EP 17 || ควันหลงสงกรานต์ กอล์ฟ ไมค์ ทำสิ่งที่คุณไม่เคยเห็นมาก่อน ต้องดู!! [cc ENG SUB]
EP 17 || ควันหลงสงกรานต์ กอล์ฟ ไมค์ ทำสิ่งที่คุณไม่เคยเห็นมาก่อน ต้องดู!! [cc ENG SUB]

Hello Hi my youtube fans out there This vlog is a throw back of what I do during Songkran Right now I’m about to get in my outfit and head to meet Mr. Mike today is the 13th the first they people enjoying the Songkran festival Mr. Pirat said he wanna shoot a vlog So I’m like “ok ok u wanna shoot right” so i said “ima go with u on the 13th” since its been long time we meet up So this afternoon we will start the shoot on vlog for China Social media He said it will all be in Chinese..I’m so excited First, lemme get change and head to him So I’m out now On a ride to see Mike people start splashing water now at the side of the street so crowded Now I just arrived at Mike’s hotel and Im gonna crash his room Now i’m at the floor he stayed at Tryna find his room now – door knock – Heyyyyyy R u done yet Mr. Handsome? I got something to show ya / What? Where’s my shoe? Tadaaa!! got LED light (He doesn;t care) So we need to prepare and choose the Mask by scissor paper rock what scissor, paper, rock? We do that to choose the mask We’re about to start shoot Chinese vlog Can you explain the shoot bro? Brrr…. Damn…Spiderman! So we need to do a lucky draw So we will get this mask which u will try to cheat to get it right? Look u can do this to its eyes Where’d u buy it? I won’t tell ya Heyyyyy short or tall stick Ben tell me u guys planned the cheating right? Nahhhhhhhhh / not yet We din’t prepare any plan u sure right? short stick u get Yoda mask longer stick u get spidey mask So where’d u bough it? / Hold on wait..we shoot first Are we gonna get to shoot..caz he is only one shooting short stick get small gun..long stick get the big one “Let’s start the shoot now” Hi I’m Golf. Happy Songkran Festival Hello guys…oh windy put that button on we can’t air it like that When we gonna shoot the wind always hit us today is Songkran Festival z z Z you came 2 hours late because of uploading Golf-Four GOLF gonna be quite TOday is..ah cut cut So good at teasing Can u teach me how to make your hair? How did u do it? hold this Its already hot Is there anything easier to use with hairstyling? can u do it? my head! hahaha Why do I feel like…In the camera I look like kinda low Oh caz u were reaching He seems like having bad plan on my hair It doesn’t look any different ah so u want it different right no no just iron it the other way round Why would u do it different way do it yourself then Hey Mike! So this is the result of my hair after Mike styled it look like I came from some sort of war So he’s doing a little bit of his hair. whilst just now he said “Why u doing hair?We’re wearing mask anyway” Let’s Go Now we are on our car right? / Yaaa Mike? / Yaaa We heading to Siam to check out the water festival zone wanna know what we can do there It’s been so so long…. 4-5 years that I’vent join the festival So in Chinese we say Songkran is like Thai New year So basically that is what it means like comparing it to Chinese New Year we gonna drop out now Mike! your gun We’ve arrived at SiamSquare don’t get lost we both don’t have a phone now exciting im so damn excited Oyy!! Cold Water Arghh! Fire in the hole they fight back! what’s wrong? watch out for your eyes I can feel water hitting my eyes have to keep telling Mike to watch out for people shooting to the eyes having fun bro? / It’s good wow wow da hell he’s doin? dude don’t punch me Is that move from “May wang gum lung ten”? let’s shoot him That’s Jedi Time to head back to the room for game time We back to the room now right bro? He doesn’t care been a while since we get to play in the crowd like that It’s too crowded even I was in the mask they manage to shoot through the lens I was like.dang but you’ve got the lens that u can close it does it? I did close it but I can’t see the way caz of the moist U blind or something? yea I’m Bli…… Time for Water Balloon bombs game I lost but how…. So I lost water balloon game in Golfour Go Round Channel and now this!! again? Oh shoot!! my silva Yo I’m ready!!!! Come on!! ohhh Ok now this is too rough you’re standing way to close move back a little its too close Hadoken Oyyy…u didn’t get me dude Right in my ears Mike what just happen? necklace hit my mouth karma hit u back so fast What was that? necklace hit my mouth stand straight bro damn u Mike Ok let’s play softly now it starting to hurt Hurry up break it damn u Mike Ohh So fun Why do I feel like Mike is a better thrower than four Four was so soft throwing at me may be because she’s a girl Mike throw so hard and too close up and the balloons were so so big when he throws it I was like wait wait When it hit my ears I was like so dizzy Wink Wink Time for a payback Hey wait wait… my camera This one is not water resistance Im gonna do some 1st person shooter style Mike u cheater Mike I can’t see a thing Oh he took my gun He’s such a cheater Oh well it feels like someone showering for you That’s enough Mike Enough! Mike…Hey You really put the shampoo on me Why you little!!!! u really did put it !! Look how he clean it for me Hey my phone He’s throwing stuff at me don’t throw stuff Ok so now we stopping fooling around for real There’s a corpse lying dead right there wow heyyyy!!! Mike It almost drop down you almost drop it down there How was the movie shoot in Dubai ? very good Did u get to play the shark slider? yea I get to swim with sharks So the shampoo is still stuck on my hair The End Have u guys enjoyed you Songkran and where did u go? comment below and share with me if u wanna watch other vdos click around my head If you like this vdo please subscribe press like / share / notify Please do so So it give me power to do more vdos in the future Thank You Byeee

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  1. Golf Pichaya says:

    เห็นคนเข้ามาดูเยอะเราก็ดีใจ มาดูกันเยอะๆงี้นะในคลิปต่อๆไป พอไมค์กลับมาจะถ่ายให้อีก แต่สัญญาว่าดูคลิปอื่นๆเค้าด้วยยยน๊า แชร์ด้วยยน๊า !!!!! >c< ทำตาปริบ!! นั่งตัดมา2-3วันหายเหนื่อยเลยยย!!!

    Ok guys I feel so happy to see many people enjoy this vdo with Mike. All my hard work in editing this EP for 2-3 days till early morning had paid off….Promise me to enjoy my other future clips as well so when Mike come back again I promise to make vdo with him…..thanks guys see u next EP love ya all been reading so many comments and laughing….xoxo

  2. Norhidayah Zaini says:

    Golf & Mike cuteness overloaded 😘😘😘

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    They both r so identical I always get confused 😅anyways this vlog was fun to watch…love from India 🇮🇳

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    Salaam dari indonesia kakkk mauu juga dong subtittle indonesianyaa 😂😂❣❣

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    Golf screaming "Miiiikee!" can be my alarm clock. Hhaha

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    My Idol you have a twin or that one your brother?

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    Please do give English sub title… 😢😢

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    ลง กอล์ฟไมค์ อีก นะค่ะ อันี้สนุกมากลยคะตอนกลับมาโรงแรมอะคะ

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    2พี่น้องเล่นกันน่ารักมากเลย… ติดตามทั้ง2 คนมานานแล้วจร้า

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    That jump 😂😂♥of 13:20🤣

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    เป่ายิ้งฉุบ เล่นใหญ่มาก😂😂😂

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    If there is a sister goals, there is also a brother goals and it is them!

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    แงงง ชอบเวลาพี่น้องอยู่ด้วยกันง่ะ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    เอ่อ ทำไมน้องชอบสูงกว่าพี่ตลอดวะ555 ซึ่งเราก็เป็น เรา168 น้อง173

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    You don't need to copy his hair hahaha cz You look the same Hahaa😂😂

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