[Eng/Thai Sub] Mike Angelo @ Happy Camp TV Show in China on Dec 22, 2018

[The Flair of Perfume] [Performed by: Xie Na, Du Haitao, Mike, Xu Weizhou, Hou Minghao. Dance team: Precision Dance Space. Original singer: Zhang Jie. Lyrics & music: Peter Wallevick/ Daniel Davidsen/Kieran Alleyne/Dantae Johnson. Arrangement: Phd (Peter Wallevick/ Daniel Davidsen) Translated by Ce Wu. [Mango TV, exclusive broadcast] [Mike] Hou Minghao Du Haitao Xu Weizhou Xie Na Haitao, Hou Minghao, Xu Weizhou, and Mike. {Word guessing game. Mike doesn’t read Chinese} [A tremendous pressure] Mike! Mike! I want to challenge Mike! You want to challenge Mike, is that correct? [I see hope of winning] I want to challenge Mike. No, I want to challenge Mike. Pengpeng will continue to challenge Xu Weizhou because both of you are on the same level. [I’ll spare you some embarrassment!] I’ll spare you some embarrassment. [It seems a little difficult to do… ] Teacher He, which number are you going to station at? Which number do you want me to station at? As long as you don’t select number 2, anything else is fine with me. Alright, I’ll challenge ‘Little Hou.” Alright, are we all set? We are arranging it this way because Wu Xin insisted on challenging Mike. [Feeling shy] Please take a look, everyone. There’s a slight change on the stage. Teacher He, the walking dictionary, has gone up there. Live dictionary. The walking-live dictionary has gone up there. Over here, we have someone who has never seen a (Chinese) dictionary. Ready? Pengpeng? I will win for sure. Win over Xu Weizhou at least once. You and Xu Weizhou are starting on an equal footing. The first round already has something very interesting. [Full of Hope!] Hope is here! {Wu Xin is known to lose every single game, and Mike does not read Chinese} Omg! Wu Xin vs. Mike! I feel this is a guaranteed win for Wu Xin. There’s a kind of winning called “win even doing nothing but lying down.” Don’t lie down because she’s not going to get up. {Wu Xin is known for not being able to wake up from sleep.} Please take a look at the challenge question for round one. Go! {These are parts of a character, find the extra part that does not belong to the character, from boxes 1-4} 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3… Remove one and three. You can only remove one part. You can only remove one of them. Remove three! Remove three. [Doesn’t look good for me] [The answer is: Chen] I can’t believe it! It’s the “chen” in the phrase “Changchen (future)” It’s snowing! {It’s a miracle!} [Mike: 1 point] OMG! It was Mike who gave the correct answer! Nana picked Mike for the next game. Our side picked Wu Xin. [Inevitable encounter for both of them!] I want to challenge Mike! This is a pair of international opponents. Mike will start first. [Choosing cautiously] I have no idea. What’s there to pick? I don’t think this has anything to do with size because the one Haitao picked was really huge, and he still wasn’t able to grab it. That’s correct! Go, Mike! Ready… [Swallowing saliva due to being nervous] Go! [Oh no!] Huh? [Failed] [Laughing out loud] At least he looked good doing it. [Unable to cover up his disappointment] Really good-looking, ok? While Mike was looking good, the balloon dropped to the floor. [His smile received a perfect score!] Wow! The next person to come up here is Mike! First, you can select one person to go on the swing. Who would you pick? [Could it be me?!] [I’m not very willing to do it] The other man in the white top has been selected. The man in the white top. Weijia Alright, Jiajia. Is there anything you’d like to say to Mike? Don’t swing too high. [Worried] Alright, Mike’s challenge. Alright, ready? Ok, come on. Go! Dangerous action, please do not imitate] Mike really wants to win. Whoa! Dangerous action, please do not imitate] Wow… Whoa! Whoa! Dangerous action, please do not imitate] [Failed] Wow… K.O. (Knocked out!) Wow… Are you ok? Injured. Do you remember what you need to say, Jiage? Inevitable disaster [Such a painful realization] [Feeling guilty] For this round, we must admit that… Mike failed the challenge. Wow! Wow! One-handed cartwheels. Difficulty level: ⭐ Wow! Continuous Spinning Kick. Difficulty level: ⭐⭐⭐ Continuous Side Kick. Difficulty level: ⭐⭐ Nunchucks. Difficulty level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ [Jaw-dropped & Stunned] [Hot-looking turnaround] Next is Pengpeng [Wrong direction] Let’s make a comment. Feels like Mike, as an international friend, is paying respect to Eastern martial arts with his outfit. As for Pengpeng, corporation annual conference. Don’t make any more comments about it. Alright? This is as high as he (Pengpeng) gets. Alright? Seriously! Alright, let us talk about why Mike dressed himself this way. I like Chinese style outfits. [Outfit philosophy:Mike has strong ties to China] Actually my family are all Chinese. However, we were born in Thailand. So, you feel very close to the Chinese culture. You also like Kung Fu, isn’t that right? That’s correct, I like (Kung Fu). Actually, these (nunchucks) are not mine. I was practicing this morning, and my nunchucks broke. It broke? Oh… It broke, so you’re not accustomed to this set. Mike’s long gown on the inside and Xu Weizhou’s long gown… they look like they are from a similar cut. However, they match them with completely different accessories. [Different styles] He (Mike) cleverly used Chinese knots as the closure for the vest. It looks like a gentleman’s style. After his entire show, he made me feel like he’s a martial art gentleman. [A highly skillful master] A master! That’s correct! A master! Good-looking; at the same time ,acting professional. In terms of Pengpeng’s hat… Will Peng Lichang win over Mike? [Will Nana understand the point of this round?] Please select (now). [Mike won] Two supported Mike, and one supported… [He barely won] He barely won. Alright, and you lost by a close call. Alright! Alright! A close call. Let’s ask Teacher Li Wei, which part of Pengpeng’s fashion won your support? When he entered the stage, the door opened from the inside out. That is just fantastic! Thank you all, teachers! A round of applause, please!

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