Free Secret Golf Tips : The Baseball Swing in Golf
Free Secret Golf Tips : The Baseball Swing in Golf

Hi, I’m PGA member Jay Golden, and on behalf
of ATAP and Expert Village, we’re searching for the secret of golf. The secret of golf
is: feels great, works great. For example, if you’re a tennis player and you like the
feel of racket back and hitting down the middle with a little top spin, that image might work
for you. If you’re a bowler, throwing a bowling ball and feeling that hand coming inside out
and turning a little through impact, that might work and feel great for you. I’ve talked
about the baseball swing and I’d like to go into a little more detail with it. Number
one, when you hold a baseball bat, you feel confident, you feel strong. When you start
out, you do a waggle, which you certainly could do with golf. You know where the pitcher
is in baseball. When you’re standing over a golf ball you may not know that well where
the target is, but when you’re standing over the ball, if you make believe you’re playing
baseball, you know where that pitcher is. You know that when you swing a baseball bat,
you’re not extending, you’re not doing anything that feels unnatural. You feel comfortably
strong throughout. So, right now, I know where the pitcher is, and I’m going to try to hit
this ball at the pitcher. And I feel baseball — I feel baseball, here’s my waggle. I feel
comfortably strong just like I would when I’m up at bat. I know where the pitcher is.
And there it is, right at the pitcher. Once again, I know where that pitcher is, hit it
at the pitcher. Right at the pitcher. Again, baseball, pitcher, low pitch to center field,
low pitch to center field … back, back, back, it’s gone. Hit a home run, hit a single,
hit a double, bunt the ball — if you could relate your swing to baseball, or for that
matter anything you truly understand, it could really be your secret. We’ll be back with
more tips right here on

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