FIVE 2010s Weird Fashion Choices!!!
FIVE 2010s Weird Fashion Choices!!!

hello everyone hello hello hello hello hello hello everyone today I’m going to do something different I’m gonna different play so many different moods I’m going to do something different today I’m going to talk about five things yes five five things da fashion things yes maybe era what fight fashion things from this year that I really really really really really thinker I think I cannot do this resin this mmm hi s wait a second skinny jeans in man why why why oh god are you going to wear jeans so tight you’re going to lose your feet blood needs to be there you’re stopping it the blog needs to be there if your jeans are so tight that you can see the shape of your peers like you was naked they are too tight I know you want to shut off get it just take it out don’t wear like that man he looks like you’re hiding a cucumber man or or a cocktail wing I don’t know whatever is your thing I don’t care just wear the proper size jeans and then we have the other side of the spectrum is we’re like a lot in shade pants you know like hyper shape your crotch is not on your knees well you need the crutch there he will say oh yeah they are really comfortable yeah well you know glad you’re carrying a full diaper man or women you’re walking around like a dog like the guy from Mary Poppins when he was dancing with the Penguins I was funny there because he’s a kid smooth in real life is not funny you don’t do everything that they doin kids movies he’s weird this is one that I’m like half and half so I decided just to be on the negative side leggings instead of normal pants this is the thing some people can pull it off some people don’t but the things that the people don’t ruin the day for everyone else if you’re wearing leggings you should be able to pull it off so just to be sure don’t wear leggings instead of pants if you were to raleighs put something on top that’s for women and men because it goes to the skinny jean part is the same thing so let’s just make sure of it and we’re with something else that’s it don’t worry I give their word pants because they are not 10 let’s not talk about nude color leggings know another man but dude everyone is worried everyone has manhood and the guys at the man burn and the beer and this okay I didn’t say I was / fan the last one I think we were over this already why are people still wearing Crocs people need to stop that those are not shoes I know they say they are really comfortable is the same thing for everything that I said today and they look we are ugly and they have these little things on top that they put to make them look cute if you are not Dutch for CH f you get all wear Crocs on the strip that’s it is weird they know we’re they have real colors with weird little things on top people need to stop that all right I was a thing that was years ago I don’t know what they are still going I don’t get it you can wear like fluffy bear slippers this was this week’s video if you have all the things that I miss please let me know I’m glad to just check other ugly things that people are wearing today so if you liked the video this video like subscribe share you know all the things that you should be doing right now if you want to be cool so I’m going to leave you today with that pie

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  2. Aaron McGee says:

    Also: Undercuts/quiffs, bucket hats, geek swag, big nerdy retro-glasses, Nike message shirts, Keep Calm shirts, taper leg pants, boat shoes, and hideous neon running shoes as casual shoes… I'll be glad when this decade is over. Hopefully fashion will be cool again.

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