Flight of the Conchords – A Texan Odyssey, part 2/5 (CZ titulky)

the move on you is not sure I say save Cian mind and find miss DJ copperhead i’m at the south by southwest music convention and at the opening dinner flight of the conchords came in and performed and they were fantastic i asked to interview them in a very comedic twist they said they would only agree to let me interview them if they could interview me while I was interviewing them for a documentary so we’re gonna have a battle of the interviews with bret and jemaine of flight of the conchords way here with DJ copperhead um it was just in the the Four Seasons dinner and he’s asked us to interview how if we can all number you see we’re not very good at this struggles you just mean you I seven I to do around you on the dance floor I’m Johnny in years can wash out you will compare and I can’t believe that I’m sharing and go back with the most beautiful girl I have never seen with a good back yeah well fact is you’re funny and you seem to be making a little bit of a buzz I keep hearing people think you’re on either HBO comedy central they don’t know what but they’re walking around in their underwear laughing to you they say so what do you feel about that is it how’s that working out for you um six awning yeah cuz now we walk down the street and maybe maybe one person and about a thousand recognizes us yeah but the guy did get us on the phone to his girlfriend that’s true we met a guy who asked us to talk to his girlfriend and she was in Miami she had also heard of us yeah couple people are vertically this is yeah this young widow can we talk them we got another couple people in their podcast later you now three tonight and then there were five in Los Angeles so we’re we’re gettin up near 15 people oh you’re not one of those girls have been definitely definitely chatting to in the chat room you’re beautiful like a beautiful tree or a high-class prostitute you can be a part time when you probably still have to keep your normal job pies see you didn’t I love I’m modeling I’m part of the time match to how big you guys gonna get well that’s quite a big Stabler medium medium medium big yeah i mean the Americans like the super-sized not you know you’re letting small such and every job you know in America you’re supposed to we’re gonna take over the world we’re gonna own Comedy Central nah that’s not gonna happen I don’t know how long look better way now um I think maybe two days and you just start you know I’m missing new zealand’s and I mean I have a little trick or I just I just flick through my passport just to remind me of home and see this is the coat of arms see that you see that just reminds me of home this is Wellington New Zealand on it just little things like that really take you back that’s what was born that’s also Wellington’s where the passport was authorized you know it’s just something I mean it’s just something I do take this wherever I go but I’m leaving the country i take this just to remind me of home sort of put us right in the heart of it here not sure who organized the accommodation but we’re right in the sort of industrial car park zone of Austin the sort of powder Austin I guess because you can’t see Austin you know then there’s the freeway which is the main the main view which is that’s probably the most interesting part of the view is always changing so gets those people up on their way into austin or out of austin some of them probably going into um to to see us tonight austin is also the political capital of the state of texas a number of ticks and governors who have sat in office in austin have gone on to become president bush including George W Bush and George Bush and making this documentary we’ve got to do some great things took some interesting local characters really yeah who’s a good minute Oriole yet gubernatorial candidates kinky friedman i learned about the word gubernatorial giving a tutorial meaning i’m running for governor yeah yeah it’s a great word you didn’t know that would I took no you yeah with gubernatorial candidate kinky friedman could you um tell us about your career so far for me it’s been mostly downhill I started as a chess prodigy at age 7 playing the grand master of the world Samuel reshef ski in 1952 I struggled through college here at the University of Texas and now then I became a musician for a while and an author and now i’m running for office and i do see a logical extension here between the music there were the novels and and running for governor in that it is truth telling all of them are expressing the truth as best as you can and Jewish cowboy speak the truth one of the governance here was the current president see you bet max is he a bit nuts well I would hope so you know i mean you don’t have to be if you want to be President i would say George you know I’m personal friends with George and with Bill Clinton and I’m the only man I think who’s slept at the White House under two presidents but i will say that George is a good man trapped in a Republicans body that’s the problem how would you describe Austin as a city in Texas is it is it like the wrist of Texas or is it kind of different to most of the other cities here well it was the first place where they had hippies and pot smoking and music of a certain kind Willie Nelson’s I blame Willie the hillbilly Dalai Lama for starting this he brought the rednecks and the hippies together I believe musicians can better run this state than politicians that’s all I’d I mean we won’t get a lot done in the mornings but we’ll work hard we’ll work late and will be honest and I think we’re gonna use I saw the light as a campaign theme something praise the Lord I saw the line then the catheter comes out to a bright shining light I saw the night I think it’s a good idea the big bright light yes yes it’s not unusual for politics and music to mix former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer used to play the trumpet as a band we often use music to deal with the issues children on the streets you some guns and ours Tekken chart killing each other using knives and forks calling each other names like dog it’s the night of the New Zealand music showcase this is a chance for New Zealand bads to showcase their bands the gig is in the center of downtown Austin and a not very soundproof tent unfortunately for us the not very soundproof Canadian tent is right next door and we’ve been scheduled to perform at exactly the same time as Canadian musicians the swollen members how’s it going up there as a real dream dream gig with the for the Canadian swollen members behind us perfect situation really come over to takes us playing a tense most people aren’t listening right there’s a few people just saying appreciate that this one’s for you guys come on over sometimes I wonder why these nominees and then we broke it down this is why we record back

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