Free Body & Mind – Sport in Rojava [Rojava Plan #1]
Free Body & Mind – Sport in Rojava [Rojava Plan #1]

I completed the academy of sport. It was very difficult. There were only 2 Kurds. I was top level and really wanted to play… and passed the academy. I needed to go to Japan
but the Syrian regime forbid it… because I am Kurdish. I am Delil Abbas. Member of the Sport Federation. My work is to prepare… the sport centers and stadiums. I like to develop individual sports. The Sport Federation was created
so everyone can play sport… to create events for all sports
open to everyone. That in every city there will be a stadium
and everything they need. Also that women become developed in society
and that in schools all people can participate. We are going now to
open the sports registration… for all the football teams to enter. We will register the teams. Know that every team that plays 1 hour,
2 teams, 2 dollars… and every team only gives 1 dollar. for 1 hour in the stadium. We want it to not be expensive and to
help the people and youth in society. So that everyone will play,
we say 1 hour for 1 dollar. Both joined on the 18th? You are from the neighbourhood, right?
We will give you the red color to wear. A project of mine is to establish a new stadium. That in 2016, stadiums of football, volleyball
and swimming will be established. Places for taekwondo,
places for ping-pong… and slowly slowly we will expand. Another project of mine is to establish academies. Academies for training new players… and teachers that will train the teams. We have links outside and if the
embargo were stopped… we could bring lots of good things here. We have many needs because since 3-4 years,
since the start of the Rojava revolution… there’s been an embargo… and this creates problems. There’s lots of shortages. But we always find a way,
and we will go on… … and succeed. This was a center for playing
handball, basketball, volleyball… but everything collapsed. After 1 year, the revolution begun. We repaired the roof, but
it rained heavily and collapsed. Now we are going to Rimelan. There’s a volleyball championship
for Cizire canton. There are 6 teams playing. We go now to see how to help
and what’s needed. The Sport Federation was established
for the development of sports. Preparing events and championships. We want to start to organize
and create teams. We are preparing all sports,
establishing them and creating events. We still need some things. T-shirts, balls… There’s lots of things
missing now… and there’s a need for money too. So that we can open and repair the stadium
and return again… and so that everyone can play. And thanks for listening.

6 thoughts on “Free Body & Mind – Sport in Rojava [Rojava Plan #1]”

  1. AndroidPolitician says:

    Any chance of doing an episode on how Democratic Confederalism works? Including footage of assemblies etc.

  2. Rojava Bashur says:

    Great video! More please 🙂

  3. Becky Conning says:

    yes! love this video. i hope to see more reporting on every day life in rojava. the fighters are important but lets see more of what they are defending! wonderful stateless and self-managed communities of ordinary thoughtful people thriving.

  4. Becky Conning says:

    can you recommend similar videos to this?

  5. xxbouncer19xx says:

    Good to see that the video and channel ist back online. Fuck the AKP Fascism Trolls

  6. mazelumi says:


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