the top program in the country which i think
is just a phenomenal honor. Beth English at Freehold Township High
School was named Monmouth County Teacher of the Year. I’m proud to say that the
Freehold Regional High School District has had the Monmouth County Teacher of the
Year for two years running and I believe that that’s the first time that that’s ever
happened. I am very proud of that. Our unified track meet occurred on June 3rd,
that’s a wonderful program done collaboratively with our Peer Leaders
and our special needs students competing in track-and-field. Our graduation is
scheduled for June 24th and we’re rapidly moving toward that. And there are
this is this season is in full swing for celebrations and it’s been a a fun
and festive close to the year. And that concludes my report Mr. President. Thank you Mr. Sampson.
Oh can I ask a question? Yes.
Mr. Sampson geting back to I guess consolidation, I guess ultimately you said we think that
in Steve Sweeney’s wildest dreams they’d like to have County Supers and
all these different school districts would be merged together and it’d be the
Monmouth County School System right? I mean that’s probably something that they’re
considering right?
So they’re looking at piloting potentially what what the bill
calls for with when a pack the package of bills call for presently are for K8 and high schools in any district that’s not a k-12 to meet with the
Executive County Superintendent to talk about what their plans might be to
consolidate. For the County Superintendent of Schools to oversee
that process they are looking at potentially piloting 2 County Districts,
there’s been a number of counties that were bantered about as potential for
that. You know we’ve been down the regionalization path before. It was a major thrust under
Governor Corzine in ’05 ’06 and twelve years later the outcome really
was one district across the state – South Hunterdon that regionalised and they
were able to do so because they they were already down that path and so it
happened over -it still took seven years for that district to regionalize I
believe. So if you read the bill specifically there’s a lot of
feasibility studies, planning for a year or two, it’s it’s not it’s not so cut and
dry about what the timelines might be. The vision ultimately is to have no more
K-6s or k-8s, but again there are 31 regional high school districts already
in the state that are already regionalized, and all of the bills are silent to those districts of which we are the
largest in the state.
Well the point I was trying to get to is that right,
different measures people see New Jersey as having the second best schools in the United States maybe okay? My question is I know in Maryland right I think they go to this county
15 districts.
Right okay, so based on your opinion, what you know,
you’ve gone to a lot of these conferences, is Maryland seen as some great state for
education that we should be looking to emulate by going to this big massive
So it’s a difficult question to answer. Maryland is seen as a progressive
state that has a very solid education program. When you look at the various
rankings which you have to always take with a grain of salt because you have to
really look at what they’re what they’re measuring, but when you look at pure
outputs you know New Jersey is always in the top couple of districts in the
nation. Some of that is explained by wealth and some of that is explained by
exceptional commitment to local school districts that this state enjoys because
of the way we fund them. So Maryland is certainly viewed positively, but New
Jersey is viewed every bit as positively if not more so, with how we are presently
configured. Okay if we can move forward please? Sean do you have anything to add regarding the agenda?
We do have some addenda and also some modifications of
existing resolutions. Before I walk through that I’d like to ask Mr. Toscano to
update executive agenda and I believe you had an additional resolution.
Just in addition to the items noted on the agenda prior to going into executive session
which is announced for box number four board in addition to discussing the
SECA negotiations, the Board also discussed a proposed sidebar with the
FREA and the superintendent employment contract. With respect to number seven,
the board also discussed matter agency reference number 2019-29481 and in addition to the agenda items L4 is a new motion which
would be to approve a sidebar agreement with the FR- between the board and the
FREA- which is dated June 10, 2019. Thank you. H21 which is on the existing
agenda should be amended to H21 is under the personnel a negotiation
section, approval and reappointment for coaches,
substitutes, home instructor, home instructors, volunteer personnel and I’ll
read it into the record – Be it resolved that the Freehold Regional High School
District Board of Education approves the following coaches, substitutes, home
instructors, and volunteers as listed below for the 2019-20 school year as
recommended by the Superintendent of Schools. The name is Tobiah Orillia for
custodian effective 7-1-2019. Also in addition to the agenda, under Section K
educational programs and item number 13 approval of professional services – be it
resolved that the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education
approves Graham Behavior Service to assist with behavioral support for
classified student according to the student’s IEP
beginning on June 3rd, 2019 through June 23rd, 2020 not to exceed $47,700
further breakdown of those services: behavior support home based services, 440 hours at $75 an hour and program
coordination parent training 98 hours at $150 dollars an hour. Now
to the existing resolutions and some amendments, H6 approval of honoraria
under Colts Neck High School, Dana Shay field hockey assistant coach changed to
volunteer from assistant coach and H21 approval of reappointments under
teachers, please remove the name Luis Garcia. And those are the additions and
modifications to tonight’s agenda. Okay to move along quickly here, we have
no committee meetings so let’s move forward to approve these resolutions. May
I have a motion to approve C1 through C5? Motion. May I have a second? C1 through C6. I’m
sorry Second?
Second. Any discussion?
Sean, can we have a roll call please? Mr. Bruno? Yes. Mrs. Cappiello? Yes. Mr. Carollo? Yes. Mrs. Lavin? Yes
Mr. Messinger? Yes.
Mr. Moses? Yes. Mrs. Sutera? Yes. Mr. Accettola? Yes. Motion passes.
Meeting minutes – may I have a motion to approve the minutes of
May 20th 2019? Motion. Pete. Second? Second. Sam. Any discussion?
Roll call Sean.
Mr. Bruno? Yes Mrs. Cappiello? Yes. Mr. Carollo? Yes. Mrs. Lavin? Abstain. Mr. Messinger? Yes.
Mr. Moses? Abstain. Mrs. Sutera? Abstain.
Mr. Accettola? Yes.
Motion passes. Communications- communicators are on file in the office
of the board secretary. Public participation – no one signed up this meeting.
Old business – are there any members wishing to discuss old
business? Oh I’m sorry where did we go here? I’m sorry I forgot my [inaudible] Again, may I have
a motion to approve items H1 through L4? Motion. Second? Second.
Discussion? Roll call Sean. Mr. Bruno? Yes but abstain from L1, Dr. Sampson professional trip. Mrs. Cappiello? Yes on everything except L1, I abstain on Mr. Braverman and Mr. Sampson. And I abstain on L4. Mr. Carollo? Yes. Mrs. Lavin? Yes.
Mr. Messinger? Yes. Mr. Moses? Yes Mrs. Sutera? Yes. Mr. Accettola? Yes. Yes. Old Business. So there are any members wishing to
discuss old business? I just want to wish Mrs. Higley the best in her
retirement. We go back a long way in our Manalapan days for your sons and I’m
sure you’ll be really busy because you have grandchildren. So okay God bless and
stay healthy, we’re gonna miss you. Big shoes to fill.
Mrs. Higley you’re gonna like retirement, I did it and believe me it’s nice not having to get
up in the morning, thank you. Thank you all your years of service, that’s so
much appreciated. New business? Are there any members wishing to discuss new business? And here we come Mr. Heshy, adjournment.
I’m ready. Okay.
I have a motions so it Heshy. Motion! How bout a second? Second.
Roll? All in favor? How bout that? Aye. Opposed? Passed.

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