Everybody’s Golf – Easy Allies Review
Everybody’s Golf – Easy Allies Review

Review Copy Provided by PlayStation. Nearly twenty years ago, Everybody’s Golf debuted
in North America as Hot Shots Golf. Now, to celebrate this historic milestone
for the prolific franchise, the worldwide title is simply
Everybody’s Golf to help symbolize a fresh beginning. There’s an increased emphasis towards online
connectivity and open world elements, but is it a good time to hit the links? The journey to becoming a golfing legend first requires the creation
of a custom character. The starting suite of options
offers a sizeable amount of freedom to create a look you’ll like, and more choices become available
through participating in tournaments or purchasing items from the shop
with in-game currency. The constant trickle
of additional rewards is addictive, and showing off your look to others helps add additional incentive
to earn more valuable equipment. The game opens in the Home Area. This single-player location
exists separately from the online world, and players are allowed
to freely explore it in privacy. The primary way to progress
is by competing in tournaments, which nets you gear, coins, and,
most importantly, XP towards the next rank. At certain milestones,
a VS character will appear and initiate a challenge derived
from a set of various rules and modifiers. You might play on courses with mega cups
that make the hole much larger or tornado cups that suck up the ball
when it’s in close proximity. Beating these characters often unlocks
something substantial like a new course, new shot types, or the ability
to fish or drive a golf kart. While the routine of grinding tournaments
can be repetitive, the rewards make them worthwhile. Additionally, the minor story points
are engaging enough to add personality and context
to the colorful cast of opponents. Despite the repetition with tournaments, when it’s time to golf,
the comforting pleasure is undeniable. The basics are easy to pick up
for players of all skill levels. The simple three-click system
initiates the shot and sets the power
and accuracy of your swing. Even though Everybody’s Golf favors
a fast-paced arcade style of play, progressing unlocks
additional shot types like super spins that can dramatically affect tactics. There are also top spins, backspins,
sidespins, and power shots. In the early courses, some of these shot types are unnecessary, but later holes place obstructions
in key locations, forcing you to work around them. Additionally, each club
has a separate progression progression built around power,
control, backspin, and backdoor that level up with continued use. Weather also plays a key role as wind can drastically affect
the direction of the ball. While there are a handful of details
to account for at any given moment, it never feels overwhelming or intimidating
thanks to the new shot types and the measured pace
as new courses are introduced. However, the minor nuances
are what separate elite players. Reading the slope of the green
is essential for accurate putts and can make or break
even the most skilled golfers. Additionally, knowing
when to apply power and risk it all in an effort to advance to the green
or to favor a more cautious approach can mean the difference
between victory and defeat. Fishing becomes available after you’ve progressed far enough
in single-player tournaments, allowing you to rent rods and bait
at various locations. It’s a simple mini game
with a lot of mashing, but leveling up to catch a bigger prize prize is a fun distraction
from swinging the clubs. You’re free to play online at any time, but you’re limited to the same courses
you’ve unlocked in single-player. Each of the game’s five courses
has eighteen holes with two more available as DLC. Once online, you can explore each area
to search for hidden coins and collectibles. There are also daily rankings
on specific holes that offer rewards
and more advanced waters for fishing. If you want to play
with friends locally or online, the option to create private rooms
with custom settings is also available. Seeing players from around the world
completing various tasks adds life to Everybody’s Golf, and the jolly atmosphere it creates
is intoxicating. Turf war is the primary
multiplayer mode at launch. Two teams compete against each other
to post the best score on a handful of holes in a limited amount of time. The time limit contributes
to radically increased tension as players frantically race
from hole to hole. Golf karts can help get to holes quicker
and you can use tokens at warp stations to instantly teleport you
to a hole of your choice. It’s disappointing that these tokens
can be obtained with real money but at least
the advantage they offer is minimal. Everybody’s Golf is engaging
for players of all skills levels and it does a fantastic job
at easing players in. Simple mechanics ensure anyone can play, but additional shot types add extra layers
of depth and strategy. A steady stream
of rewarding unlockables is bolstered by seamless online integration. Even if you don’t like golf,
Everybody’s Golf is worth the time. Easy Allies Reviews are made possible
by generous viewers just like you If you like what you see,
check out patreon.com/easyallies to see our other videos and consider
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64 thoughts on “Everybody’s Golf – Easy Allies Review”

  1. deco983 says:

    Love this series!

  2. Odin J says:

    It seems all the development budget went into paying One Direction for the theme song!

  3. Amauri E. Alcántara says:

    Nice review Huber!

  4. JazGalaxy says:

    Is that first track by Owl City or is it just frighteningly accurate at sounding like Owl City?

  5. VGJunky says:

    Gabby is huge

  6. Hugo Auditore says:

    No High Stakes 7.8-Huber

  7. THE LOBOSS says:

    I miss playing as Adam Jensen in these games…

  8. Turan X says:

    I just don't like golf and therefore would never try a golf game. Not interested in that type of sport and gameplay. Clap Hanz needs to do different sports than golf. They did Tennis twice and It was okay, but a deeper dive into Tennis or Football (Soccer) would be appreciated.

  9. LuxiClickbait says:

    Can't wait for Mini Ladd and Terroriser to play this

  10. L Mitchell says:

    I love this game and the golf club 2 great golf games both offering something different

  11. spike17spiegel says:

    Been thinking about this game but now I'm def picking it up, thanks!

  12. StarTsurugi says:

    I didn't think Huber had the patience for golf.

  13. Moses says:


    (Seriously, Huber's such a hard-worker I can't help but respect him)

  14. E says:

    So where are retrospectives?

  15. mcde27 says:

    Love this game. Hope we get some wacky dlc or some free stuff

  16. insanelol says:

    I watched Lirik stream this recently. I made me want to buy it

  17. FreeDoM87 says:

    Just from the footage I was already annoyed by the online stuff and pay to win mentality that this game has.

  18. Youngster Skaymore says:

    Huber's avatar really looks like him

  19. some rando asshat on the internet says:

    "nice birdie."

    "umm, thanks?"


  20. GroundPoundable says:


  21. Shotana Studios says:

    Same score I gave it.
    I love this game.

  22. Bob Slartibarti says:

    A wii game with xbox avatars on playstation.
    Hell has apparently frozen over

    EDIT Just found out this is a 20 year old Sony franchise XD

  23. Shawn Conner says:

    Great review guys!

  24. iXi Club says:

    I was hoping that final shot would've missed lol. That would've been a funny ending :b

  25. Zanarkand99 says:

    Great review Huber, thought it be a 4.5 though :p.

  26. SivartAuhsoj says:

    How is the local multiplayer? Can I just have a bunch of friends over to play and enjoy the game out of the box, or do I have to grind a bunch of singleplayer content first?

  27. Behemi Okos says:

    Oh for fuck's sake Allies, I didn't know there would be wide, open fields of grass in this golf game. Tag your spoilers next time.

  28. Save Continue Podcast says:

    Looks so good! Open Tee 1 & 2 tooks weeks from me on the psp

  29. Strike Eagle says:

    Leave it to Gametrailers to give Yakuza kiwami a 3 stars but 4 stars to a shitty anime golf game.

  30. Raian Pia says:


  31. Zak Sharman says:

    damn Easy Allies pumping out these reviews

  32. Dr. 2006 says:

    Whose golf is it?

  33. Alexander Engholm says:

    The game for AH.

  34. sttbm says:

    never play any HSG/Everybody's Golf before, but when I first see the trailer I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm not disappointed… really have fun with it, hope they can keep adding new stuff in the future

  35. r4ind4nce says:

    I looove how Tiny Huber dashes around like Young Goku xD

  36. EhCloserLook says:

    I was straight up ADDICTED to playing 'Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds' on the PS3 during my senior year in college. GREAT game, great times, great memories.

  37. Marky Dav says:

    It looks so jank.

  38. Navnet Mitt says:

    Need a stream with a Huber + Bosman avatar team-up with their betting special caps.

  39. WallyBobbywang says:

    Hard Work! Hard Work!

  40. Toy Man 1976 says:

    Looks like a great game!!!

  41. Yi Long says:

    Was excited about this game, but the decision to butcher out the original Japanese voices in order to force a poor local dub on me, is infuriating.

  42. mrmarvel8 says:

    EG is one of my favourite games this year. Absolutely brilliant!

  43. cubic mind says:

    Is it worth playing when I only want to play the singleplayer and with friends on one console?

  44. 1989theblacknight says:

    "The jolly atmosphere it creates is intoxicating."

    I would have known Huber was the reviewer from this alone.

  45. seth cruz says:

    I love the golf, I just dont care for the online aspect, I would love to grab this during a sale though for sure.

  46. Moataz Seada says:

    Pangya Fantasy Golf is my favourite of all times, I hope for it on Nintendo Switch

  47. Pizzachuu says:

    Mini Huber Naruto running made my morning

  48. SufamiDan says:

    This strikes me as an absolute Bosman game.

  49. ryanoco7 says:

    goddamn a 4 for this shit wtf

  50. Clayton Grange says:

    2:31 That looks unsafe

  51. StllBreathnBut_Y says:

    I'm enjoying this, but I can't help but think the gameworlds are kind of ugly, empty, and boring. I feel like so much more could have been done with this concept, and it wouldn't hurt if it looked better than a ps2 game.


  52. mikepeeeee1000 says:

    the graphics are disappointing….

  53. thorazine666 says:


  54. Jeremy Seal says:

    This guy has the best voice on youtube. I miss video game pop-fiction.

  55. Silver Saucer says:

    I really wanted to like this game, been a big fan of hotshots over the years, but the artstyle is too diferent for me and honestly the courses dont LOOK impressive(most golf games have impressive graphics when it comes to foliage).
    This game falls short IMHO… seems more like a 3 or 3.5, maybe if it was $20-$30 but for $40 I expect more on offer.

  56. K.C.O. JoUrNeY!! says:


  57. Seniku Moonjewel says:

    I bought it but traded it in 2 days later, I could not stand the terrible "Wii" level character graphics. it's a PS4, not a PS2. Ugghhhh

  58. SuperNeutral says:

    nice review

  59. Heathen Viking Ronk says:

    Just picked this up today. Can't wait to play.

  60. Mike jones says:

    Hot shots golf has been on every playstation console and handheld ever made.

  61. Miyuru Eranda says:

    Can anyone please tell me
    does this game includes offline singleplayer?

  62. Teshigi Smith says:

    I don't even remember what the reviewer even said, all I could concentrate on was how much he sounds like the guy who took over for Game Trailers a while ago. Always loved that guy's voice for some reason.

  63. TheGManForever says:

    Yet again, a once great series has descended to a cheap awful Japanimation anime style. This is an insult to the great "Hot Shots" games of the past; the funny, lifelike character models, and unlockables (like Kratos in "Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds") have turned into bland, lumps of half-melted clay with arms and legs devoid of unique personalities and all of the cool unlockables are gone.

  64. bobbyw223 says:

    Oh man

  65. Corey Marshall says:

    SOMEONE PLZ HALP! Can you change the camera angles when the ball is in flight like you were able to in Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational with the direction buttons? If not, this is a big mess up. The one default is garbage. You don't know where the ball is going to land until the end.
    They also seemingly removed the cool little hand that would appear and move about with one of the joysticks.

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