Fitting Matters: Iron Fitting

Nearly 50 years ago, PING Founder Karsten
Solheim pioneered custom fitting as a way to help golfers play their best. He invented the PING color code chart as the
primary tool to determine a golfer’s ideal iron specifications. Today, the iconic color code chart remains
the standard in iron fitting as golfers all want to know what PING color code is best
for them. Let’s better understand why a proper iron
fitting is so important to playing with consistency and lowering your score. The PING fitting process for irons begins
with a static measurement based on your specific anatomy: how tall you are and how long your
arms are will give us your height and your wrist-to-floor. Having those two measurements is proven over
thousands of fittings that we’ve done of correlating really well with what length of golf clubs
you should use as well as the color code which will establish the lie angle of the golf clubs. During the dynamic portion of the fitting
where you’re actually hitting golf balls, you’re going to want to look for how forgiving
the golf club is, so how your dispersion is. You and your fitter are going to look at launch
conditions, how high you’re launching the golf ball, how much spin you’re producing
for your specific speed and the fitter’s going to really focus on confirming the lie angle
of the club. We’re also going to utilize the shaft to fine-tune
ball flight and change the weight of the golf club to match how you swing it. Before you walk away from your fitting, have
a discussion with your fitter and understand the priority of the iron that you fit into
whether it produces more distance or more dispersion control and both of those have
a place out there for a lot of different golfers so understanding which one is right for you. It’s very important to know how much height
of trajectory, how much stopping power the iron is giving you and have that really good
understanding of your gapping and your set configuration is going to help you set up
your entire bag in a way that can help you play your best golf.

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