Feet Together Golf Drill ➜ Make A Balanced Swing
Feet Together Golf Drill ➜ Make A Balanced Swing

Are you sick of feeling unbalanced and
feeling like your golf swing is all over the place during a game of golf and you don’t
know how to fix it? In this next video
I’m going to show you a fantastic drill called the feet together golf drill
that’s going to help you make a more centered golf swing, you’ll feel more
balanced, and play a lot better golf. I’ll see you
soon. Hey it’s Troy from www.hittingitsolid.com
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the channel and keep on producing golf videos like this so we can keep
on improving and playing better golf together. Hey it’s Troy here. So if you tried
everything on the golf course when you’re struggling to play well. You’re
feeling out of balance, your swing sort of feels like it’s swaying too much left
too much right and just not too sure what to
do. I’ve got a fantastic drill that I’m
going to take you through as I mentioned in the intro called the feet together
golf drill. it’s going to help you make
that much more centered golf swing so you can become a lot more consistent and
fix a lot of issues even mid-round during a game of golf. So I just want to
go through what is a common issue I see amongst golfers and that’s getting
off-centre and becoming very unbalanced during their golf swing. And what that’ll
look like is if I’m set up like this here. And you quite often see this
probably every weekend on the golf course. You see golfers where they make
their swings and they move too far this way to the right. They sway really
way off the ball and conversely on the way through they’ll swing way too far in
the other direction and that gets them off balance and results in a lot of
inconsistent contact with the golf ball. Now when I say centered I mean my body
roughly in this position here just turning on the same position. I’m not talking
about my head remaining dead still. Because the last thing I want you to do
is be standing over a ball like this and have your head directly still and not
moving at all. And that looks
something like this and that will result in again a lot of inconsistent
shots. So the head has to move and the
body has to turn and rotate but we just don’t want to be moving a body too far
way over to one side or the other side that puts us off balance and makes it
difficult to hit consistent golf shots. And with this drill it’s going to allow
you to make much better timing and a much more balanced
golf swing which will help you catch that ball right in the center of
that clubface a lot more often. So I’m
going to go through with you the feet together golf drill. And this is
a fantastic drill you can practice at home and do it on the range, you can even
do this mid round if you’re struggling and you’re looking for a fix and you can
even do it as a pre shot drill before every golf shot during a round of golf. So I’m going to get into that right now so
just a second. Make sure you pop down
below if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to know if you’ve used this
Drill, if it’s worked for you or if you’ve used another similar drill to
help you get much better balance and stay centered during your golf swing. Pop those down below and I’ll reply to
every comment. Ok, the feet together golf
drill. Let’s do a demonstration of this
now. The first thing to do is put the
club down. I don’t need that at all. So
what you’re going to do is stand, you want to get a little bit of flex
in those knees. Want your feet touching
and your knees touching. I’m just going
to put our hands on our hips and we’re just going to make little rehearsal swings
turning all the way through just like you would with a normal club. Now what
you’ll find as I do these nice and slowly. If I was to get off balance or
even try to put too much weight on this side or that side you’ll fall right over. Some of what this does is it just
teaches you to make really good centred golf swing. Make sure I’m rotating, I’m
shifting that weight. Helps you keep
everything nice and balanced so that I’m not falling over all over the place. And
a great way to start is just getting rid of that club altogether and just doing
really slow little practice moves like this. Now we’re nice and balanced and
that’s how you do it with no club at all. So next thing when to do is obviously
grab a club now. As I said earlier, you
can do this even mid round even as a drill before every golf shot and this
will just help you get better rhythm and timing in your golf shot. So I’ve got my
knees touching my feet touching I’ll grab my club. And all I’m going to do, I’m going to do
is a lot little 3/4 swings and just moving everything through staying nice
and balanced and centered. So here we go
nice and balanced and you can see we can build up a fair
bit of speed doing that just by having everything together. That’s because
I’m just so nice and balanced I can really whip that club, just nicking the
top of the ground just making the top of
the ground I can stay nice and balanced and make really good contact with the
ball now. You can progress your way up to
actually hitting balls and that would be the next step. And you can even practice
playing, I don’t know 2 or 3 rounds of golf. If you ever get the opportunity to
just practice hitting every shot like that, you’ll be surprised at how
consistent you will actually hit the golf ball. Now another key when doing
this drill is you really want to focus on feeling the weight of this clubhead. Because we’ve got everything close
together we’ve got less balance. So by
feeling the weight of this club, I’m feeling the weight helps you make a nice
smooth rhythmical swing and this is fantastic for your timing. You can just
nick the top of the ground. You just nick
the top of the ground every time and that will do wonders for your golf game. So remember practice this at home, at the
driving range or use a pre drill before every golf shot and that will really
help you out lots and lots on the golf course. So there you have it, that’s the feet
together golf drill so that will really help you improve your consistency and
play much better golf on the golf course. So if any questions or comments about
that drill please pop them down below, I’d love to hear from you. Remember to
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that. Now I’ve also got another video
that should pop up above here now. Once
we get this feet together golf drill sorted and we’re making better contact
with the golf ball. The next thing you
need to do is finish the golf swing off and make a great follow-through. So I’ve
got a video above that will take you through that and that will
help you out with the golf game. Once
again thanks so much for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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