Fortnite Golf Cart Racing w adsberryplayz
Fortnite Golf Cart Racing w adsberryplayz

hey guys I’m sorry that uh the the new
intro isn’t up yet because uh it’s just not working right now so hope you like
this one hi YouTube it’s GamingRoos here *laughing*
that’s cringey right so I’ve made this racetrack here and I’m gonna do three
laps is that Alright and hopefully win so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start
in three two one now that was not an early start so this is some of the track
here and as you can see it’s going fine alright that’s perfect
yes alright go down correct all right we got it we got it now so YouTube what
we’re gonna do here is by have run through this… *falls off bed* *says “Ahh where is my charger” all right I’m back my
controller died and so what I have done here is I have specially oi careful I
have specially placed um little ramp things here to get back up on to the
racetrack so yes you yeah so what we’re doing is we’re gonna
get back up so I’ll just wait for me alright so so yeah sorry for that I’m
gonna cut that out just so you guys know because you don’t
need to see about 30 seconds of me fumbling around for a charger alright
don’t die alright I’ll just make it two laps cuz the storm yeah so it’s two laps
this is the first one and well my friend has to like wait up for me a little
bit because he got a really early start I will come to your funeral if that’s
what’s gonna happen oh I wasn’t paying attention
whoops hold up hold up I wasn’t paying attention
sorry about that guys actually because I just okay there’s this ramp that goes
partially into tilted oh no no that doesn’t count lap time cut by the 30
look ten seconds stop no that doesn’t count that’s cheating yeah but I had to pull
my mic down so no one will have to hear me cough that’s cheating
well stop stop for me well worse but… *speaking jibberish* oh well oh well you’re karts at
26 health where nearly at the red drift I’ve got the red drift here we go
here we go here we go well I’m catching up I’m catching up my
friend Oh alright this is the hardest part
alright I managed it really so did I all i did was take my finger off acceleration
ah oh yes I’m in front no I didn’t fall off
my boost back activated and I was gonna fall off so guys if you didn’t realize
it’s glitchy yeah there’s that there’s a Supply Drop here I’m just gonna just
gonna do that oh that was lucky ish you reckon I can chuck in another lap
let’s chuck in another lap cuz it took a minute for us to get around the court
the track so I’m definitely gonna lose this one for you guys but I mean like it
was pretty fun there’s another Supply Drop that’s your golf that’s your golf
carts health though 17 all right guys so that was our two laps need I’m
chasing the storm look I’m outrunning the storm guys no
don’t kill me don’t kill me don’t kill me no don’t
I’m outrunning the storm I’m just doing is chasing me there’s a little thing for
you guys there this little be careful of the storm I like how you’re trying to
kill me that’s gonna go in through dusty alright because you were stuck in the
storm mate sure well that was gender equality
all right yeah my one hang can replace it says that adsberryplayz won the
game and it came up with the hashtag first victory royale oh I nearly all right go so it’s gonna be a race track and… hey guys I’m sorry
for the lack of uploads I’ve just been busy really lately so I
apologize for that it’s due to having to do stuff and not having enough internet
bandwidth for the month right see ya

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