FORE!!! Heads up ATL we’re coming in HOT! – VLOG | Xtreme Xperience
FORE!!! Heads up ATL we’re coming in HOT! – VLOG | Xtreme Xperience

Top Golf guys! I’m never been to Top Golf,
no idea what it is but apparently everybody does and people have like
membership cards already, so it’s gonna be fun. Who’s excited? Hey you know we did Lunch in a Lambo. We could do Dinner in a Sprinter. Bam Bam Hoffman! Alright, Brandon, who’s winning on your side?
I am. So Brian, what was the 1st team event you ever did? Mustangs volleyball. At Blackhawk Farms. My first event, we did mini golf. Remember that? Mini golf that’s right.
You gave me my first nickname, “boomerang.” Oh, Karting at AMP. That wasn’t a full team event, but some of the instructors. What’s up guys? We’re coming to you from AMP, it’s day one of our event here in Dawsonville.
I’m here with Grace Kelly, she’s gonna be a photographer for the weekend so she’ll
be capturing you guys when you guys come in pit lane and making those memories
last forever. It’s looking beautiful today. A little cloud action, but not too much just
enough for comfort. Cars are shaking their morning dew off and get ready
to start the day. All right it’s getting close to nine
o’clock here at our event. Day 1 and AMP all the cars myself and Ali have gone
through all the cars ready and made sure the videos are good to go. You can see
the whole fleets here lined up we’re gonna rock and do some runs. We do have a
little bit of a scare with the weather so you can see – oh man I’m out of breath – as you can see behind me the clouds are looking treacherous,
so hopefully they don’t give us too much trouble, and we’ll be able to run as promised. For now let’s head back down
and see what the rest of the team’s up to. We’re live, Shannon.
Are we on air right now?
We’r on air, right now. Hey everyone! I’m Shannon with Xtreme Xperience. You might recognize this face, but start to get to know this one. So, conflict of day or of the hour. What happened was, I wasn’t happy where the trailer was stationed so I asked Cal to move it and because he moved it, now we can’t plug in and we have no power. It’s 10:25 we’re in Alpharetta right now and we’re ready to have a veggie full day you just picked up lunch at Subway and
thanks to Ellie’s sharp eye she notice the they were literally all veggies. So
I guess apparently it looks like subway up *%^& up our order and just gave us a bunch of veggie
sandwiches banana peppers and tomato and lettuce but luckily they also said they
can fix it like five minutes so he’s giving the whole platter back we’re
definitely how to pull up to the track with like a hundred veggie sandwiches
for our team because that just doesn’t sound very fun. Lunch is SAVED! Hey, what’s up guys? We out here, trying to save time release some groups release in groups
watching to make sure nobody’s missing pit-lane releasing more groups!
Anybody who sees this and anybody who’s watching this thank you so much for going with the Xtreme Xperience every
time you want to make a memory happen and you want to check off something on
your bucket list or you want to celebrate something special in your
life or something that’s been a long time coming for months or decades of
days or years thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be a part
of it because it means the world to us. This is my Uncle. Allen DeNyse. So, we’re going to talk to John.
What’s up? I’m going to be hopping in the 488 to relieve them. Do you need driving tips?
Yes, I need driving tips. Alright what you want to do put
that right foot down go fast and turn left a little bit. Back in that gas, back in
the brakes on over to the left hit the apex cone… And yeah, that’s driving tips from John Raymond. Thanks for coming out with me.
Hey, I’m excited! My tennis shoes almost
catching that brake. Unfortunately, the team is saying goodbye to such a wonderful member of the team. And we’re glad that we were to send her off with a nice little drive the GT3. It was good! There’s so much going on. He’s talking to me every second, and I’m thinking
like my instinct telling me to do one thing and I’m trying to focus on,
I hear the sound I see the cones, I’m like wait, I need to be thinking about that
next cone. It was really fun! There you have it folks AMP 2018 is done
and done for good. We’ll be back soon and I hope easier next time. And I’m fried so we’ll see you in Jersey in a few days.
Thanks for watching guys make sure you like comment and subscribe below we’ll
see you on the next lap.

3 thoughts on “FORE!!! Heads up ATL we’re coming in HOT! – VLOG | Xtreme Xperience”

  1. Only1 Schu says:

    this is my favorite episode of the season so far.

  2. John Hales says:

    After seeing this track and comparing it to the track at Pittsburgh, I'm feeling robbed!

  3. Alex Gainey says:

    It was great getting to have Cal drive me and my dad, I grew up racing Quarter Midgets with Cal. My dad had a blast driving the GT3, y'all really put on the best Xperience out there. The Hospitality and professionalism is unlike any other. Thanks XX Crew and Cal.

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