F Word lovers what the fuck is up I’m
back today with a new video and in this video I’m going to be showing you how I
pack when I am flying to a camping music festival welcome back to another video
here on living by the f-word this video I filmed a while ago when I was heading
out to my 6 electric forest and it was a last-minute decision to go so I had to
fly out and I basically just get all my gear together I go down the list and I
start to pile on the bed and start to organize it that way
then I’m going to show you some more tricks on how to keep outfits and
accessories and things like that organized within your bag let’s go
but I have flown out to many festivals and events and so I wanted to share with
you how I bring my camping gear and my clothes if I need to fly on a plane to
get there and if I don’t have a vehicle to get there so I’m going to show you
how I do that in this video and I also am going to be doing a separate video
for how I packed all my gear to fly out for Burning Man a lot of my stuff is
pretty organized I have all my hats in one place basically so that’s always
easy to find them I also pretty much have a festival draw
that has a bunch of different rave gear read socks
different festival gear in this one particular draw so when I’m trying to
get outfits together this is pretty much the police I have to go and then I also
have a lot of stuff hanging in my closet all sorted together so the first thing I
do is I start out with my bed made so that there’s like a clean slate so that
I can start to organize and just put my outfit and various things I want to
bring in my suitcase yeah I just put them on my bed basically and it looks
fucking crazy but that’s how I start after you have your list together and
you have the area you’re packing in clean you want to start organizing all
of your outfits and so depending on the festival or event I’m going to I will
try on outfits first and then I’ll start to place the different pieces together
to have them in piles for those particular outfits a little pro tip that
I have for you guys is if you have any new items make sure you cut the tags off
of them before you go to the event or anything that has packaging you want to
unpackage so you’re not bringing extra garbage and trash with you to the
festival it really helps them out bringing accessories when you’re flying
is kind of a challenge especially cuz I always want to bring so much stuff with
me but this is my favorite one and I’m gonna bring it to the forest you’ll love this one yes I choose you all right
so things are starting to come along a little bit I put it all together in
little piles like this so that’s one outfit
it’s another outfit that’s another outfit these outfits kind of
interchangeable but one outfit this is like warmer gear this is like pajama
slash just hanging out at the campsite here this is just some extra gear this
is what I’m gonna wear on the plane all this stuff is actually gonna go in the
camping box so that’s a whole other thing I’m going to show you guys what I
do with all my camping gear and this is kind of like fragile carry-on stuff
which usually my camera goes in but I’m filming with my camera right now so
that’s why that’s not in there but what I do is after I have it all organized
like this is I put them into ziplock bags and I label them guys leave it to
me to do a tutorial video and not be prepared for it so I use gallon ziplock
bags because those are the largest and you could fit a lot of stuff in them and
then you can squeeze all the air out of them so that all your outfits are like
condensed and will fit in your bag and I don’t have any unless I’m just
overlooking them because I’m so tired I don’t see any Ziploc bags but luckily
I saved some I usually save some from other festivals that I go to so you’ll
even see here that some of them are still labeled I just saw one with a
label like right here with the sharpie this from group crews won these versus
unitards being after you have all of your clothes and
accessories laid out and group together how you think you’ll want to wear them
you want to start packing them and a little trick that I learned from the
groove crews that I now use for every single festival that I go to is I pack
my outfit in gallon-sized ziplocks bags so I take the top the bottom the
underwear the bra bandana accessories earrings necklace sunglasses whatever
goes with that outfit and I put them all in the same zip lock bag so that they’re
all together and so that I know okay this outfit goes all together this is
what looks good together and then all you have to do is pull that ones that
block bag out you have your entire outfit all together for that day it also
helps you keep your tent extremely organized especially if you have a
smaller tent or if you’re sharing a tent with someone else you are gonna be
really happy when you don’t have an explosion of clothes everywhere because
for me personally when I pack my clothes and they’re not in ziplock bags like
this I tend to forget okay what did I try on what looked good together would
this look better with this or with that you know and you have random clothes and
accessories all through your bag and you’re pulling them out trying it just
makes a whole mess so this is a trick that I’ve been using for years that
really helps because once you’re done with an outfit you just put it right
back into that ziploc bag that you got it from and you pull the next ziplock
bag that you want to wear and you have everything all together in one bag for
you I just want to show you guys the different types of luggage that I have
so this is obviously like a backpackers backpack I’ve used that for Tomorrowland
and vision Mysteryland any type of a festival that is walk in
because you can carry everything when you’re back
and you’re not dragging a roller board around this large one by Dakine is my
absolute favorite suitcase I love it it’s hard to tell it looks really
squishy and weird right now but I’ll show you in another video it opens up it
holds so much I could bring like so many pairs of shoes platforms I use this one
for festivals like group cruise or anywhere that like BPM when it was in
Mexico anything that like you’re in a Airbnb condo house or some type of
lodging where you have room and you can check a huge bag like this this is my
favorite bag ever I’ll show you the inside another time this is just
Travelpro regular carry-on this is what I’m going to be using to be packing for
right now I don’t know why it’s really bad lighting right now sorry guys but
this small bag with an addition to another carry-on bag over there is what
I’m going to be using and then this larger this is also kind of a larger
roller board that I use this and another smaller one that’s inside there for
Burning Man reason being is these are really these are older suitcases in here
so I don’t care about the playa dust or them getting dirty or dusty because it’s
virtually impossible to get the playa dust out of everything so I would never
want to bring like my good well none of this stuff would really be big enough
for Burning Man but I would never want to bring my big dakine when you know I
could be bringing a bigger one like that once you have all your outfits packed in
the ziplock bags it’s easy to squeeze out all the air and they will fit pretty
nicely even in this small bag that I’m bringing I was able to fit all the
clothes you saw on my bag into this roller board here and anything that I
didn’t have in Ziploc bags I usually just roll up and tried to squish into
the bottom if I can it’s kind of just like a Jenga puzzle that you have to
really be patient with but I swear you can get everything in a smaller
if you really need to so since most of you know how to pack or know how you’d
like to pack your own suitcase I wanted to give you some information I looked up
on different airlines in the United States as far as their baggage allowance
so as I mentioned I usually check my camping gear in a box and then I used to
bring a smaller tent that I could carry on but now I have a larger tent and I
also have to check that in a box as well so those are usually the two items that
I check and then like I said I bring on a carry-on item which is free and I also
bring on a smaller personal item with like my fragile head pieces and hats in
it which is also free but being that I do work for the airline industry I do
have an advantage and mostly everything I’m allowed to bring is free so I wanted
to look up some information for you guys and give that to you so that you know
what you’re working with but the first thing you want to do depending on where
you live is check the airline that you fly on the most or that you would book
your ticket to fly to a festival with because all of them have different
regulations and rules so what I would do is if the airline allows you to check a
box for a bag I would do that as your checked baggage your camping gear in a
box that’s what I would do and then I would try to bring all your clothes on
in a smaller carry-on or if you’re traveling with someone I would probably
try to maybe put all of your clothes in one larger bag share one bag check that
under one person’s name and then check the camping gear in the box under
another person’s name and you could get your checked baggage comped or for free
as well depending on the airline you fly on and if you have a credit card with
them so a lot of the major airlines do credit card perk
swear if you have their particular credit card you can check items for free
so this is just very basic information that I looked up so definitely go check
it out for yourselves but I think it’s possible for you guys to work the system
and check your camping gear like I do in some way you just need to do a little
research and you’ll figure it out trust me because I have this system down I’m
always checking my camping gear I now have a larger tent that I’m always
checking so I don’t have to bring the smaller one so just do your research and
I’m sure you’ll be able to bring everything you need if you are flying to
a festival alright so as you can see I squeeze the air out of the bags like as
much as I can compress them and there were a few things this hot and the
windbreaker jacket and some things that wore in bag I didn’t have enough bag or
the bulkier this I’m gonna fill with all fragile things but that’s like my other
toiletries bag a little backpack I use my fancy top hat that I made this I
don’t even put in a bag that’s another head piece I made I usually just
actually carry that with me and then everyone always asked me to try it on in
the airport it’s really funny ok so this is the box that I check with majority of
my camping gear so things for the campsite like a this is a fan and a
light little chair ashtray generator this is pretty much done I have my big
blanket under there these are just clips still bring the bungees this will
probably go here I mean it’s just kind of like you got to get creative this is
up tires I have in my food container most of stuff I keep box so it doesn’t
get damaged this box actually it’s probably on its last leg after this
festival because it’s gone through as you can see even
TSA inspected it it’s gone through for Burning Man and desert hearts and other
events that have been pretty beat up but it works well because all my stuff fits
in it so I just box it up and I check this
I check it like it’s luggage so that’s how I get all my camping gear there when
I fly alright so I usually break my DSLR with my GoPro usually I can fit some
other things in there if I really want to like that tripod maybe shit closed
yeah the reason I like to do that is because this is a hard case it’s not
gonna get damaged that way what I’m wearing on the plane this is all like
kind of fragile things or things that can’t really get squished like my
vibration pack my top hat I have a speaker in there I have another little
backpack I have baby wipes just random I usually always wear my platforms cuz
they take up so much room so I have these or these they’re both yr use these
are my new ones oh fuck I really want to bring them I think I’m gonna bring them
so this is everything with the exception of my tent which is in a box and my air
mattress so it is still quite a bit I guess but considering I’m flying and not
in a car I think that’s pretty damn good heat it to Chicago with all my stuff
yes yes oh my god guys so real quick I’ve been out at electric force since
8:00 a.m. I was being good life with my friends that were so kind to you
driving in shout-out to you guys ball Nicole but I was stuck over there I
thought you’d be like a golf cart would take me over to GA where I’m working and
I’m of course working out in the sticks as you can see there’s like no one else
here yet even though it’s 5 p.m. now and it was crazy getting over here luckily
someone finally gave me a golf cart right so now I’m gonna set all my gear
up happy forest it’s getting dark but I
just wanted to show you my setup so that’s my blow-up chair that I’m working
on getting blown up and the tent back here I usually put all my toiletries and
my magic mirror on different things hanging in the tent there and then my
bed set up there’s a beautiful sunset going on
right now I don’t know if you guys can see it awesome
and I have this fan and light for when it gets dark out and that’s pretty much
it a lot of space in here to get room get ready
I usually rearrange some things and it ends up like a total shit show by the
end of the weekends but this is it looking nice


  1. jalo28 says:

    Always good tips for traveling !!



    0:00 Intro
    0:25 What to expect– Clothes, Camping Gear, How To Pack/Fly with Them!
    1:31 Keeping all of your festival items in one place!
    2:05 STEP ONE: Start With A Clean Area
    2:29 STEP TWO: Make A List and Use It
    2:40 STEP THREE: Try On Outfits
    3:30 STEP FOUR: Gather Accessories for Outfits
    3:49 STEP FIVE: Group Everything In Piles (Each Outfit, Accessories)
    5:34 STEP SIX: Put Outfit Piles into Gallon Zip Lock Bags
    7:22 Types of Luggage I Use Depending on the Festival.
    9:21 STEP SEVEN: Compress Bags and Pack In Your Luggage
    10:03 How I Bring Gear On The Plane
    10:43 General Baggage Information/Pricing for US Airline Carriers
    11:50 Airline Credit Cards and How To Check Things For Free
    12:51 What everyone looks like packed.
    13:29 STEP EIGHT: Pack All Camping Gear in Large Cardboard Box
    14:46 Fragile/Camera Gear/Shoes Final look at everything packed.
    16:00 STEP NINE: Gather Your Gear and Get A Ride To Fest
    16:08 Electric Forest Struggle–Getting from Good Life to General Admission
    16:44 STEP TEN: Set Up! (What My Tent Set Up Looks Like!)

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