Everybody’s Golf – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017
Everybody’s Golf – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

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39 thoughts on “Everybody’s Golf – PS4 Trailer | E3 2017”

  1. Abdullah Khalid says:


  2. Bolognese Fart says:

    Better than God of War

  3. Sirius Blenke says:


  4. PompousPoggs says:


  5. Shotana Studios says:

    Good to see Hots Shots back

  6. Hunter Knight says:

    I use to love playing hot shot golf

  7. W3r3gam3r says:

    Is this part of the Hot Shots Golf franchise?

  8. DarkShadix says:

    Rather play this than Dad of War: The movie

  9. Marc F says:

    Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants?

    incase they get a hole in one

  10. Epsilon says:

    I N N O V A T I O N

  11. Taylor B says:

    This and Gran Turismo Sport are the two games I'm excited for this year. Haha.

  12. Dula says:

    Best trailer of E3

  13. eddy_allstar says:

    Encerio alguien compra eso?

  14. AzyPebble says:

    hot shot?

  15. Daniel Loomis says:

    ps have them games

  16. Feras Angel says:

    preorder no joke

  17. Mark Smith says:

    I'm going to need this for Nintendo Switch please

  18. Marcelo B. Nakada says:

    hope there is calm music in game, and forget about this one

  19. Алексей Алексеевский says:

    Wii Golf party HD

  20. Rhansley C says:

    Best PS exclusive :p

  21. Gundamruss Gaming says:

    Day one purchase loved the earlier vita title 🙂

  22. Emiliano M. says:

    Here's the big release boys, Sony just won E3 2017

  23. 19DESERTFOX91 says:

    is the song used in the trailer made for the game or is it from an actual song?

  24. Anthony Hartley says:

    Loved Hot Shots back on PS2, excited play it once more on my PS4. 🙂

  25. matt11708 says:

    been a hot shots golf fan since the ps2 days, cant wait to play this when it comes out. got this preordered

  26. Akasan says:

    How is this not trending with over 10k likes?

  27. Tuning Channel says:


  28. Lonit says:

    has hats. 10/10


  29. randomgamer800 says:

    Who needs TLOU part II when you got this

  30. Wendy Bombril says:

    Remind me Pangya

  31. HercuLex says:

    Spider-Man is nothing compared to this

  32. raXzi says:

    Golf Of War

  33. Asfa Saugina says:

    looks like pangya

  34. Pat McMiller says:

    It´s nice to have a new Everybody´s Golf, but on the other hand, it is a little sad that the characters faces look like Mii ones. A big part of the charm was always the detailed expressions, like in the PS3 Version.

  35. ShivvyCroft says:

    "Show me how…" (to win E3) PLAY STATION

  36. Jason Gartin says:

    Name an exclusive Xbox has that's better than this! I'll wait.

  37. Animu 1 says:

    I love how Sony understands that there is an audience for every type of video game player within their userbase. Some people enjoy these types of games while others may not. That is perfectly fine and Sony knows this very well. They give their userbase a variety of games to try out. They ENCOURAGE their userbase to try out different games. A diverse userbase creates a healthy console ecosystem.

  38. DeadMasterGG says:

    Love this game series, esp the Vita one. The character's faces look a bit off though

  39. Geeked Out says:

    Kinda reminds me of Hotshots gold. Looks fun!!

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