Farmers’ Golf competition in Switzerland – Red Bull Hornussen
Farmers’ Golf competition in Switzerland – Red Bull Hornussen

Hornussen is a Swiss traditional sport.
You need four things to play it: a stick, a “hornuss”, a “traf”
and a paddle. It dates back to the times
of Jeremias Gotthelf. Red Bull Hornussen is all
about the strokes. It is different from
the usual Hornussen game. We have invited the best
32 Hornussen players in Switzerland. It’s obviously difficult to play at night
because of the difference
in the environment. Hornussen players are not used to that
but I’m sure we will be able to see enough because the Red Bull Hornuss
is green and shines brightly. I think we will pull it off. It’s great of course. Amazing. It is an incredible feeling
to be able to win that way. I did have some troubles. I am used to seeing the traf on the stick but at night this is extremely difficult so I had to rely more on my intuition. But everything went well.

57 thoughts on “Farmers’ Golf competition in Switzerland – Red Bull Hornussen”

  1. Niall Mahony says:


  2. justinmoto929 says:

    Under 301 club

  3. Matt Mac says:

    Oh yaaaaa

  4. kronblatt says:

    SCHWIIIZ!! 😀

  5. Daniel Kirton says:

    4 th

  6. Dynamic Skater says:


  7. hallo Michele says:

    schwiz each bescht

  8. oBLACKIECHANoo says:

    I don't see how this is competitive. Most of the power going in to the swing is coming from the bat itself bending so much, they don't have to be precise with the bat to hit the ball, and they don't have to aim the ball anywhere specific because they only measure the distance it travels and nothing more.

  9. AmaZingVids272 says:

    I live next to this place 😀

  10. Remo Rüegg says:

    Uuuui ich froii mich jo scho wider so dermasse fescht uf s nögschti eidgenössisch wenn wider gschwunge und ghornusset wird!!!

  11. Ramon Sacks says:

    schwizer sind hald scho dii beschte ;))

  12. Jeenius IAMa says:

    redbull sponsort auch echt jeden scheiss…

  13. Ryan McIntyre says:

    Redbull, wtf?

  14. Owen Behan says:

    Woulda been nice to have maybe oh i dunno some FUCKING ENGLISH subtitles maybe… Ffs

  15. Takoda Castillo says:

    Anyone know what the songs name is at 1:45 or it just a custom

  16. Michel Fuchs says:

    Schwiizzzzz. Bescht LAND ever

  17. Collin Pribula says:

    Wow so hard!

  18. MrSleeps says:

    this looks like a lot of fun, its a bad ass game you guys have in Switzerland

  19. MrClearme says:


  20. Melvin Lauber says:


  21. Evan says:

    Leave it to the Swiss to make golf into some kind of strongman tournament.

  22. oCjLn says:

    As a german i had to turn on the english subtitles…

  23. fabijo says:

    i've lived in switzerland all my life and i've never heard of this sport…

  24. Michael Choe says:

    Wtf is this sport

  25. Rayne Clowd says:

    Check out my Backyard Golf Course ! /watch?v=TD2eDIXS5xg

  26. tomlinsondavid2011 says:

    Flugen floggin rooken stookn

  27. Cody Blackb3ard says:

    I^m a Swiss guy.. and Hornussen was always THE Swiss Traditional Sport… i dont like it, that this Sport now stands under the Red Bull Name !!!!

  28. kuldeep Family says:

    Cool xD i'll try this kind of sport

  29. MrBoJangles says:

    RedBull Subtitles wtf?

  30. Sándor András says:

    OMG… Red Bull supports any kind of craziness nowadays…:D

  31. Bryan Geonzon says:

    WTF Is this sport and why am I only learning this now???

  32. thejinxedone says:

    Redbull couldn't have been more subtle.

  33. Isaac Stone says:

    Just remove railway and put tee then no one can hit ball like pga.

  34. teddyman15 says:

    schwiizer send scho Emmer die beschte gsii 😀

  35. dema mdq says:

    WTF, redbull and golf? Whats next, chess and redbull ? 

  36. Even457 says:

    it's frustrating the video don't show the phosphorescent balls flying in the night

  37. MrSTRONGMAN65 says:

    Haha farmers golf oh mein gott xD hätt nie denkt das so n schwizer sport vo red bull gsponseret werd ^^

  38. Burkhalter Media says:

    swiss sports yes …

  39. Kelian Bovet says:


  40. Titus Tortelloni says:


  41. Paul Kulyk says:

    Shouldn't this be sponsored by Rivella?

  42. Dylan Youngs says:

    Do they do this in America also

  43. HolstromsGhost says:

    Shit video Red Bull, you didnt even show the fielding part of the sport.

  44. Jonathan Maconachie says:

    Can we get one shot that isn't a faked one. Like I wanna see that thing from start to finish

  45. Jay Lee says:

    how did i get here…

  46. Hezekiah Bernadas says:

    Peep at the playboy socks

  47. dcfan1107 says:

    They couldn't show the flight path of the ball? geez.

  48. Grapefruit7 says:

    that is the heaviest fuckin accent i have ever heard jesus this is probably the most swiss video on youtube

  49. Narcissism Incarnate says:


  50. DirtBikeMC80 - says:

    I never knew this even existed. Is this like the ultra hyped up version of golf

  51. Dr. Duck MD says:

    swiss sounds like a redneck version of german. Like for example it would be one of those dialects you would find in the deep south of the u.s.a in a swamp where they speak banjo.

  52. BuzzetYT says:

    Golf on steroid

  53. AndyAlert says:

    HQ Trivia

  54. Steven Hudson says:

    why didnt they show the glowing balls

  55. Quagigitymire says:

    you know shits hardcore when you got chubby gingers playing pro level

  56. Onkel Stevo says:

    Noch jemand wegen Kaya Yanar hier?

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