Free Women’s Golf Tips : Golf Club Irons for Women
Free Women’s Golf Tips : Golf Club Irons for Women

Hi, I’m PGA member Jay Golden and on behalf
of ATAP and Expert Village – golf for women, the dance of golf. Amy Heinelman playing golf
three weeks. Look at that golf swing. Back and forth without stopping. That’s the dance
that she wants to try to copy when she hits this iron shot. To hit an iron shot, you want
to hit the grass after you hit the ball. You’ve seen those pros take divots, well she won’t
take as big a divot, but she’s going to use that pendulum, that golf dance, to hit that
grass after the ball. Amy, let’s see you give it a go. Excellent. Quite good. Now, Amy, you didn’t actually
take divots after you hit, but just trying to enable you to hit a solid shot. How did
those feel? Felt great. And it looked great. And just the thought and the practice, and
do you have confidence after feeling that dance. Absolutely, if I practice more, I know
I can get that divot. And I understand that you practice at home after some of our talks
even without a club, swinging back and forth, could you tell us about that a little bit?
Absolutely, after I leave my lessons with you, it’s such an easy technique to practice,
that I go home and I just practice, even sometimes I don’t even have a club in my hand, I just
practice the back and forth dance, and it helps me when I get out here on the course.
And you’re doing great. Expert Village, we’ll be back with more tips for women. See you.

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