[Eng/Thai Sub] Mike Angelo’s LIVE clip on Weibo on Mar 22, 2019

Translated by Ce Wu. Hello Please introduce yourself. Hello, everyone. I am Mike. Today, I am at… The Sina headquarters building. Sina’s company? The company. Today, we are here at Weibo TV filming a Weibo short video. We, Weibo TV, posted a trailer on Weibo. A lot of fans left comments about the trailer. They have a lot to say to you. Now, we already logged in to the Chinese drama account. Let us take a look and see what kind of questions they have. Uh huh. In the comment area… your supporters are here. Your supporters are here. They are asking you. Mike: Your supporters are here. What have you been up to, recently? Mike: What have I been up to, recently? I’ve been busy eating! I have been… no…not just recently, but I have always been busy. What you have been up to, recently? Can you share it with our fans? Filming… um… magazine shoots … what else… attending conference(s) What else… um… Oh… I just… I just finished filming a movie. Alright! Oh, this… Thai language. Thai language. That’s correct. Your name is included in her name. Mike. Mike Tiantian. Do you know what this is? I don’t know. What is this? This is “love ni.” Love? Love. love Love you. Ah ha…. That’s correct. Love you. Alright. Earlier, I asked you what do you like to eat in a hot pot? Do you like hot pot? That’s my favorite. Really? What do you usually order for the hot pot? Um… lamb, beef, duck tongues Duck tongues are my favorites. Your favorites are tongues? That’s so unique. Mike: that’s correct. Can you take spicy food? Do you eat Chongqing hot pot? Actually, I used to not eat spicy food. But, after I came to China, I started to eat spicy food. Now, I like to eat it every day. Now, you like to eat hot pot every day. Correct! Alright. Now, this fan, Yulin… Yulin asked you, can you film more heart-wrenching love drama? What? Heart-wrenching? Love drama. Oh, love drama. Something extremely sweet. Yeah, sure! What else? (My dramas) are always very sweet. Haha… they are all very sweet per se. And then… Lirong… Lirong asked you… Gege (older brother), how do you spend your idle time when you’re on a set? What was that? When you are being idle on a set. Film set? When you are filming. Oh, when I’m filming? That’s correct. What do you do when you are on a set? Do you play games? Or listen to songs? Haha…or do you prep your scripts? I’d memorize the scripts. I’d memorize the scripts while eating. Because I need to speak Chinese. Does it take a long time to memorize the scripts? Yes, it takes a long time. Goodness! Amazing. No wonder your Chinese language is at level ten. There’s a reason why your Chinese is at level ten. Yes, level ten. That’s correct! And then… someone wants to know: what is your next film? Next film? I’m not going to tell you! Haha… so mischievous. When will you have a fan-meeting? I’m not going to tell you! Wait for the surprise. Alright! Stay-tuned. Our official page mentioned that after the video is finished today, you will go on a long live chat with everyone. Can you chat directly with your fans who are watching this live now? Can you? Alright! Alright! I will talk to them directly. One moment. Aiya… where is it? I see my hand. Oh! Here we go! Hello! And then? Aiya…I gained weight! You had too many duck tongues. Ate too many duck tongues, that’s correct! Oh my goodness! What happened? I gained weight. You didn’t gain weight. So much meat (fuller face). I can’t see the questions. Can’t see the questions. Can’t see the questions. Can you chat with the fans about anything? Alright, alright! Are they still watching the live broadcast? Are you all watching? Oh, I just remember something. Right before the live-broadcast, you prepared some corny pick-up lines for the fans. Corny pick-up lines? Corny film. Corny pick-up lines. Corny pick-up lines. I see. Sweet pick-up lines. You are going to hit me. Are you tired? I’m not tired. You’re not tired? You have been running around all day in my heart. (I’ve been thinking about you all day.) What else? Um…. Which Chinese horoscope do you belong to? I belong to the pig. (I was born in the year of pig.) No, you belong to me. There should a round of applause at this time. What else? Do you like cats or dogs? I like cats. Meow. Then, you like me! Too cute! Too cute! In “My amazing boyfriend 2,” are there lines that you think are sweet? Sweet lines? You can think of me as the female lead, and ask me a question that you normally would. I forgot them all. I don’t remember them. I forgot them all. Can you think of a scenario? What is a scenario? Can you tell him what is a scenario? Ah! Hmm… What else? Can you help me? You can ask the fans to come up with questions. Alright, let’s do this … first. What is this? During the proposal, Xue Lingqiao kept… I can’t read it. What? Can’t read it. If you like, after we are married, I can take you to… Oh, I remember this! Yeah? You do remember that one. If you like, after we are married I can take you to… What kind of marriage proposal would you do? Which one? Marriage proposal. Marriage proposal. Let’s just do these two lines. Where are you going to escape to? You kept saying, deep forest. If you like, after we are married, I can take you there. Where do you think you are going to escape to? If you like, after we’re married, I can take you there. Alright! Is that ok? Where do you want to escape to.. Where do you want to escape to? Alright. If you like, after we’re married, I can take you there. Ok! Where do you want to escape to? Deep forest. If you like, after we’re married, I can take you there. Wow! Amazing! It is definitely very sweet! A fan is asking… A fan is asking, how do you lose 2 kg within a week? Is there a trick that you can share? Don’t eat. Just joking. How can anyone survive without eating. Um… I… I have always been exercising. I… um… How many hours of exercise do you do every day? About two hours. Do you do it every day? After filming, I’d exercise everyday. Did that include yesterday? What about today? I’m not going to exercise today. Haha… so cute! Any more questions from the fans? They are asking why do you go online late into the nights? I was memorizing my lines. I was eating, alright? I was memorizing my lines because… um… tomorrow? No… the following day, I had magazine shoots and interview(s). Everyday tonight Everyday tonight Every night. I have to memorize lines every night. I memorize until late at night. Then, I get hungry. Then, I have to order a takeout. And then, I have to eat. Then, I check the clock. I check the time, and it’s already two or three o’clock. Alright. Another fan is asking you, what is the latest Chinese words you have learned recently? Rainbow fart! (Fans making flattering remarks to their celebrity.) Rainbow fart! What else? And um… Pottery-making. Pán ní. (The interpreter or the assistant corrected his pronunciation.) Qihai (Take advantage of and harm someone.) I qihai you. (Mispronunciation) Haha…I xihan (treasure) you. It’s not qihai, it’s xihan. Why would you do qihai? I treasure you. Dialect! Do you speak a dialect? What is a “dialect?” Don’t say gibberish. (Speaking in a northern dialect.) Northeastern region dialect. Oh, Northeastern. What are you doing? (Speaking in a Northeastern dialect.) Don’t say gibberish. (In Northeastern dialect.) (Unintelligible.) Alright! (In northern dialect.) A fan is asking if you have plans to play the good guy and the bad guy (antihero) in the same film? Yes! I feel this is an interesting character. An interesting character. Oh… When will you have a fan-meeting? Highly anticipated. Stay-tuned. Haha… stay-tuned for this one as well? (You said) highly anticipated, so (I said) stay-tuned. (The phrases happened to rhythm with each other.) A lot of fans are asking do you ever hide among the fans, and read their chats? Do you visit to your fan group (pages)? I have been reading them. I have been visiting (the pages). You have been hiding among the fan groups? Do you also read the comments? Mike: I do. Host: Do you also watch the videos from your fans? My interpreter has been interpreting them for me. I’d read them and ask her what they are saying. So you have been hiding among the fans and reading them secretly. Ah huh. Whoa! This a shocking news! Do you like the emoticons created by the angels? Ah huh. Do you use them yourself? Do you like them? I save… how do you say that? I save them. I use them in my Weibo…? Weibo…? your emoticon. So, you’re saying that you do use the emoticons made by your fans on Weibo? That’s correct. Wow…you are really caring. I also give them to my friends. My assistant, my agent, and my staff all have them. So, do you like your fans creating emoticons for you? I do. You do? Alright, then let’s face the camera and do some expressions. Really? Can you? Um… what should I say… one moment. Arrangement. Arrangement? What is that? Oh, arrangement! Arrangement… arrangement… arrangement. One moment. One moment, Oh my hair today is so messy! Make arrangement! Alright, next…let’s do a… Let’s do a frowny expression. The fans said (the hair) looks great! Frowny. Frowny? Ah huh. Frowny…how do you…? Ah! Was that “obnoxious?” Your frames are being captured for emoticons. Alright, this (other) expression. Let’s show the fans a glimpse of it. This expression. Do you want to kiss me? Just point at your mouth. You have to use your finger to point at your mouth. Do you want to kiss me? You have to say it. Oh, I have to say it? Do you want to kiss me? Do you want to kiss me? So cute! What other expressions are there? What kind of expressions do you all want to see? Am I handsome? Mike is really expressive. Innocent-and-cute. I want to see innocent-and-cute. Innocent-and-cute. I’m almost 30 years old! Alright, let’s do a serious expression. A serious expression. Alright! Being serious? Being serious! Being serious. Not ready yet. Not ready yet. One moment. Being serious. Being serious. Wasn’t that being serious? And, being jealous. Being jealous. This is the same as being seductive. Alright, let’s do being confused. This expression. The Ultraman scratching his head. Scratch your head and look confused. Oh… Ok. Excellent! The time has almost come to an end for the interaction with the fans. And then…let’s continue Due to the location of the site, there are lots of passionate Sina employees are here. Can you stay 10 minutes? Another 10 minutes, is that correct? Oh, I don’t know how to open it. Alright, we got another ten minutes of the interaction with the fans. We were going to start the greeting with the colleagues segment. Ok, we will continue with the interaction segment. Now, do we still want to go with emoticons or something else? Ok, ok. Sing? Sing. What have you all been up to recently? I don’t understand it. (Fans’ responses were in Chinese.) Sing a song? Ah huh. Which song should I sing? One moment. Songs, songs, songs. (Gibberish) Um… Sing a song. Sing a song. The fans are saying the “Fan song.” What is a “fan song?” He knows it. What is it? The “fan song.” The “supportive fan song.” Sing along with the “fan song.” Let me look for it. One moment. Are you going to start to sing? “Angel.” You are my angels. The angels that give me happiness. Wow… so sorry to interrupt you. I’m sorry. No problem. Some people live for a fortune. Some people live just for the fame. Some people live for the power, yeah… Some people live just to play the game. Some people think the physical things define what’s within. And I’ve been there before, That life’s a bore. Oh! So full of the superficial. Hm..that’s it. Alright, ok. The fans are asking if you are going to eat hot pot today? Um… today? Make arrangement! Make arrangement. Can I? Can I? Can we go for the hot pot? Are you treating him high-handedly? I’m not treating him high-handedly. Are there any more questions, fans? Why do you like hot pot so much? I don’t know why either. Actually, when I came to China, my friend(s) took me to have a hot pot. I think it was too spicy. Too spicy? I couldn’t get used to it. But now, it is my favorite. I don’t know why. What is your favorite food? Duck tongues. Duck tongues. Duck tongues. Now, the ducks all run away when they see me. Can you recommend any good Thai dish to everyone? Can you recommend any good Thai food to everyone? Thai dish? That would be my cooking. Your cooking, is that correct? Ah huh. Do you usually cook? Go down to the kitchen (cook) ? Cook. Cook. Um…I do. I do. Wow… what is your best dish? Tom Yam Kung soup. Tom Yam Kung. When I was in Dubai, I made it. I was staying in a villa. I made Tom Yam Kung soup. Um… Any more questions? What about Yunchi hot pot? Yunchi hot pot? Yunchi hot pot. What is this? This is from a fan. “Looking forward to your next one.” Wait one moment. Stay-tuned! Now… I feel Mike’s best Chinese sentence is “stay-tuned.” “I’m not going to tell you!” I’m not going to tell you! “I don’t know!” I don’t know! Between hot pot and angels, which do you love the most? Angels! Between angels and hot pot, which one? Because angels can take me to have hot pot. Hey, I have really gained weight. No, you didn’t. Have you seen the Tolbas interview? Can you selfie more? Can you selfie more? Can you selfie more? A fan was asking I see I thought you were asking me that question. Alright, alright. A fan is asking, do you make good Tom Yum Goong soup? Yes, it’s good. What is it? You are always busy with work everyday. Where do you find time to learn Chinese? I have never learned it. I don’t have time to learn Chinese. Oh, he’s here. Please don’t walk around. The other day, I bought a Chinese book… because I don’t have time to learn (take a lesson). So, I have to learn it on my own. A fan wanna see you dance Can you turn the light on? (unintelligible) The light could not be turned on. Will you always stay in China? Huh? Will you always stay in China? Yes. I have been staying in China. Frequently. Frequently, was that correct? Jīngcháng (Mike is pronouncing the phonetic spelling of “frequently.”) Cháng. Cháng. What is the difference between sleeping on the beach and on a sofa? What was that? What is the difference between sleeping on the beach and on a sofa? Sleep on a sofa? Sofa is warmer… but sleeping on the… beach beach the beach is very cold. And…and… the sand… gets in the eyes. That’s correct. A fan is asking, do you know how to say knees in Northeastern dialect? What word in Northeastern dialect? Knees. Knees, knees. How do you say that in Northeastern dialect? Um…I don’t know that in Northeastern dialect. Bōluó gài Huh? Bōluó gài. Bōluó gài. How do you say that? Bō lún gài er Correct! Bō lún gài er Give a message to the camel. She probably felt really good because I gave her a good message. Did you feel good? How would I feel good? I was the one who gave the message. Was it a hard work for her? She worked hard. Did you work hard? I did too. Huh? Was she happy? She was happy. Were you happy? Yes, I was happy. I gave her a message. When she’s happy, I’m happy. Do you all love me? Miss me? Miss me? How many selfies should I take? Four selfies. Zhī Zhí Zhǐ Zhì. (Mike is practicing the four tones of the phonetic sounds of number four.) Zhì, four. My selfies are really that bad? Are they really that bad? Are they really that bad? Well? Hello? What about the beach? The beach. The beach. The pictures (from the beach). How were the pictures from the beach? My assistant took them for me. Can you think of your fans as your friends, and give them a wake-up call? Fans dreamt that they have friends… What was that? Oh! Wake-up call? That’s correct! Ask them to wake up. This is the last question. Last one! (Give us) the wake up look. Just woke up? Alright! Alright. Babe, wake up. Wake up… Wake up… There’s only one hour. Haha…one minute! One minute. Ah, minute. “Xiǎoshí” is… One minute! Ah… “Xiǎoshí” is “hour.” “Fēnzhōng” is … a minute. Now, this is the last minute. Is there anything else you want to say to me? I’m going to… … don’t shake. Alright. Don’t shake. Mike is very tired today. We will end the Interaction-with-the-fans segment right here. Does Mike need to say anything else? Please say bye-bye to everyone. Alright, see you all next time. Hope to see you all. Happy departure. Um… now, I will leave first.

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