Football Vs. Soccer Name Debate
Football Vs. Soccer Name Debate

Why do the Americans insist on calling
it soccer? Why do they have such a problem calling it football? It’s a game
played with a ball that is struck with the foot. Hence foot, ball, you see. Are you following this America? The clue is in
the title, it’s not that difficult. Whereas American football, as they call
it, is a game where an object that’s not really a ball at all, it’s the wrong
shape for a ball, is carried around by hand and occasionally thrown for other
people to catch in their hands, you see. Only one person in each team is allowed
to actually kick the ball and they have to be specially brought onto the field
to do it. I suppose in its own way that is a form of creativity, it’s quite a
creative use of language, you know, saying one thing and meaning something
completely different. Shut up you c*** over there in Europe, all right. We call football – football over here – even though we had the brains to
pick the fucking thing up instead of skipping around. F****** unbelievable, you go over
there to Europe, they always give you: “Well you know, why are you calling a
football mate? You f*** off or..” Shut up!
Jesus f****** Christ. Supposed to call it foot and hand ball, is that what the blahh
How come you don’t call it foot and head ball? How come you don’t call it that? You use your
fucking head over there too don’t you? All right there, smarty pants?

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  1. A says:

    Interesting points Bill and Old British Dude bring up but still…why call it soccer?

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