Franciacorta Golf Club – Buca 2
Franciacorta Golf Club – Buca 2

Hello, I’m Andrea Zani, a master of Franciacorta Golf Club We’re going to play the hole number 2 route Brut as we can see is a hole of 345 meters from the back tee there is a lake and a bunker on the left and (not shown), we have a bunker about 200 yards on the right then the shot is optimally between the center of the fairway and the right side in such a way as to have
one more shot in plan and have a better connection to the green for the second shot Here I play a hybrid, try to keep the
the right side of the track as you can see the green is a peninsula in the middle of the lake the rod is now placed on the
right and short therefore quite simple I am 102 meters and I’m going to play a 52
degrees the green, characterized by depression
center the slope is all to the left is
Also the trend of green is to go from right to left I put a 6-meter with a slight slope left-right

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