100 thoughts on “Etch METAL with Battery Power”

  1. C Boyd says:

    Can I use a laptop charger 15volts 5AMPs ? I was worried the amps is too high and dangerous?

  2. Dave Ransford says:

    The steel bar is polished, sand blast it then try nail polish. It should stick much better

  3. Daanish Dar says:


  4. 69CamaroSS407 says:

    Always wondered what effect MORE Voltage or Amperage has on etching

  5. Zoe and Tay 2 friends who laugh says:

    Nighthawkinlight did this

  6. devilhimself1974 says:

    To blacken what you etched you need to use AC not DC. Just rig up a simple DPDT switch by modding the wall adapter to switch between the two.

  7. MrWillis5719 says:

    Hi Rusty,

  8. Eric Smith says:

    What type of gloves does he use?

  9. Dan Stump says:

    Your 12v converter has a symbol on it that shows pos. and neg. – —–(0—– + Looks kinda like that and it means the outside wrap of your coaxial is the ground.

  10. Texana Lewis says:

    Can you us it for wood burnig

  11. Brad Savage says:

    You should have used acrylic paint instead of nail polish, just an idea idkk

  12. cal30m1 says:

    How about trying different solutions to try to etch aluminum, brass, etc.

  13. IMD says:

    What would happen if you use the home energy (230 v in germany in the usa i dont know) to etch iron?
    would it just completely melt?

  14. Festus McGraw says:

    You are suppose to leave the Qtip in one spot for 10 seconds at a time. For vinegar to work. You have to soak the steel in the vinegar for a few minutes


    Why didn’t you use the ac/dc adapter??

  16. Paul Robinson says:

    needed way more salt. The reason I am saying that is because I watched someone do something similar just before this video and they used a different mixture. They used a mix of salt with a little water in it instead of lots of water with a little salt in it. The engraving they did was much deeper and the conductor they used to apply the electricity to the engraved surface was an iron or steel rod with a clip attached to it with another attached to the steel plate.

  17. Nathan Richardson says:

    DC power is the straight line not the 3 doted line

  18. Nathan Richardson says:

    Can you cut Metal in Half with this method

  19. julio martinez says:

    @kingofrandom revisit this experiment, but with apple cider vinegar instead the acidity is higher and might work better than regular vinegar

  20. Gary Ellis says:

    Instead of a stainless coffee mug (303 grade) would tool steel be better (07 grade or 317L grade), 303 is naturally magnetized where tool steel is not? (Your wrench would be example of 07 grade, a stainless bolt or nut would be an example of 316L)

  21. Tolkien Mayes says:

    This is so easy , I should try this , thanks for an idea for a Sunday Afternoon 😂

  22. Hexen Jager says:

    would this work on silver or a similar processes for silver

  23. Jeff Kennedy says:

    Clean the metal with acetone before sanding. You'll have better luck with getting paint/nail polish to adhere properly.

  24. Infamous Justice says:

    Nail polish works, just don’t use high grit to sand it. Let it dry well before etching.

  25. Larry Hegs says:

    You should try filling the etch with resin.

  26. Robert Phelps says:

    up date time…. how does the cup look now?

  27. James F says:

    Run those two 9volt batteries on series and get a quick solid etch with 18 volts

  28. last time says:

    put tape under nail pulish

  29. gaming tutorials says:

    We love you nate

  30. malik thilakarathna says:

    Can we use two 12v adapters so it will be 24v out put 2amp. ? Is it possible anyone can reply for this.

  31. rita Jingoku says:

    The Ring of Kandom

  32. Kraftyjoker says:

    You either used the wrong polish (there's WAY more than one kind), or didn't allow it to dry enough. =]

  33. Gaming Madness says:

    use acetone for removing the nail polish as a mask

  34. Haco ndn says:

    4:35 turn turn turn oh… its a flip top

  35. Haco ndn says:

    if you use the nail polish as the relief and etch around it it works better

  36. Michael D says:

    Did you change the 9v battery out between the comparisons?

  37. Hair Care And Share says:

    Guess I have a new business idea.

  38. Jonathan Towle says:

    Beeswax etc 🐹

  39. Knight Knight says:

    you need to abrade the substrate in order for any coating to "stick" to it. IE sandblasting, wire wheel, grinding disc, coarse sand paper etc

  40. I'm Someone You Might Know says:

    after etching try electroplating it

  41. Evan glad says:

    Do a timelapse of how long it takes to etch all the way through a piece of metal and a different type of materials. And see what will happen if you use lot of voltage

  42. Lucas Wackford says:

    I used 2 coats of nail polish and I used a gel finish polish.

  43. Pure Jade says:

    Will it be rusty after a month???

  44. Ace Parojinog says:

    Did you have a best procedure to remove those stains left in the steel?

    Hoping for a response 🙁 please need to know

  45. wesleythomasm says:

    + attach to surface
    – attach to etching pen

  46. Tarman The Champion says:

    Could having more salt in the salt solution produce a better etch?

  47. Carole Williamson says:

    Would more salt etch quicker and deeper?

  48. Richard Ellis says:

    How about checking with salt and vinegar mix

  49. Richard Ellis says:

    Yeah the more power than better and you know why salt works so well and it turns into an acid as it’s electrified that and it’s also an excellent conductivity

  50. Richard Ellis says:

    I like your tape idea it sticks better because it said he sieve and it also holds up under alcohol because alcohol breaks down it he sieve due to the Acid and rubbing alcohol would definitely pretty much clear off nail polish

  51. Joseph Martin says:

    What was the ratio salt to water mix?

  52. R L saved says:

    See a doctor, to funny

  53. Idiot Test says:

    For best results use salt and vinegar red on metal and neg black on qtip

  54. Andy Torrealba says:

    Buen video, compadre. How make to give color any metal with electrolysis?

  55. dreamlessfull says:

    I used candle vax melted on the surface which I after scribed with a pointed metal tip. Worked great

  56. Marty theMartian says:

    Be careful with advertised Butt Wipes; they are not really flushable and can clog up your sewer pipes, making life stinky.

  57. Donald Duncan says:

    Try this with a 110v arc welder

  58. Louie Keller says:

    Use Testor's model paint for your stencil…It works great for making circuit boards via acid etching

  59. Nonya FknBusiness says:

    I wonder if you could get a better finish if you coat the cup completely and then cut out the design you want, and instead of using a q-tip to etch, you just electrolized a solution and dipped the cup.

  60. Michael Gasperik says:

    When using vinegar you still need to use salt.


    In Australia white line on a black wire is positive….

  62. TheOGMachine says:

    Or maybe a beer keg

  63. Itatsu Uchiha says:

    May he rest in peace

  64. Tommy Sanders says:

    I'm wondering if it'll work with aluminum?

  65. DONALD BAYES says:

    Have you ever tried this with copper

  66. Michael Welker says:

    Would this work with copper?

  67. Gaming History Source says:

    You can also mask the area off with a raised lip to submerge the etching in vinegar & inserting the negative lead attached to a penny. It will give it an even gold tone. HOWEVER !! Don't allow the penny to touch the steel because it will concentrate & ruin the etch.

  68. Robert Langley says:

    Excellent thank you for taking time to show us.

  69. justin miller says:

    Who killed him? 😠

  70. That Goose says:

    There is a difference between power and voltage. The Adapter output is DC voltage

  71. That Goose says:

    The two nine volt batteries were connected in series so it was about 18v

  72. That Goose says:

    You're also making chlorine gas by the way

  73. Johan Smit says:

    Does it have to be steel?

  74. SKHILLBILLYslurrrs says:


  75. Michael Pardi says:

    Tanks sir..iam from indonesia
    Mount bromo east java

  76. Dean Henthorn says:

    Electroplating with a gold ring as a source will fill the areas that were yellows part of the crown. Copper will plate also!

  77. Só Mais Uma Inscrita says:

    I know I’m really late, but the trick to use nail polish as a mask is to only apply a thin layer of it, the more you apply the easier it peels off

  78. Moni R says:

    Would this work on pewter?

  79. Richmond Valeza says:

    nice sticker bro.. how can i have one

  80. james rolfe says:

    Vinagar with salt to make an acid solution

  81. Rysdam Design says:

    So question if you added to black dye or maybe very water down black paint would have give it a color design maybe ?

  82. Toni Touchberry says:

    Honey! Try mixing at lot more salt with vinegar! Works great! Been doing that for years!

  83. Ranch Life says:

    Cool video thank you for your time and advice

  84. Mike Merriott says:

    I wonder if you can use this method to sharpen dull knives.

  85. lori rubideaux says:

    use a ohm meter to tell + from –

  86. Phantom Of The Opera says:

    Should have sand blasted, not the purpose of the video but a lot better results.

  87. Harsh Jain says:

    Those people are not giving any discount on your coupon.

  88. Manuel Vargas Moreno says:

    This method is called electrolysis, I use copper sulfate if I want to engrave copper, and if I want to engrave aluminum I use aluminum sulfate. As the polish I use engraving polish from graphic chemical or I make it dissolving chapopote and turpentine

  89. sergio urquijo says:

    The venegar is used with salt also. There is not chrrent flowing. You could have checked with an amp meter to see if you need more current o more voltage

  90. Sean Foltz says:

    Paint the negative of the design with the nail polish rather than trying to scrape it away.

  91. 충저전기 says:


  92. Trickbaby says:


  93. KCHstudio Phx says:

    Will this work on brass copper nickel anything else

  94. R. VISHAL RAVI says:

    Are they temporary????

  95. Saartjie_69 says:

    Ive used a larger, similar method to clean off welding stains from stainless steel…. The machine for the job was a current source similar to welder, phosphorus acid and weaved fiberglass cloth… I guess you can use fiberglass instead of cotton, the fiberglass will last a lot longer than the cotton

  96. SpyerSecol 001 says:

    Try using electrical tape to mask and a high powered laser to cut the decal.

  97. Klaudia Kubik says:

    Could you try a fun way of carving wood next. Thanks😀

  98. Alejandro Rangel says:

    Will it work on aluminum?

  99. tl4ever262 says:

    Try rubber cement and a brush made from a toothpick with the end crushed.

  100. Jack Doe says:

    i got about $2AUD…

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