[Eng/Thai Sub] Funny Pranks & Interview with Mike Angelo by the Fire group
[Eng/Thai Sub] Funny Pranks & Interview with Mike Angelo by the Fire group

Our prank target for this episode is… a famous singer & actor from Thailand, Mike! [Mike, super popular actor & singer from Thailand] On stage, he personifies charisma. In dramas, he uses his extraordinary acting skill to capture the hearts of young girls. Translated by Co Wu This time, we invited Mike to visit our company location. We used the interview as an excuse, and sent his staff away. Next, we had our staff play the role of a unexpecting superstar, Nike. Hi, how are you. [International superstar “Nike”] I am Nike. While facing this character with a strange name, entering the scene and was much appreciated (by the staff); with absolutely no clue; how will Mike react? [The prank of the day will officially start now!] The first floor is our office area. We will go upstairs for the recording, when the time comes. Hi, please allow me to introduce this male star from Thailand, Mike! [Greeting with a bow]
Teacher Mike. (Teacher in a respective form for upperclassman) [Indifferent] The recent drama “My Amazing Boyfriend 2” Oh! That is correct. It’s currently being played now. uh-huh… [No one is acknowledging him] Facing this kind of indifferent response from the staff, what will Mike do? No problem. They are working. We’ll go up first. Alright! Hang in there! [He provided encouragements with a smile] [Producer 💘] Unexpectedly, not only Mike didn’t get upset, he provided encouragements with a smile to everyone. However, this is not the only surprise awaiting for him. Hey! Teacher Nike! [“Nike” entering the scene] [Who is ‘Nike”?] [The entire staff are filled with excitement] [World Cup atmosphere] “Nike, Nike” [Greetings with a dance] “Nike, Nike” It has to be you! [Bewildered] Um…please allow me to introduce… this is Mike from Thailand. [Mike and “Nike” meeting of the century]
Oh! Hello, Mike. This is our “Nike” of China. “Nike” is so handsome. A staff: Teacher “Nike,” the second floor is ready. Oh… second floor. Let’s go to the second floor. [Going after “Nike” feverishly] [The entire room left] Nike… Nike… Nike… [Why did the camera man leave as well???]
[In complete shock!] A staff: Mike, sorry. Please wait a moment. Just wait for a moment please. Nike…Nike. [ Who am I? Where am I? ] [At a complete loss] [Let’s take a look at the water dispenser] [dismal emptiness] [The dignified “Prince of Thailand” that I am] [Inimitable handsome and Unparalleled charming] [How is it possible that I don’t have popularity?] [This is really upsetting] [The savior is finally here]
Um… our… Teacher Mike. Teacher Mike. (A Hollow laugh) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. [Three straight pranks coming up next]
Next, we have three pranks in a row awaiting for Mike. [① People clinging to the glass wall] We’ll probably have some small segments of filming. After we take a break, we’ll do the recording. [At this time, the scene awaits to welcome Mike is…] My staff is waiting for you at the lounge room. Alright! Whoa! [What is this?] [② The unforeseen charging custodian] [💰💰💰 In despair]
[Crushed by the livelihood] Did that startle you? [Complaining softly]
So lack of manners. Startled me to death. Pick it up. Pick it up. [Helping enthusiastically and placed the broomstick back] [Mentally tired] [③ Invisible obstacle. To step across or not to?] [Step across with a big step] [ Big step across x 2 ] [Was there anything?] Next… in the camera room, Mike quietly waits to be called. Right next door, the staff is preparing for his last big surprise. It’s all set. Both teachers, please go over to the other room. [The Prince is out] This side. This side. The studio is over here. What about the people on the glass? They went down. [Speaking harmoniously]
Mike. Mike, you have been pranked! Thank you (in Thai language) [Boom!] [Laughing] [The helpless back view] Your response is awesome! Mike, come in. Mike. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. [A warm welcome for Mike!] Alright, everyone. The work is done, let’s pack up. [Apologizing with a dance] [Hue huo zu ge ju (Fire Group)]
Some of your fans are among the group. First of all, let’s welcome Mike to our Fire Group! Please say “hi” to our fans of Fire Group. Hello, friends of Fire Group.. I am Mike. Wow! This is Mike not ‘Nike.” Not Nike. Did you really understand it earlier? When you saw ‘Nike,” did you find it offbeat? Extremely offbeat. When did China have “Nike?” To be honest, some of the group actors earlier are your fans. Mike: Really? They were all watching…(Mike: that Nike?) No, they are seriously Mike’s fans. They have been watching your current drama, “Amazing Boyfriend 2.” They said you are extremely flirty in the drama. Are you this flirty in real life or did you train yourself? I would flirt when a job requires it. However… Host: and in your daily life? Mike: I’m usually quiet in real life. [I’m a beautiful man of few words]
Host: Very quiet? Mike: very quiet What kind of reaction would you have when you encounter someone you like? If I like her? That’s correct. I used to like this… (host: girl) girl in school. [Describing the story of a young man]
When we were in the…classroom (in English). Host: classroom (in Mandarin). Mike: classroom (in Mandarin). I kept smiling. [A sudden change of a scene] Student, did she feel you were a little… [He responded the clue immediately]
Mike: mental? Haha… you understood that? Is this person…(mentally illed?) When I see her, I smile. What were you smiling for? When I see her, my heart would… Host: beat very fast. Feel happy naturally. That’s correct! [It’s very difficult to understand what the young man was thinking]
Oh! I see. That’s a bit offbeat. That’s correct. However, you fans said that you are very standoffish. Are you a cold or a friendly person? [Being super serious]
Um… (my mood) swings with the changes of the weather. Weather? (You’re) a weather forecaster. Alright. Today is March 4th, 2019. The weather is going to be sunny. It’s going to be warm. Is that correct? [Raining day]
Alright, March 5th, rain with thunders. [Making a full effort to act out the description]
Here comes the standoffish. When an actor is in his zone…wow! [Being serious]
Your personality changes with the weather? [Naive]
Nah… I was just putting you on. He knows how to make a joke in Chinese! Lastly, can you use Thai language to describe “Amazing boyfriend 2?” Use a phrase to describe it. Mike: in Thai? Host: in Thai. Um… Mutant Um… what does that mean? [Keyword: Genetically mutated human” Genetically mutated human. Oh! Genetically mutated human. Mike: Yes. So, this drama is about the love story of a genetically mutated human. Mike: huh-uh. Going back to our pranks, which segment startled you the most? Oh, the part about the sweeping the floor. Actually, she wanted to give you the broomstick. She started you big time! Yeah! Do you think it was fun? It was fun, yeah. Really think so? That’s good then. We were concerned that you would think we were being rude and frightened you. No, you didn’t. Thank you, Mike. Welcome to Fire Group. Lastly, there’s one more segment and that is to make a toast. I don’t drink. It’s not alcohol. I don’t drink, either. Oh really? This is a beverage. Is there anything weird inside? I’ll take a sip first. Alright. [The host is zoned in a split second] Alright, I’m not going to drink it. Haha…I was putting you on. You understand this kind of (joke) too? You’re good at punchlines. [Toasting etiquette: hold your glass slightly lower than theirs to clink.] Hey… This is not a liquor. You are so into acting. Come on. Come on. [He suddenly found some joy] Can we just get it over with. [He’s on the borderline of testing his (patience)] Come on. Aiyaya… Why is this artist so childlike? [The 3 year-old Mike is on]
Come on. Hm… thank you, thank you. It’s tasty. Wait! I’m not done yet. [He is completely out of the host’s control] You don’t need to finish it. Why? In that case, let’s finish it. [Laughing & spitting simultaneously] Lastly, we’ll take 3 Polaroid pictures. [Looking innocently]
Take pictures of whom? You can take pictures of me, alright? [He’s easily amused]
Let’s get back to normal for the recording. [His laughing nerve has been turned on]
Let’s take 3 Polaroid photos. Oh my goodness! This artist is at the brink of going nuts. This show has made him gone nuts. [Disclosure: The above behavior has nothing to do with the show (including the host).] Ok, ok. [Why are you all laughing as well?] [He’s pretending to be serious and gave a warning to the staff]
Don’t you all laugh. Hush… [I’m all adjusted. Do you believe it?]
Let’s be professional. [Crack in one second!]
Be prof…. [He’s punching his thigh] This is how he reacts to someone he likes. This is it, isn’t it? [Do I look funny?]
But, this is a bit overboard, isn’t it? We’ll take 3 Polaroid photos. Alright! After that, you’ll sign them and give them to the fans. Alright. First one, the overbearing CEO. Alright. Wow! That was overbearing. Second photo, cuteness. Cute. 1, 2. Wow! This is so cute! [This person is so weird] Let me think about the third theme… act baffled. Fantastic! [This person is so weird] Mike sang: (Feeling) So high! (It’s the name of a popular song called Hao Hi Yo) You know about this, too?
[Producer: Leo Wu. Production: Zhou Yang, Sun Lingli]
[Director: Sun Junyi, Xia Sisi, Juan Maoer, Liang Kaixin; Visual: Cao Haifeng] [Film production: Cui Haoxiang, Kao Yue; Post-production: Xia Sisi, Wang Jingwei] Wow!
[Packaging: Cui Zhijing, Wang Jingwei; Zhitong: Zhang Fangfang]

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