England vs Germany Golf Shootout – Part 1
England vs Germany Golf Shootout – Part 1

22 thoughts on “England vs Germany Golf Shootout – Part 1”

  1. Beach Fraser says:

    Nothing worse than a German Scouser!! Schies die wand  an !! (Get Fletch to translate that for you Andy!!) lol

  2. Tomas says:

    3:53 a contender for worst joke of 2017

  3. SmartBimson says:

    Go Germany Go Germany 👍🏻🎉 and what a nice putter cover 🙂 🙃😉

  4. Surrey Golf says:

    When coaches suggest picturing the shot as part of a pre shot routine I don’t think thin bullet into a cat would be one of them!😊

  5. Mike Ferrannini says:

    Carter and Fletcher playing like a balanced machine so far for Team England but Team Germany says they will make the comeback and are not to be discounted….Yes definitely want to see what happens next…

  6. Joe Perez says:

    Another impressive continental layout. Never learned how to say anything from the German half of the family other than to ask if you'd like some cake & coffee. 😌


    Great vlog guys, Tony to Andy “take that away” ha ha, I didn’t hear him say that to you in the last vlog Andy!.

  8. J S says:

    that Fletch is a bit of a douche. Take Matt next time!

  9. dave mac says:

    Tony is an absolute legend

  10. Gerard Funds says:

    Forget WGC's Ryder Cup's, Open's or Tiger coming back…this is THE Match to watch!!! Come on Lads, Go On England!!! lol!

  11. Howie Land says:

    Course looks great! Go England!

  12. Tony Reimann says:

    Come on guys this is YouTube. At least the Germans have the guts to hit driver on the first rather than pussy three wood!

  13. spud_.308 says:

    Another enjoyable episode of mrs brown's boys

  14. Dave Allen says:

    Great craic gents…brilliant!

  15. wayne fitzgerald says:

    Great vid Andy .dont let a mixed up German back in it

  16. G Golfer Goddess says:

    I think Fletch is really a cute guy 😀

  17. Ruud Schrijvers says:

    Go England! Go England! Go England! Keep practicing your German Andy!

  18. Malcolm A. says:

    Super start to what should be a great mini-series
    Some great golf and nice banter to boot PLUS Tony joining in

  19. Kristján Hjelm says:

    England lost against Iceland in football!

  20. Disc Hyzer says:

    Worth it. Clap edit well done. Really entertaining vlogs.

  21. David B. says:

    Bloody Hell, Egmating that 10km from where I am. Hope you played some other tracks, Gut Thailing, Ebersberg, Eichenreid!

  22. Live Your Life says:

    3:52 "It's black it's just been in the sun to much"

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