Free Women’s Golf Tips : Full Swing Golf Tips
Free Women’s Golf Tips : Full Swing Golf Tips

Hi, I’m PGA member Jay Golden and on behalf
of ATAP and Expert Village, it’s golf for women – the dance of golf. Amy Heinelman (sp),
swinging back and forth, without stopping, and that’s a great swing, but we want long
drives now. Everyone would like to hit it longer. Man, child, woman, girl. And Amy keep
doing what you’re doing; do that dance, that swinging back and forth dance. And down at
the bottom, do it harder. Harder and keep doing that. And she’s going to feel that.
She’s going to feel swinging harder and hitting it harder, and full and hard. Ok, stop before
you get too tired to hit these two shots. Do you think you know what that harder at
the ball dance feels like? Yes. Do you think you could do it with the golf ball? I know
I can. Ok, let’s see. Thanks to you. And that is harder and longer. Do that once more. Yes.
Now Amy, how long have you been playing golf? Three weeks. Three week old, right here. A
little baby. How were those shots? They felt great; they really felt great. And it comes
from feeling the dance and copying the dance. Do you feel that you could hit the ball harder
now that you felt that? Absolutely, it makes me want to play more and more. More and more.
We’ll be back with more golf for women on Expert Village.

23 thoughts on “Free Women’s Golf Tips : Full Swing Golf Tips”

  1. lauraITT says:

    der was no tips der

  2. Sara B says:

    She has the wrong form! You are supposed to make an "L" when you come up on the back swing, not an "U"………

  3. peterunplugged says:

    great swing

  4. zoel87 says:

    she doesn't even keep her left arm straight!!!

  5. maproductions says:

    Geez.. how many times is he going to say the word "harder"? Someone get him a thesaurus, please!

  6. pendo8881 says:

    I think he`s serious hhhmmmm hard to tell, nahh he`s a comedian. gotta be.

  7. Mark Crossfield says:

    This is very funny. Harder harder dance. Very funny

  8. Troy P says:

    thats an odd looking kitchen

  9. DaveG130 says:

    I give a sideeye to any golf instructor who says swing hard. For that reason I stopped watching this with my daughter at 0:31.

  10. Toracube says:

    He's got a hard-on !!! lol

  11. bakerof Bedlam says:

    All male/female golf? Dont stop there, spread it to Rugby, would love to see the women in a men's ruck.

  12. Wildmanfx Esteecee says:

    This guy doesn't know his ass from his elbow!!!!!!

  13. Minh Khang Tran says:

    My chubby step-brother managed to make the best pole dancer there is in my town fall for him as he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I found myself pleased for him but I wish an amazing individual would fall in love with me. I am exceptionally jealous. Does that make me a bad person?

  14. TheNYgolfer says:

    She has a pretty nice swing going on with a nice tempo. She is however slightly casting and that comes from the advice to "hit harder at the bottom" . That is making her add power with her hands instead of allowing the club to release on it's own. Keep the hands out of it. Their only job is to hold on to the club and not to steer it or guide it or add power 

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  18. Eka E says:

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  19. Arlo Harris says:

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  21. Ihengheng says:

    I love it i love you guys

  22. Hill Picon says:

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  23. Caemen Studios says:

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