Fitting Friday with Lee Westwood – Episode Four: Irons

Hi I’m Lee Westwood. We’re here at Close
House. I’m here to surprise five PING customers and offer them a bit of advice
and a bit of knowledge but generally just take the mickey. Nick, how you doing? So today we’re going to look at irons. The set of irons that I use now they’re
quite an old set of sort of hand-me-down blades that my my uncle gave. Blades?
Yeah. You had to learn to play golf with blades? Yes exactly. I want to see you
hitting some shots with your 37 year old blades. Head out into the bay, hit some
balls but probably just move those out the way for me first. Gotta be careful with them. Woah woah, what are you doing? You can’t be touching those. Should I put it down? Yes please. So Nick’s here looking at a new set of
irons. All right not messing around with my clubs? Not messing around with yours. He’s got
trusted 1981 blades. It’s not always about technology but I think it has
moved on since those came out. Just a little slightly, yeah. Do you want to
you want to hit some for us? Yeah let’s go for it. You wouldn’t get away with much with a
blade like that. You ever played blades? No never. I’ve always used offset I think anybody can do with as much help as possible. Let’s try and help you out a little bit, Nick. This is our color code chart we take
into account your height and your wrist to floor measurement from there we plot
you. You fall right into that category between red and orange so a little bit
flatter than the standard lie angle but standard length golf clubs. Ok. So whenever you’re ready. There’s a slight difference. Just a slight difference! I’ll take a set of those, please! You can see the height, carry
distance, drastically increased very acceptable, yeah. Do you want to give him a demonstration of your 7 iron? It’s good fun but extremely nerve-wracking. Having been fit for these new clubs the technology that’s in them
and how sort of forgiving they are as well I think is going to make a big
difference you know you’re just that much more confident

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