Free Women’s Golf Tips : Fairway Woods Golf Tips
Free Women’s Golf Tips : Fairway Woods Golf Tips

Hi, I’m PGA member Jay Golden and on behalf
of ATAP and Expert Village, it’s golf for women. One of the most important and difficult
shots for women is the fairway wood. Because so often you can’t reach the green with your
second shot. So Amy Heinelman is doing the golf dance, back and forth without stopping,
but she’s adding one thing; she’s trying to skim, she’s trying to skim that grass. Feel
that Amy, fell skimming. Feel it. Ok, now try that with the ball. You know what that
dance feels like. This is not easy, folks, she’s playing golf three (3) weeks. Good shot.
Hit another one. Oh you – wait a second, what happened with that dance. I lost my balance.
I wasn’t thinking about the dance for a second there. Why? And I lost it. Very important,
you must feel it and concentrate on the dance and have confidence in it. I was more worried
about hitting the ball, and I forgot to just listen. A typical problem. Do the dance. Come
on. And that’s the dance. That was with a perfect follow through. A perfect shot. But
you’re bringing up a very important error that people make. What happened on that first
shot compared to the second one? I lost my balance at the end. I don’t think that I followed
through. But what about your concentration on the first one? You said you were concentrating
more on the ball. I wasn’t even thinking. I was so worried about hitting the ball that
I forgot to just go with the natural rhythm. Err. Number one mistake in golf. When you
know you should concentrate on something, then all of the sudden, oh, but will I hit
the ball, you lost it. So that’s number one. On the second one, after I yelled at you
– was I too mean? No, no, no. Ok. On the second one, you really concentrated on what? On the
flow; just the rhythm of the swing, the dance. And you hit a great shot with a fairway wood.
And we’ll have more tips for woman, the dance of golf, right here on Expert Village.

12 thoughts on “Free Women’s Golf Tips : Fairway Woods Golf Tips”

  1. kevskigolf says:

    annoying and patronising

  2. En-Huei Joe says:

    Excellent tip – when I practice swing with a fairway wood – I do well as I am relaxing with the swing. But when I try to hit the ball – I am way too focused and tight, lose the rhythm and lose everything. I can hit the ball much more consistent if I have the same rhythm of practice swing. Thanks for the tip.

  3. ynot1688 says:

    LOL! the pro's too cool too hilarious…

  4. RIVER ACE says:

    Amy was all like, "Hey Dude, you mind getting your boner off my leg!"

  5. JenniferAlessa says:

    I need class, i am beginner…….

  6. erika chapa says:

    she shouldn't be moving her left foot..

  7. charliekinggolf says:


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