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Hi I’m Alois Rosario and I’m Jeff Plumb from and today we are going to talk about the forehand topspin against block. SO let us have a look at the 3 basic things
we need to consider with the forehand topspin stroke. Firstly let us consider our leg position.
We need to have our feet nice and wide apart, you can either be quite square on to the table
or because it is more of an aggressive stroke you can turn a little bit more towards your
forehand side. The second thing we need to consider is your
start position. You are starting with your bat fairly flat you can turn it over, we will
talk about that a little bit later, but your starting position needs to be down and around
knee high or between your hip and you knee. The third thing to consider is we need to
make a brushing contact and then finish with your bat up nice and high above your head
with a 90 degree angle here and a 90 degree angle here. When you are starting out you can start with
a nice flat bat like Jeff is doing here. As you can see he is still generating topspin
on the ball by starting low and finishing high and he is brushing up the back of the
ball. But there will be a limit to how fast you can hit this type of stroke with such
a lifting action. Eventually the ball has to go off the end of the end of the table.
So how do we hit the ball faster? There are two things, one we need to turn our bat forward
and we need to get our stroke a little bit more forward as well. So rather than the very
lifting stroke now we are starting a little bit further back with the angle down and coming
forward. If you have found this lesson on the forehand
topspin useful, go to where you will find lots more information about
the strokes of Table Tennis.

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