Forehand Technique With Short Pips Rubber | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial
Forehand Technique With Short Pips Rubber | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial

41 thoughts on “Forehand Technique With Short Pips Rubber | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial”

  1. nightzsche says:

    do yo know any player who uses ox (no sponge) short pips ? and if you do how do they compare to the regular short pips ?

  2. Mees Mees says:

    I need more tips you Guys are great

  3. Nazneen Ansari says:

    Can you Please explain about back hand spin serves .

  4. Fitchus II says:

    saludos desde Argentina

  5. Narratick says:

    Hi, could you do a video explaining how to handle an opponent who plays with short pips rubber ? I play with "normal" rubbers and I lost to a guy playing with short pips the other day… I was really confused because I am not used to this type of gameplay. I could for sure use a few tricks for my next competition, just in case I run into one short pip guy again. Thanks for your vids, they are awesome !

  6. Qomar Qomarudin says:

    what a coincidence .. I just glued Spinlord Waran SP 1.8mm FH and Andro Hexer Grip SFX 2.1mm on my Butterfly Hadraw SK .. a lot joy as this set up give me medium-balance blade (not top-heavy or handle-heavy) as most of new rubbers tend to make my blades head-heavy (I also have ZJK ALC for this set up)

  7. Hoàng Thắng says:

    can you make a tutorial about using chinese rubber ? and the different between H3 rubber and sponge rubber ?

  8. Marlon Macadaeg says:

    Please review the ABS 2 SOFT. I really like your review. Please. ILOVEYOU

  9. fabio jr says:

    Thank you

  10. 食花生專家 says:

    The girl is so cute;)

  11. Qomar Qomarudin says:

    great video as always .. thank you coach

  12. CheapyD says:

    This is a great channel

  13. MLFM Table Tennis says:

    0:22 Forehand Drive
    3:21 Forehand Topspin
    6:02 Forehand Loop ( Forehand Topspin Against Backspin)
    8:27 Block
    10:34 Counter Hit
    12:46 Tactics In Real Match

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    Love you all <3

  14. Huyền Nguyễn says:

    Cách di chuyển chân nữa ạ :((

  15. Huyền Nguyễn says:


  16. Kim Jakab says:

    Thanks for a great video! Interesting to get some information about techniques how to use short pips. I imagine that very good foot work is needed since you have to hit when the ball is on the top of its trajectory.

  17. idig63 says:

    Thank you. Such helpful, detailed instruction. Even for pips-in players like myself, it is very helpful to watch this and see exactly what short pip players are doing exactly. Everybody learns something. You guys are great!!

  18. Александр Катаев says:

    You have a cool channel, very accessible, my personal request:make more videos about short pips, please!

  19. Александр Катаев says:

    Do you have a girl playing with fh short pips?

  20. Alejandro Saldarriaga says:

    Bellisimo Swing!

  21. WwwKalaDendraGr says:


  22. シェークフォア表の人short pips shakehands on forehand says:


  23. Milo D. Sepulveda says:

    hello make a table tennis video on how to use the Short Pips rubber in penhold

  24. Mohamed Dessouky says:

    thank you for all your videos can you make a video for long pips techniques 🙏

  25. Thắng gà gamer says:

    what the heo min chị chơi gai như mút luôn

  26. Андрей Томашевский says:

    Perfect guys!

  27. CheapyD says:

    Would love to watch the MLFM team play each other in matches!

  28. kolj ivanov says:

    It is unclear what spikes/ pips … A little more about the topspins with short pips/ spikes … Nothing is said about choopblocks … Nothing is said about turning and changing tires during the game … And cheating an opponent …

  29. AmAzInG_Prorok says:

    What sponge thickness is used in video? Is it ox ?

  30. Alejandro KUO says:

    I like your videos so much♥️

  31. ragnaraiane5 says:

    I use short pips forehand. this video is very insightful. Thank you

  32. Miguel Garzón says:


  33. Grammar Police says:

    Hey, I’m wondering if you know of any gear I can use to play alone? (Return boards and machines.) I don’t have many people to play with

  34. 陳齊 says:

    Can you speak Chinese?

  35. Spikezzzzzzzz says:

    finally, thank you, been waiting long for this one 🙂 do you know what thickness she is using ? keep it going guys, it's the best info tutorial channel here on yt !

  36. Rev John Ming Dee Lam says:

    Great and is a effective practical guidance. Thanks

  37. Malay Roh says:

    thanks! did great job in every video! where are you in training? Which part in China?

  38. Sochivy Khieng says:

    Very helpful skills and practices, thanks for making this video!

  39. classicleon says:

    This is definitely what I need, as short pips-out is the classic close-to-table attacker's best weapon. Thank you for uploading the video. I am expecting more video like this. One thing, I can't find Sanwei Gear Hyper from anywhere. Instead, I found Sanwei Gears. Are they the same thing?

  40. Robert Mingle says:

    I love the GAME but I need some one to teach me

  41. Anh Nguyen Ngoc says:

    Thấy em gái giật phải đẹp nhưng hình như thiếu động tác gập cánh tay thì phải.

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