Free Online Golf Swing Analysis
Free Online Golf Swing Analysis

Dave Cahill here at Cahill Golf Schools
in beautiful Palm Springs California and today I’m talking you about
getting reinforcement. the technology is here on your iPad or phone to video your swing all
you need to do is download an app the app I prefer is called Ubersense. record your swing using the Ubersense App
And send it to me free of charge I will send you back your video with advice a video describing what you should be
working on. i will send you a link that you use to get the Ubersense app. It’s very important that you have feedback on what you are working on. Feedback will help you know what you doing during the swing. and then enjoy the game of golf.

3 thoughts on “Free Online Golf Swing Analysis”

  1. Gary Trethewey says:

    Great videos by you both. Can you give me your email address so I can send you my Ubersense coach video for analysis by the team.. Gary Trethewey Thanks.

  2. Pablo Tech says:

    Your swing is solid, solid, solid!

  3. michael c. says:

    hi dave whats your email to send my video

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